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WCW Thunder Report
October 1st 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan, and Lee Marshall
Taped from Norfolk, Virginia

• It was announced Goldberg would defend the Heavyweight Title against Raven later in the show.

• Diamond Dallas Page defeated Lodi with the Diamond Cutter.
-Lodi blamed Diamond Dallas Page for causing the break-up of The Flock, since DDP was the one who brought Saturn into WCW. Lodi said if he beat DDP, he would take the Heavyweight Title shot against Goldberg at Halloween Havoc. However, Lodi didn't stand a chance, as DDP dominated him and finished off the match with the Diamond Cutter.

• Mike Enos and Jerry Flynn went to a No Contest.
-Mike Enos was onto every move Jerry Flynn executed. As the match went on, Scott Hall made his way down to the ring. Hall was drinking an alcoholic beverage, and was drunk. The match went to a sudden stop, when Hall decided to conduct a survey. Both Flynn and Enos interrupted the survey, and received Outsider Edges in return. Vincent made his way into the ring, with yet another alcoholic beverage. Hall continued with his survey, with The Wolfpac getting a strong chant. Afterwards, Hall said he would not be told what to do by Kevin Nash, and if he were to wrestle Nash at Halloween Havoc, it would be under his terms.

• Kanyon defeated Riggs with the Flatliner.
-Before the match, Kanyon bragged, saying he was the best, and taunted Riggs. The match between the two superstars turned out to be very physical. After Kanyon got out of a reversed chin-lock, he finished off Riggs with the Flatliner.

• Raven did a promo, discussing his upcoming match with Goldberg.

• Wrath defeated Ciclope with the Meltdown.
-Wrath totally dominated Ciclope, and took the win with the Meltdown. Afterwards, the laughter was heard again.

• Kidman defeated Chavo Guerrero, Jr. with the Shooting Star Press, to retain the WCW Cruiserweight Title.
-Both wrestlers put up a long and physical fight. After Kidman nailed Chavo Guerrero, Jr. with a Powerbomb, he retained the Cruiserweight Title by using the Shooting Star Press.

• Van Hammer defeated Lenny Lane with the Flashback.

• Another Raven promo, where he discussed his upcoming Heavyweight Title match with Goldberg.

• Disco Inferno defeated Damian with the Piledriver.
-Once Damian mocked Disco Inferno, Disco took the overall advantage. Disco finished off Damian with the Piledriver, and continued to attack him following the match. Juventud Guerrera came down to make the save, and took down Disco will several maneuvers where he used his legs.

• Konnan defeated Stevie Ray (w/Vincent) by Disqualification.
-After Konnan was distracted by Vincent, he turned around, and was nailed with Stevie Ray's flapjack (illegal object). Ray was disqualified, giving Konnan the victory. The NWO-Hollywood members continued to attack Konnan, until Kevin Nash made the save, and Jack-Knife Powerbombed Vincent. Scott Hall appeared by the entrance-way, and taunted Nash with gestures.

• Raven's Rules: Goldberg defeated Raven (w/Kanyon) with the Jackhammer, to retain the WCW Heavyweight Title.
-Diamond Dallas Page had a special entrance to the ring, and did color commentary. At one point during the match, Kanyon placed Goldberg onto the table, but the moment Raven flew out of the ring, he hit nothing but wood. Goldberg took Raven into the ring, and accidently speared the referee, while spearing Raven. Kanyon hit Goldberg with a chair, as Goldberg attempted to execute the Jackhammer. Diamond Dallas Page entered the ring, and gave Kanyon the Diamond Cutter. Meanwhile, Goldberg received the Even-Flow D.D.T. from Raven, but got right back up, and delivered the Jackhammer, to retain the Heavyweight Title. Afterwards, Goldberg and DDP exchanged a few words.