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WCW Thunder Report
November 5th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan, and Lee Marshall
Live from Roanoke, Virginia

• The commentators congratulated Jesse "The Body" Ventura for his election for Governor of Minnesota. They also said Hollywood Hogan would come out on Monday Nitro to announce his canidatcy for the President of the United States.

• Kanyon (w/Raven) defeated Barry Horowitz with the Flatliner.
-Kanyon asked the crowd who was better than him; the crowd responsed with, "everybody," instead of "nobody." Kanyon dominated the match, and easily took the victory with the Flatliner.

• Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell Interview.
-Scott Steiner first put down the Roanoke crowd, and said how the women are all over him. Bagwell also talked about the women. Steiner said J.J. Dillon could fine him all he wants, because he's just getting started. He announced he would take on Lex Luger later in the show.

• Alex Wright defeated Raven via Countout.
-At first, Raven sat in the corner, and wouldn't wrestle the match. Alex Wright put down Raven, saying how much Germans were better than Americans. He took note of the huge knot that Raven had on his forehand. Raven crawled up from behind Wright, hit him, and a match was underway. During the match, Lodi came out, followed by Disco Inferno. Disco told Lodi to leave, and Lodi was then punched. Kanyon appeared, and nailed Disco. Raven just left, and Wright took the by via Countout.

• Chris Jericho Interview (Conducted by Tony Schiavone)
-Chris Jericho was with his security guard. Jericho discussed matters on Goldberg, and basically said he "respected him," but he was better. He said it was 4-0 with Goldberg, and much more popular.

• Booker T. beat Fit Finlay with the Missle Dropkick.
-Booker T. and Fit Finlay had a very physical fight. Booker T. took the win with the Missle Dropkick.

• Ernest Miller Miller Interview (w/Sonny Onoo).
-Ernest Miller bragged about being the greatest. He called out anyone to come and face him. Kaz Hayashi made his way out with purpose, followed by a returning Glacier. As Glacier made his way in, Hayashi was apparently knocked out by Miller, as he was knocked out, laying on the mat. Glacier said he wasn't there to fight Miller. He said from one karate man to another, if Miller ever needed somebody, he would be there for him. Miller said he didn't need nobody because he was the greatest.

• Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio, Jr. went to a Time Limit Draw.
-Eddie Guerrero said if he defeated Rey Mysterio, Jr., then Mysterio would have to join the LWO. Guerrero told Mysterio to take the shirt before the match, and save a good whipping. Mysterio said he would do it the hard way, and a match was underway. The match went on, to the point where Guerrero strapped Mysterio in a combination of a Deathlock and another maneuver. LWO members made their ways in. The bell rang, and it was ruled the the result was a Time Limit Draw.

• Horace defeated (w/NWO) defeated Norman Smiley with a Brainbuster Suplex.

• Chris Jericho defeated Prince Iaukea by making him submit to the Lion Tamer, to retain the WCW Television Title.
-Prince Iaukea put up a tough fight, but once strapped in the Lion Tamer, he sumbmitted.

• Scott Hall (w/NWO) defeated Disco Inferno with the Outsider Edge.
-At first, Disco Inferno wouldn't wrestle the match, because the entire NWO was in the ring. Disco finally entered the ring, and was easily defeated by Scott Hall's Outsider's Edge.

• Four Horsemen Interview (Conducted by Tony Schiavone).
-Arn Anderson said The Four Horsemen were waiting for Eric Bischoff and NWO-Hollywood. Dean Malenko said it was great to be back in Roanoke, because that's where he watched his father wrestled when he was young. Chris Benoit said NWO was about to be crushed by The Four Horsemen. Ric Flair said people are calling him to meet Eric Bischoff in Washington, D.C. (Starrcade). Flair said he would take over Bischoff's job. Flair said to watch Bischoff's girlfriend and he started doing a sexual gesture.

• Scott Steiner (w/Buff Bagwell) and Lex Luger went to a No Contest.
-Scott Steiner started to beat down on referee, Nick Patrick, because Patrick supposedly cheated Steiner out of his victory at Halloween Havoc. As Steiner was starting to break Patrick's knee, Lex Luger came down and made the save. Patrick received medical attention and was stretchered out. Steiner hit Patrick on the knee as he was stretchered out. As match went on, another referee made his way in, as Luger had Steiner in the Torture Rack. Steiner began to attack the other referee. Rick Steiner made the save, and Steiner and Buff left the ring.