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WCW Thunder Report
October 8th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan, and Lee Marshall
Live from Indianapolis, Indiana

• The laughter was heard, and the commentators were anxious to find out what it was. Mike Tenay interviewed Scott Hall at a bar, which was 40 miles away from the Market Square Arena. Hall challenged Kevin Nash to confront him at the bar, without any other Wolfpac members involved. Hall was obviously drunk, and his eyes were almost completely shut. Nash's limousine immediately left the arena.

• Kanyon defeated Prince Iaukea with the Flatliner.
-Before the match, Kanyon bragged, saying no one was better than him. Prince Iaukea returned, after being kept out of action for several months, due to a knee injury. Both wrestlers put up a very physical fight. After Kanyon nailed Iaukea with the Flatliner, he took the victory.

• Backstage, Chris Jericho was slamming on Goldberg's locker room door. Goldberg wasn't in there, though. It was announced Jericho would take on Goldberg later in the show.

• Scott Steinter Interview - (With Buff Bagwell)
-Buff Bagwell first put down the Indianapolis crowd. Bagwell continued to say Scott Steiner was not physically ready for his match with Rick Steiner at Halloween Havoc. Scott Steiner came up to the microphone, and said he had a problem with Buff Bagwell, if he couldn't keep a leash on his mother. Bagwell said to keep his mother out of it. The arguments continued, with Bagwell saying that his mother maybe right. Bagwell said he would leave it all to Scott Steiner, and then left the ring.

• Meng defeated Jerry Flynn by making him submit to the Tongan Death Grip.
-Meng dominated Jerry Flynn and easily finished him off with the Tongan Death Grip.

• Backstage, Chris Jericho was awaiting Goldberg's arrival to the arena, along with one of his fat bodyguards, who was holding a 2x4.

• Chris Adams and Wrath went to a No Contest.
-As Chris Adams made his way down for his match with Wrath, Meng remained in the ring. Meng strapped Adams in the Tongan Death Grip. Wrath made his way down, and he and Meng brawled all around the ring.

• Outside of the arena, The Four Horsemen were making their ways into the arena, until security guards confronted him. The security guards handed The Four Horsemen different papers, which were officials papers stating Eric Bischoff had a restraining order on the Horsemen. Apparently, Dean Malenko was the only one not served with a restraining order. Doug Dillenger said he did not know about, and J.J. Dillon seemed upset over what Bischoff had done.

• Tokyo Magnum and El Dandy went to a No Contest.
-The laughter was once again heard during the match. As the match went on, IWGP Heavyweight Champion Scott Norton made his way down to the ring. Norton powerbombed both Tokyo Magnum and El Dandy, and then left the ring. After returning from a commercial break, LWO (Latino World Order) members (Eddie Guerrero, Hector Garza, Damian) made their ways down to the ring. They kicked out Tokyo Magnum, and asked El Dandy to join LWO. Dandy put on the LWO T-Shirt and became a full-fledged member.

• Saturn defeated Scott Putski with the Death Valley Driver.
-Scott Putski did very well. However, after nailing a somewhat variation of the Juvi Driver, Saturn hit the Death Valley Driver to take the win.

• The Disciple defeated Horace with the Apocalypse.
-Before the match, The Disciple said he didn't need Hollywood Hogan, and would stand on his own. The Disciple said he was sick and tired of Hogan and the NWO. He challenged Horace (mentioning he was the nephew of Hogan) to a match. The match got underway. The Disciple easily finished off Horace with the Apocalypse. Afterwards, Horace was not finished, and continued to attack The Disciple.

• Chris Jericho Interview - (With his Bodyguard and Tony Schiavone)
-Chris Jericho first told referee Mark Curtis to get well (Curtis under-went surgery recently). He called out Goldberg. Goldberg's music played, but Goldberg never appeared. Jericho had the referee put his hand in the air, and ring the bell, as if he was actually the winner of what was not even a match.

• Bret Hart Interview - (With Toy Schiavone)
-Bret Hart issued a challenge for Sting, to a United States Title match that would take place at Halloween Havoc.

• Dean Malenko made his way out, and sat in a chair in the middle of the ring. Malenko said he came for a match. Eric Bischoff came down with a smile on his face. The Barbarian and Jimmy Hart came out, on Bischoff's request. Bischoff said he would double Barbarian and Hart's salaries if they beat Malenko. They took the match.

• Dean Malenko defeated The Barbarian (w/Jimmy Hart) by making him submit to the Texas Clover Leaf.
-Eric Bischoff did commentating, taking Lee Marshall's place. Bischoff just basically ripped The Four Horsemen. After Jimmy Hart got involved several times, it costed The Barbarian. Dean Malenko finished off the match with the Texas Clover Leaf. Afterwards, Bischoff kicked Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan out of the commentating booth, and was upset that Malenko took the win.

• Raven Interview.
-The laughter was heard yet again. Raven complained about not being treated like others, and mentioned how much Diamond Dallas Page has it all good. DDP appeared, and ran down to the ring, setting up a one-on-one contest.

• Diamond Dallas Page defeated Raven with the Diamond Cutter.
-As Raven continued with the advantage, Lodi appeared on top of the canvas with a "Neilsen Wants The Flock" sign. Lodi was accidently knocked off, and made his way back. Out of no-where, Diamond Dallas Page hit Raven with the Diamond Cutter, and took the win.

• Tony Schiavone announced a big Hollywood star would be at Nitro the following Monday.

• Lex Luger defeated Stevie Ray (w/Vincent) by Disqualification.
-After Lex Luger was set to strap Stevie Ray in the Torture Rack, Scott Hall interfered, obviously meaning it was a set-up to get Kevin Nash away from the arena. Stevie Ray and Scott Hall continued to attack Luger, and hit him with the slap jack (illegal object). Konnan came in, but was out-numbered.