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Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan, and Lee Marshall
Live from Tallahassee, Florida

• To start off the show, we saw a look at confrontations between Hollywood Hogan and Randy Savage.

• WCW commentators discussed the status of Randy Savage's injury, making them wonder if he will be
able to compete in his Spring Stampede world title match. We also saw some footage from Nitro, of
happenings regarding Savage.

• Saturn defeated Tokyo Magnum by making him submit to the Rings of Saturn.
-Saturn dominated most of the match, using chops to Magnum's stomach, and body slamming
manuevers. In the end, Saturn executed two Rings of Saturn moves, but let them go for no apparent
reason. He went for the third, and Magnum submitted, to let Saturn obtain the victory. Afterwards, Saturn
called out Bill Goldberg. Goldberg came down and took out the entire Flock, except for Hammer and
Saturn, who were battling it all the way back to the locker room.

• Prince Iaukea defeated Yugi Nagata w/Sonny Onoo with the Northern Lights Suplex.
-Both Yugi Nagata and Prince Iaukea used many submission tatics to make it a physical match. When
Sonny Onoo tripped Iaukea from the mat, Iaukea hit Onoo with a plancha from the top rope. Nagata
grabbed Iaukea from behind, and was going for the Nagata Lock, but was bragging before he did. Iaukea
took advantage of Nagata's actions, catching him with the Northern Lights Suplex to get the win.
Afterwards, Chris Jericho, who was wearing a Calgary Hitmen jersey, confronted Prince Iaukea. Jericho
said Iaukea is over the Cruiserweight limit, which is 235 pounds. He said he would bring out a scale later
in the show to prove Iaukea weighs over 235 pounds.

• We saw highlights of Mortis' attempt to join Raven's Flock on the Februrary 2nd Thunder.

• Raven Interview.
-Raven, who still has the unrightful possession of the WCW United States title, continued his talk about
the past between him and Diamond Dallas Page. When Raven was talking, a fan attacked him from
behind, and left a tear in his jacket. Raven continued to talk about his and DDP's past, with some
technical problems. He finished things off by saying DDP would pay back at Spring Stampede.

• Buff Bagwell Interview.
-Tony Schiavone asked for Bagwell's comments on Lex Luger. Bagwell said he had many winning
streaks on Luger in the past, so it would be no problem defeating him again. Buff Bagwell and Lex Luger
will go one on one this Monday on Nitro, to determine who the real "Total Package" is.

• Chris Benoit defeated Konnan w/Vincent by making him submit to the Crippler Crossface.
-Chris Benoit could of had the advantage of the entire match, but Vincent interfered several times. Out of
no where came the Crippler Crossface from Benoit on Konnan. Konnan submitted to let Chris Benoit
obtain the victory. Vincent looked at Benoit as if he was going to attack him, but helped Konnan instead.
Tony Schiavone announced, the Booker T. vs. Chris Benoit Spring Stampede World Television title
match, will have an unlimited time limit.

• Hacksaw Jim Duggan defeated Curt Hennig w/Rick Rude by Disqualification.
-Rick Rude joined the commentating team to call Curt Hennig's match with Hacksaw Jim Duggan. After
Hennig started to show off, Jim Duggan dominated the match. This made Rick Rude come down and
handcuff Duggan to the ring. Duggan was immediately announced the winner by Disqualification. As
Hennig and Rude were attacking Jim Duggan, The British Bulldog and Jim Niedhart scared off the NWO.

• WCW commentators discussed the future Spring Stampede bat match between Roddy Piper/The Giant
and Hollywood Hogan/Kevin Nash.

• Lex Luger defeated Glacier by making him submit to the Torture Rack.
-During this match, Buff Bagwell was laying on the rampway to watch Luger. After Glacier missed a top
rope manuever, Luger took advantage, and strapped him in the Torture Rack. Glacier submitted, to let
Lex Luger become victorious.

• Kidman defeated Psychosis with the Seven Year Itch.
-Kidman was trying everything he had on Psychosis, but Psychosis never gave up. Chris Jericho came
down, with a scale, and was distracting the referee. Psychosis had Kidman in two pinning positions, but
the referee was distracted. As Psychosis went for a top rope manuever, La Parka hit him with a chair.
Kidman took advantage, executing the Seven Year Itch (Shooting Star Press) to get the win.

• Chris Jericho Interview.
-Tony Schiavone questioned Jericho on why he came down during the Kidman vs. Psychosis match.
Jericho just said he could do anything he wants and it was important. Chris Jericho called out Prince
Iaukea, so he could be weighed. Prince Iaukea weighed 218 pounds, when Jericho thought he was over
the Cruiserweight limit. Afterwards, Jericho hit Iaukea with the scale and put him in the Lion Tamer.

• Scott Steiner w/Buff Bagwell defeated Disco Inferno by making him submit to the Steiner
-Bagwell brought down a trophy of Scott Steiner's with him. After Disco Inferno missed a double
ax-handle from the top rope, Scott Steiner took the advantage. Scott Steiner finished off the match by
making Disco Inferno submit to the Steiner Recliner.

• Booker T. defeated Chris Jericho by Disqualification.
-Booker T's Television title was the on-the-line, but not Jericho's Cruiserweight championship. Chris
Jericho struggled in the match, but got some cheapshots on Booker T. to regain his power. When Booker
T. went for the Missle Dropkick, Jericho pulled the referee right in front of it. The referee later got up, and
announced Booker T. the winner by Disqualification. Both wrestlers were able to retain their titles.

• Tony Schiavone announced Ric Flair would not be able to make it to Thunder, due to weather problems.
Eric Bischoff and Scott Steiner came down to confront Schiavone. Bischoff told Schiavone he was lieing
about Flair's absence, and he would explain why he "really" wasn't there. Bischoff said Flair wasn't there
because he is jealous of Hollywood Hogan, while Scott Steiner said he wasn't there because Flair knew
he had to face him. We also saw a clip of Hogan's movie, "3 Ninjas: High Moon at Mega Mountain." Arn
Anderson made a surprising appearence, and told Bischoff and Scott Steiner, Flair has done it all in
wrestling, and he should be treated with respect. Bischoff then continued to put down both Anderson and
Flair. Luger came down, and Scott Steiner immediately attacked him. Rick Steiner and Ted Dibiase
came out. Rick Steiner suplexed Eric Bischoff on to the concrete floor.

• Kevin Nash Interview.
-Kevin Nash was accompanied by fellow NWO member, Konnan. He first started to put down Hollywood
Hogan and said he should of never interfered during his Nitro match. He also said he would finish off The
Giant once and for all at Spring Stampede.

• Rick Steiner w/Ted Dibiase defeated Kevin Nash w/Konnan by Disqualification.
-Before this match started, Kevin Nash called out NWO members, who surrounded the ring. Kevin Nash
first started to have control, but as soon as Rick Steiner gained control, the NWO interfered. Rick Steiner
was announced the winner by Disqualification. An attack continued on Rick Steiner, with Kevin Nash
giving him a powerbomb. Security officials were going to arrest Nash, but the NWO attacked them. The
Giant then started walking down the aisle with Ted Dibiase. That ended Thunder.