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WCW Thunder Report
September 10th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan, and Lee Marshall
Live from Lexington, Kentucky

• Hollywood Hogan Interview.
-Hollywood Hogan was accompanied by Eric Bischoff, The Disciple, Curt Hennig, Buff Bagwell, Stevie Ray, and Vincent. Hogan
insulted all members of War Games Team NWO-Wolfpac and Team WCW, and basically said he would win War Games, and would go onto Halloween Havoc to take the Heavyweight Title from Goldberg. Hogan announced he would have a surprise for Kevin Nash later in the show. He finished things off by saying after War Games, he would take care of Bret Hart the following night on Nitro.

• Juventud Guerrera defeated Silver King by Disqualification, to retain the WCW Cruiserweight Title.
-Before the match, backstage comments from Chris Jericho were shown. Jericho said since he was the Television Champion, he
should be treated the way Goldberg would be treated. Therefore, he announced he would have his own backstage camera and
personal security guards. In the match, after Silver King used a chair on the outside of the ring, he was confusingly disqualified.
There was some confusion with the disqualificatuin, because the referee had a hard time instructing someone to ring the bell.
Afterwards, Silver King attacked Guerrera with the Cruiserweight Belt.

• J.J. Dillion Interview (With Tony Schiavone)
-J.J. Dillion explained that Scott Hall had been taking sometime off, without permission from the WCW Executive Committee. Dillion then made the announcement that Hall would be forced to return to the ring at Fall Brawl, where he would take on Konnan.

• Backstage, The British Bulldog and Jim Niedhart attacked Lex Luger. Bulldog would take on Luger later in the show.

• Chris Jericho and Wrath went to a Double Countout.
-Jericho walked down to the ring with "security guards," ala Goldberg. Jericho was lost, and couldn't find his way to the ring. There
was two security guards - one who was rather overweight, and another who had a T-Shirt that said "Jerichoholic Ninja" on it, written
in marker. Jericho got locked from the outside of the arena, and Wrath went straight after him. Wrath found Jericho, and began to
chase him around the production truck.

• Footage was shown of Jim Duggan's interview from the WCW Saturday Night Tapings in Mobile, Alabama. Duggan said he knew
about all the shots people take at him, but all that mattered was that fans at the arena were chanting USA. Duggan said he was
proud of his family, and proud of holding up the United States flag. Duggan asked for the fans' help, and announced that he was
diagnosed with cancer. Duggan, crying, said he would be going under the knife this week to get the cancer removed. Duggan asked for everyone to do give their prayers to he and his family. Afterwards, the commentators stuck their thumbs up, and gave their full support for Duggan.

• Kanyon and Nick Densmore went to a No Contest.
-Before the match, Kanyon claimed he was simply the best. Kanyon said he was too good to wrestle Nick Densmore, and would
have Saturn do the job instead. Lodi supposedly sent in Saturn, with Saturn making his way down with a "Lodi Rulz" sign. Saturn
then held up another sign that said "Lodi Is Not Here." Kanyon found out that Lodi had not told Saturn to wrestle the match. Saturn
then attacked Kanyon, and broke his finger on the turnbuckle. Raven appeared, and told his Flock to attack Saturn. Saturn had no
problem taking on the entire Flock, however, as he destroyed each and every one of them. Saturn and Raven finished things off by
taunting each other.

• Steve McMichael defeated Curt Hennig by Disqualification.
-Tony Schiavone announced Lex Luger's match with The British Bulldog had been turned into a tag team match, with Jim Niedhart
involved. It was unknown, however, who Luger's partner would be, since Kevin Nash and Konnan had upcoming matches, and Sting
was not in the building. As Steve McMichael took the advantage, Stevie Ray arrived. After McMichael was double-teamed, Curt
Hennig was disqualified. Bagwell also made his way down, creating a 3-on-1 attack on McMichael. Finally, Dean Malenko made the
save. It was still a threat for Malenko and McMichael, though, which brought out Arn Anderson with a 2x4. All NWO-Hollywood
members left the ring. Officials, including EMTs, made their ways out to aid of McMichael.

• After returning from a commercial braek, McMichael was stretchered out of the building. Tony Schiavone wanted Anderson to shed some light on the siutation. Anderson said too be careful what you ask for, and he said everyone just got it. Anderson said he was honored to call Malenko a Four Horsemen. At this time, Eric Bischoff made his way down. Bischoff said it was his call, and not Anderson's, whether or not there would be a new Four Horsemen. Bischoff asked Anderson who he worked for. Anderson said he would not answer what Bischoff wanted him to say. Bischoff already knew Anderson had already claimed he worked for him, as Anderson stated it in his book. Bischoff bragged about the NWO doing everything the Four Horsemen has ever done, which had Anderson strangle Bischoff. Anderson let go, and Bischoff said he could sue Anderson just as he sued Ric Flair. Bischoff said the only way Anderson could bring the Four Horsemen and Ric Flair back, was if Anderson defeated him in a left-handed arm-wrestling match. Anderson was a little hesitant at first, due to his left hand injury, but accepted.

• Lodi disrupted the commentators, and wanted to know where Saturn was. He claimed Saturn threw him in a river, and couldn't
make it to the arena. Lodi was soaked, and even pulled a fish out of his pants.

• Lex Luger and Bret Hart defeated The British Bulldog and Jim Niedhart with Luger's Torture Rack.
-It had turned into a Handicapp match, after Lex Luger had no partner. During the match, Bret Hart made his way down, and
attacked his own brother-in-laws. Hart helped Luger take the advantage, and was officially Luger's partner. Luger stapped Jim
Niedhart in the Toture Rack, while Hart made sure Bulldog did not interfere. Niedhart submitted, giving Luger and Hart the victory.
Afterwards, Luger and Hart shook hands.

• Konnan defeated Disco Inferno (w/Alex Wright) by making him submit to the Tequilla Sunrise.
-Before the match, Disco Inferno said he and Alex Wright were ready to join The Wolfpac. Konnan said they weren't good enough,
and was attacked by Wright. The match gogf underway, with Konnan easily taking the victory with the Tequilla Sunrise.

• A pre-recorded interview Mike Tenay conducted with The Armstrong Brothers was interrupted by Ernest Miller. Miller claimed to be the greatest, and attacked The Armstrongs from behind. Norman Smily confronted Miller, but both superstars were held back by
security officials.

• Roddy Piper Interview - (With Tony Schiavone)
-As Roddy Piper discussed War Games, Diamond Dallas Page popped out from the crowd. DDP explained to Piper that Piper
volunteered to join Team WCW for War Games. DDP got Piper pumped up, and both agreed it was "WAR" at War Games.

• Goldberg defeated Rick Fuller with the Jackhammer to retain the WCW Heavyweight Title.
-As Goldberg was about to set up Rick Fuller in the Jackhammer, The Disciple and Hollywood Hogan interfered. Goldberg was able
to take out The Disciple, with Hogan left the ring. The referee was never aware of the interference. Goldberg then finished off Fuller
with the Jackhammer to retain the WCW Heavyweight Title.

• Kevin Nash defeated Stevie Ray (w/Vincent) by Disqualification.
-Kevin Nash was able to hit the Jack-Knife Powerbomb on Stevie Ray, but in the process of it, Vincent interfered. Nash got the win
by Disqualification. Vincent was also disqualified. Scott Hall appeared, and began to attack Nash. Hogan, Eric Bischoff, and Bagwell made their ways down. Hall continued to attack Nash, with NWO-Hollywood members watching on the outside of the ring. After Nash was left to shreds in the ring, members of NWO-Hollywood went bck to the locker room. When they went to the locker room, OWN was spray-painted on the wall.