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WCW Thunder Report
August 26th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan, and Lee Marshall
Live from Peoria, Illinois

• Wrath defeated Scott Putski with the Meltdown.
-Wrath dominated Scott Putski, and finished him off with the Meltdown, which was the same finishing maneuver he used this past Monday on Nitro.

• Stevie Ray Interview - (With Vincent and Tony Schiavone)
-The newest member of NWO-Hollywood said he joined the Black and White because he has respect for Hollywood Hogan and Eric Bischoff. Ray continued his rant on his brother, Booker T. He also put up a challenge for Diamond Dallas Page.

• Mike Enos defeated Bull Payne with a Fall-A-Way Slam.
-After the new-comer, Bull Payne missed a top-rope maneuver, Mike Enos took full advantage. Enos finished off Payne with a great Fall-A-Way Slam from the turnbuckles.

• Ernest Miller defeated Disco Inferno with a Spinning Wheel Kick.
-Before the match, Disco Inferno and Ernest Miller had an argument over whether fans in the arena were there to see karate or dancing. Miller went right at Disco, and finished him off within seconds with a Spinning Wheel Kick. Afterwards, Miller claimed he was a three-time karate champion, and not a wrestler. He bragged about being the greatest karate fighter of all-time.

• Konnan defeated Silver King by making him submit to the Tequilla Sunrise.
-Konnan struggled throughout the match, but manage to get the victory with his submissoin maneuver - the Tequilla Sunrise. Afterwards, NWO-Hollywood members appeared, and taunted Konnan. They issued a challenge to Konnan, and Konnan accepted to take on all of them - all at once. When they all entered the ring, Konnan tricked them, and ran off through the other side of the ring.

• Diamond Dallas Page Interview - (With Tony Schiavone)
-Diamond Dallas Page first said Eric Bischoff couldn't fire anyone in WCW, since Roddy Piper is the Commissioner. He also taunted Bischoff, by having The Warrior in WCW. DDP finished things off by accepting Stevie Ray's challenge - a match that would happen later in the show.

• Kaz Hayashi defeated Evan Kourageous with a Senton Back Splash.
-During the match, Sonny Onoo came out to observe the match, obviously interested in Kaz Hayashi. After Hayashi countered a frog splash Evan Kourageous executed, he took the advantage, and finished off the match with a Senton Back Splash.

• As Saturn made his way, Lodi confronted him. Lodi claimed Saturn broke his fingers, when it was actually Raven. Lodi issued a challenge to Saturn. Saturn wanted no part of Lodi, because he knew Lodi didn't stand a chance. Lodi made the following stipulations - If Saturn won, Lodi would leave The Flock; if Lodi won, Saturn would have to be his slave until Fall Brawl. With confidence, Saturn accepted. Of course, the match was under Raven's Rules.

• Lodi defeated Saturn via Pinfall [Saturn becomes Lodi's slave].
-During the match, The Flock interfered, but Saturn took them all out. While the referee was distracted by Sick Boy, Raven entered, but Raven was destroyed by Saturn. Kanyon, out of no-where, slammed Saturn with the Flatliner. Lodi, helplessly, put his arm on top of Saturn, to score the victory. Saturn would now have to become the slave of Lodi to the Fall Brawl pay-per-view. The commentators speculated that Kanyon was under the mind-control of Raven.

• Scott Norton (w/Vincent) defeated Jim Niedhart with the Jack-Knife Powerbomb.
-Scott Norton took his time with Jim Niedhart, and finished him off with the Jack-Knife Powerbomb.

• Chris Jericho defeated Alex Wright by making him submit to the Lion Tamer, to retain the WCW Television Title
-A very slow-paced match between the two superstars. Chris Jericho retained his Television Title, after countering a sunset flip by Alex Wright, and strapping the Lion Tamer.

• Curt Hennig (w/Rick Rude) defeated Van Hammer with the Hennig-Plex.

• Diamond Dallas Page defeated Stevie Ray (w/Vincent) by Disqualification.
-Throughout the match, Vincent got some cheap-shots on Diamond Dallas Page. After DDP took the advantage, the referee called the match after Vincent interfered inside the ring. The Giant ran-in, creating a 3-on-1 attack on Page. Konnan, from The Wolfpac, bailed out DDP.