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WCW Thunder Report
October 29th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan, and Lee Marshall
Taped from Albuquerque, New Mexico

• Wrath defeated Van Hammer with the Meltdown.
-As usual, Wrath dominated the match. He finished off Van Hammer with the Meltdown.

• Fit Finlay defeated Alex Wright with the Tombstone Piledriver.
-The commentators called Alex Wright, Das Wonderful Kid. At one point during the rematch from Halloween Havoc, Fit Finlay strapped Wright in the same move he used to break Wright's dad's leg. After Wright was helping up the referee, when the referee was accidently knocked out when Wright executed a Missle Dropkick, Finlay picked up Wright from behind, and executed the Tombstone Piledriver. The pin was secured, and Finlay then took the victory.

• The Disciple defeated Tuff Tom (w/Mean Mike) with the Apocalypse.
-The Disciple easily and quickly took the victory with the Apocalypse finishing maneuver (jawbreaker). Following the match, Mean Mike attempted to attack The Disciple, but received an Apocalypse as well.

• Dean Malenko defeated Eddie Guerrero by Disqualification.
-As Dean Malenko took the advantage, LWO members interfered. An attack was put on Malenko, until Four Horsemen members, Chris Benoit and Steve McMichael made the save.

• Chris Jericho defeated Disco Inferno by making him submit to the Lion Tamer, to retain the WCW Television Title.
-Chris Jeircho was with his over-weight security guard. Before the match, Disco Inferno wanted Jericho to place the Television Title around his waste. Jericho put the belt around the wait of Disco, and then, attacked him. Jericho tried to use the belt several times as a weapon, but the referee made sure it was not used. Jericho strapped Disco in the Lion Tamer; Disco tried to fight it, but once pulled further into the ring, he submitted.

• Kidman defeated Chavo Guerrero, Jr. via Pinfall, to retain the WCW Cruiserweight Title.
-After Chavo Guerrero, Jr. went for Pepe, he was basically dominated by Kidman. Kidman rolled-up Chavo to take the win. Following the match, LWO members made their ways in. Chavo shoved Eddie Guerrero, and all LWO members ganged up on Chavo, until Eddie broke it up. Eddie said Chavo had to earn his respect to join the LWO.

• Ernest Miller defeated Villano V with a Spinning Roundhouse kick.
-Before the match, Ernest Miller gave Villano V five-seconds to leave the ring; Villano stayed. Miller easily took the win after a Spinning Roundhouse Kick. Following the match, Miller was insulting the fans. Miller challenged anyone to confront him, and out came Sonny Onoo. Onoo said Miller was the greatest, but Miller said he didn't need anyone. Onoo pulled out a big bundle of money, and Miller said he and Onoo would talk about it backstage.

• Scott Hall defeated Steve Armstrong with the Outsider's Edge.
-Scott Hall easily took the win with the Outsider's Edge. On a note, we normally put this match in the Thunder Taping report as Armstrong taking the win, but that was not the cast.

• The Giant defeated Raven (w/Kanyon) with the Choke Slam.
-After The Giant slammed Raven through a table with the Choke Slam, he took the victory. Raven was knocked out cold, with Kanyon to his aid, as the show went off the air.