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WCW Thunder Report
August 5th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan, and Lee Marshall
Live from Casper, Wyoming

• The Giant defeated Lizmark, Jr. with the Chokeslam.
-The Giant easily won the match, after slamming Lizmark, Jr. with the Chokeslam. Afterwards, The Giant taunted Goldberg.

• Lex Luger Interview.
-Lex Luger confirmed that Scott Hall of NWO-Hollywood attacked him on Monday Nitro. Luger then issued a challenge to NWO-Hollywood, as Konnan and the "Red and Black" Sting made their ways out.

• Psychosis defeated Juventud Guerrera with the Guillotine Legdrop.
-Before the match, as Dean Malenko made his way down to the ring, Chris Jericho confronted him. Jericho wanted Malenko to show him he would be a fair and unbiased referee for the Juventud Guerrera vs. Psychosis match, since Malenko would be refereeing Jericho's Cruiserweight Title match with Guerrera at Road Wild. After Psychosis was knocked on the outside of the ring, Malenko began a 10-count. Jericho then nailed Guerrera with the Cruiserweight Title, behind Malenko's back. Psychosis took advantage, and finished off Guerrera with the Guillotine Legdrop.

• Eric Bischoff's NWO Night Cap.
-Eric Bischoff, along with Elizabeth, cracked a few jokes, mostly regarding Jay Leno, Kevin Eubanks, and Diamond Dallas Page interview. As Bischoff put down DDP's wife, Kimberly, DDP ran out and totally destroyed Bischoff and his set. Finally, Casper police put DDP to a stop. The Giant appeared, and went to the aid of Bischoff.

• Tony Schiavone announced the Hollywood Hogan was on his way to the arena.

• Meng and Jim Duggan went to a No Contest.
-As the match went on, Hugh Morrus and Barbarian, along with Jimmy Hart, interfered. The attack began on Meng, with it being 3-on-1. Jim Duggan finally broke it up with his 2x4.

• NWO-Hollywood Interview.
-Rick Rude first taunted Goldberg. Scott Hall stepped up to the mic, and basically put down The Wolfpac. The interview reflected on the 10-Man Tag Team Battle Royal match at Road Wild, which would be NWO-Hollywood vs. The Wolfpac (w/Goldberg). Hall finished off the interview by accepting Lex Luger's challenge.

• Steve McMichael defeated Stevie Ray by Count Out.
-As the match went on, Chavo Guerrero, Jr. came down and claimed he could do the same kind of the thing as Stevie Ray did. That was, that he could claim he was the new Television Champion by using a phony stamp on a "legal" document. Stevie Ray went on the outside of the ring, where Chavo was, and was counted out. Chavo attacked Ray.

• Rick Steiner Interview - (With Tony Schiavone)
-Rick Steiner discussed his upcoming Road Wild match with his brother (Scott Steiner).

• Handicapp Match: Saturn defeated Sick Boy and Riggs with the Death Valley Driver.
-The match was originally scheduled to be Saturn and Kanyon in a tag team match, but Raven announced Saturn would take on Sick Boy and Riggs. Saturn struggled, but managed to get the win after the Death Valley Driver on Sick Boy. Afterwards, Raven entered the ring and he and his Flock began to attack Saturn.

• Eddie Guerrero defeated Disco Inferno with the Frog splash.
-Tokyo Magnum remained around the ringside area. Magnum tried to get the attention of Eddie Guerrero, but the planned back-fired at the two dancing fools. As Eddie attempted the Frog Splash, Magnum pushed him off, but Eddie still land on Disco Inferno, making the pin.

• WCW patched in a call from Buff Bagwell. Rick Steiner joined the commentating booth to talk to Buff. Bagwell announced that Rick Steiner cannot face his brother (Scott Steiner) at Road Wild, due to an injury Scott suffered on Nitro. According to Bagwell, the injury was caused when Rick nailed Scott with a chair. Bagwell laughed, and said Scott would be out of action for two weeks. The commentators and Rick did not believe a word Bagwell said.

• Hollywood Hogan Interview - (With Eric Bischoff and The Disciple)
-Hogan said he would break every bone in Diamond Dallas Page's body at Road Wild, as well as Jay Leno's. He basically cut a promo.

• Sting, Lex Luger, and Konnan defeated Scott Hall, Curt Hennig, and Brian Adams via Pinfall.
-The match was a pure brawl with action everywhere. As the two sides battled inside the ring, Konnan rolled up Brian Adams for The Wolfpac to take the win. The show went off the air with the two sides continuing to brawl.