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Rick Steiner (With Ted DiBiase) def. "Buff"
Bagwell (With Vincent) (DQ)
After scoring with an early takedown, "Buff" Bagwell
started to strut. But Rick Steiner quickly put a stop to
that, with a Goldberg-esq tackle followed by a series
of right hands. Steiner went on to cripple Bagwell with
a series suplexes and went for the top rope bulldog.
But causing trouble for his brother once again, Scott
Steiner sprinted ringside and interfered, causing the
DQ. Post-match, the two NWOers double teamed the
Dog-Faced Gremlin.

Goldberg def. Barry Darsow
Make it 73-0. In a battle of bald, tattooed brawlers,
Goldberg came out strong with a pair of powerslams
and a backbreaker. Goldberg then ended Darsow's
evening with the body spear followed up by the

Booker T. def. Rick Fuller
WCW Television Championship Match
Booker T. nailed Rick Fuller with a sidekick, but it
didn't seem to slow down the Power Plant product.
Fuller scored a two-count off a body slam. But the
Champ answered power with power with a herculean
spinebuster, followed by an axekick and a
belly-to-back suplex. Booker T eventually took the
win with the missile dropkick.

Chris Benoit def. Scott Norton (with Vincent) (DQ)
Chris Benoit came ready for a fight, and started out
immediately, first chopping NWO flunkie Vincent
down to size. Scott Norton, though, slowed Benoit
with a series of power moves including a series of
high-impact elbows amd a shoulder-block that spilled
Benoit outside the ring. But once action returned to the
ring, Benoit regained momentum. He executed a pair
of German suplexes on the 340-pound Norton then
quickly applied The Crippler Crossface. Vincent
hopped up onto the ring apron, distracting Benoit and
causing the DQ. Post-match, both NWOers were
dissuaded from double-teaming Benoit by Booker T.,
who charged the ring in the Crippler's defense.
However, an incensed Benoit chopped the reigning TV
Champ to the ground then left the ring without thanking
the Harlem Heater. Benoit and Booker T. meet for the
WCW TV Title on Sunday at Spring Stampede.

Curt Hennig (with Rick Rude) def. Super Calo
Curt Hennig didn't have much trouble stopping Super
Calo. Despite the differences in styles, veteran Hennig
was all offense. The Hennigplex led to a quick NWO

Chris Jericho def. Chavo Guerrero, Jr. (With
Eddy Guerrero)
WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match.
After Chris Jericho and Eddy Guerrero greeted each
other joyously pre-match -- with a hug, no less --
Jericho pounded young Chavo. Chavo reached the
ropes when Jericho hooked in the Liontamer, but
Uncle Eddy slapped Chavo's hand away, forcing his
charge to tap out.

Post-match, Prince Iaukea came to Chavo's aid and
nailed Jericho with a scale. Meanwhile, outside the
ring, Eddy told Chavo that if he beats Ultimo Dragon
at Spring Stampede, their relationship may be severed.
If not, the punishment becomes twice as rough.

The Giant def. Brian Adams (with Vincent) (DQ)
Brian Adams attacked early, but it wasn't enough. The
Giant answered with a scoopslam, then a boot to the
face. The Giant would have chokeslammed Adams to
victory, but Vincent and a handful of NWO members
entered the fray causing a disqualification.

Saturn (with Kidman) def. Silver King
Saturn had surprisingly little trouble with the Mexican
superstar, eventually nailing a top rope belly-to-belly
suplex into the Rings of Saturn for the win.

Kevin Nash and Randy Savage (with Elizabeth)
vs. Bret Hart and Sting
It looked like a Bob Probert brawl when Kevin Nash
and Bret Hart opened the match. Nash's size gave him
the early advantage in the purely physical opening. He
elbowed Hart, then choked the five-time former World
Champion. But Hart struck back, and tagged out to
the WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Sting
arrived with a big elbow drop on Nash, but "Big Sexy"
countered with a scoop slam. With Savage in the ring,
Sting slapped the Scorpion Deathlock on the Macho
Man, but Nash pulled Savage to safety. Later in the
match, Hart attempted the Sharpshooter on Nash but
was countered. Hart later countered a Nash headlock
with a belly-to-back suplex. As the match progressed,
Sting nailed Savage with Stinger Splashes, but Savage
answered with a shot from his cast-encased arm.
Savage then went north for his elbowdrop off the top
rope, but The Disciple and "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan
interfered, charging the ring, causing the DQ-- once
again-- when the NWO seemed to have the upper