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WCW Thunder Report
August 20th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan, and Lee Marshall
Taped from Fargo, North Dakota

• Today's show consisted of many recaps from Monday Nitro, Saturday Night, and Thunder.

• Juventud Guerrera defeated Psychosis with the Juvi Driver to retain the WCW Cruiserweight Title.
-In a very physical match, Juventud Guerrera retained his title after the Juvi Driver.

• Backstage, Stevie Ray did an interview, along with Gene Okerlund. Ray basically said he would defeat The Giant later in the show.

• Jim Duggan defeated Barry Darsow with the Old Glory Kneedrop.
-Jim Duggan struggled throughout the match, but manage to obtain the victory with his Old Glory Kneedrop.

• Backstage, Bret Hart did an interview, along with Gene Okerlund. Hart refused to release the name of the third member of team NWO-Hollywood for the War Games main event at Fall Brawl. He also claimed he could defeat Goldberg.

• Backstage, Steve McMichael did an interview, along with Gene Okerlund. McMichael said Curt Hennig would pay later in the show, for his past turn on the Four Horsemen.

• Brian Adams (w/Vincent) defeated Dean Malenko with a Tilta-Whirl Backbreaker.
-As Dean Malenko had the Texas Clover Leaf hooked, Vincent distracted the referee, letting Curt Hennig nail Malenko from behind. Brian Adams took advantage, and finished off Malenko with a Tilta-Whirl Backbreaker.

• Four Corners Match: Raven (w/Lodi) defeated Saturn, Kanyon, and Horace with the Even-Flow D.D.T.
-In this match, instead of all four superstars being in the ring at the sametime, you would have to be tagged in. The Flock made their way down to the ring. As Kanyon and Saturn battled with The Flock on the outside, Raven finished off Horace with the Even-Flow D.D.T. to take the win.

• Backstage, The Giant did an interview, along with Gene Okerlund. Giant taunted Stevie Ray.

• Curt Hennig defeated Steve McMichael by Disqualification.
-As Curt Hennig attempted to secure the pin after the Hennig-Plex, Dean Malenko attacked him. Malenko was out-numbered, and was beaten down, as well as Steve McMichael.

• Stevie Ray defeated The Giant (w/Scott Hall) by Disqualification.
-After Scott Hall interfered, and was confusingly not disqualified, The Giant slammed Stevie Ray with the Chokeslam. Other members of NWO-Hollywood began to attack Ray, letting Ray get the win by disqualification.