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WCW Thunder Report
September 3rd1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan, and Lee Marshall
Taped from Peoria, Illinois

• Marty Jannetty defeated Rick Fuller with the Show Stopper.

• Kaz Hayashi defeated Lenny Lane with the Senton Back Splash.
-The match came very close when it came to the point where a superstar attempted to make a successful pin. After Kaz Hayashi executed a frankensteiner from the top-rope, he nailed Lenny Lane with the Senton Back Splash, to take the win.

• High Voltage defeated Disorderly Conduct with a Flying Clotheslines off the shoulders.

• Wrath defeated Barry Horowitz with the Meltdown.

• A special pre-recorded interview with Saturn was shown. Saturn said his feud with Raven has nothing to do with The Flock, and he had learned to keep his word, and that was to remain Lodi's temporary slave.

• Handicapp Match: Meng defeated The Flock by making them submit to the Tongan Deathgrip.
-Saturn was forced to hang with The Flock, as he was Lodi's tempoary slave. Kanyon announced the match would be under Raven's Rules, and it would turn into a Handicapp Match, with Riggs and Sick Boy taking on Meng. All members of The Flock were destroyed by Meng's Tongan Deathgrip, including Horace (who was sent in by Raven). Afterwards, Raven had Lodi instruct Saturn to take on Meng. After Kanyon purposely hit Saturn from behind, Meng strapped Saturn in the Tongan Deathgrip, while Raven left the ring - smiling.

• Kanyon (w/Raven and Lodi) defeated Saturn with the Flatliner.
-When returning from a commercial break, Saturn remained in the ring, in pain, thus giving Kanyon the overall advantage. Saturn, however, put in a lot of effort, and never gave up. After Raven got frustrated, he told Lodi to instruct Saturn to allow Kanyon hit the Flatliner. Saturn, being the slave of Lodi, had to cooperate, and let Kanyon take the victory with the Flatliner.

• Brian Adams and Dean Malenko went to a No Contest.
-As Dean Malenko made his way down to the ring, he was attacked from behind by Curt Hennig and Rick Rude. Hennig decked the referee, while the three NWO-Hollywood members continued an attack on a helpless Malenko. At one point, Rude hit the Rude Awakening and did his little shake. A trainer came in to help Malenko. Hennig said he would not accept Malenko's cage match challenge. Hennig placed a piece of cyclone fencing on Malenko's back, and kicked him.

• Norman Smiley defeated Riggs by making him submit to an Ankle Lock.
-During this match, Tony Schiavone confirmed that WCW officials had signed a cage match between Dean Malenko and Curt Hennig ofr Monday Nitro. Norman Smiley took the win after an Ankle Lock.

• Alex Wright and Disco Inferno defeated The Armstrongs via Pinfall.
-Alex Wright and Disco Inferno struggled throughout the match. After Disco Inferno slammed Scott Armstrong into his knee, and Wright executed a Reversed Neckbreaker, the dancers took the win.

• Diamond Dallas Page and Konnan defeated The Giant and Stevie Ray by Disqualification.
-After Brian Adams and Vincent interfered, The Giant and Stevie Ray were disqualified, giving Diamond Dallas Page and Konnan the victory. As the attack continued, Goldberg ran-in, and took out all NWO members. The show went off the air when Goldberg and The Giant going face-to-face.