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Thunder Report

March 26, 1998 (LIVE!)

Eddy and Chavo Guerrero came out to the ring. Chavo was wearing Eddy Guerrero" t-shirt.
Chavo vs. Benoit was the first match. submission win by Benoit with the Crippler.Crossface

Prince Iaukea vs La Parka
Prince Iaukea win with a Northern Light Suplex pinning

Disco Inferno vs Jericho For the Cruiserweight belt

Jericho win by submission with the Lion Tamer
Jericho took Disco's headband with him to add to his Stuff

Bill Goldberg's vs Jerry Flynn. Goldberg did his tackle and got Flynn in the Jackhammer. 1 2 3

That make 62-0

Psy chosis vs Kidman

Kidman nailed Psy chosis with
a suplex off the top rope and called for Sick Boy to dropkick Psychosis. He missed Psychosis andhit Kidman with the dropkick! Psychosis went to the top, landed another guillotine legdrop and got he 3 count. This was easily the top match of the night.

Curt Hennig/Brian Adams vs. British Bulldog/Jim Neidhart
match. .The match was thrown out because
the referee could not keep control.

Diamond Dallas Page vs Saturn for the United States title
Diamond Cutter off the turnbuckles! DDP went after Raven
without making the cover DDP chased raven him back to the locker room. Saturn was awarded the match
by countout, but DDP remains the champ.

Booker T VS Eddy for the Television Title
Eddy hit booker t with a foreign object! He then threw the object out to Chavo and
made the cover. Booker T kicked out at 2 , and Chavo threw the object back at Eddy!
This got Guerrero disqualified, The winner Bokker T

Buff Bagwell came down with Scott Norton to the ring for his match with Rick Steiner.
Scott Steiner came out from the locker room and tried to throw Norton the dog collar of Rick
Steiner, but Rick got his hands on it and used it against Norton! Norton was knocked out, and Rick wins

, Kevin Nash & Hulk Hogan vs. Sting and Lex Luger.
nWo was in trouble until Randy Savage ran into the ring and attacked Sting! Sting and Luger
won by DQ.