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WCW Thunder Report
July 2nd 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan, and Lee Marshall
Live from Columbus, Georgia

• A bogus Rey Mysterio, Jr. defeated Chris Jericho via Pinfall.
-Jericho brought down a "Conspiracy Victim" sign, and made the referee point it towards him. He bragged about himself, and taunted Dean Malenko. Jericho would take on a bogus Rey Mysterio, Jr. that he introduced. Jericho had the pin secured, but purposely lost by pulling the bogus Mysterio on top of him. Jericho announced he would get a rematch against the bogust Mysterio at Bash at the Beach.

• Giant Interview.
-The Giant first discussed his and Curt Hennig's upcoming Bash at the Beach match with Goldberg and Kevin Greene. He then challenged Lex Luger to a match that would take place later in the show.

• Stevie Ray defeated Doc Dean with the Slap Jack.
-Stevie Ray dominated Doc Dean and finished him off with the Slap Jack. Afterwards, Chavo Guerrero, Jr. appeared, along with his wooden horse. Chavo told Ray they both have the same family problems. Chavo began to annoy Ray, and was pushed down in return.

• Public Enemy and the team of The British Bulldog and Jim Niedhart went to a No Contest.
-Before the match, Public Enemy and the team of Disco Inferno and Alex Wright had a dancing contest (Disco and Wright were not scheduled to be at ringside). As the match went on between the original tag teams, Disco Inferno and Alex Wright attacked The British Bulldog and Rocco Rock with a table, as Bulldog executed the Running Powerslam. The referee called the match.

• J.J. Dillion Interview.
-J.J. Dillion announced that Hollywood Hogan would take on Goldberg for the WCW World Title the following Monday on Nitro.

• Saturn defeated Kidman (w/Lodi) with the Death Valley Driver.
-The match between the two superstars turned out to be very physical. When Kidman ran towards Saturn, Saturn caught him with the Death Valley Driver for the win. Afterwards, Saturn challenged Raven to a match for Bash at the Beach.

• In some pre-recorded comments from Steve McMichael, he stated he wanted the Four Horsemen to return and Arn Anderson was the key to bring it back. Former Chicago Bears coach, Mike Ditka, had some comments on McMichael. Ditka said McMichael was a tough guy, and he deserves what he feels he should have.

• Brian Adams (w/Vincent) defeated Bobby Blaze with a Backbreaker

• Raven Interview.
-Raven accepted Saturn's Bash at the Beach challenge. He said he wouldn't bother Kanyon while his was feuding with Saturn.

• Booker T. defeated Fit Finley with the Missle Dropkick to retain the WCW Television Title.
-Many slamming maneuvers were executed by both superstars. After Fit Finley got up, he was knocked out with Booker T's Missle Dropkick. Booker T. secured the pin to retain the WCW Television Title. Afterwards, Tony Schiavone interviewed Booker T. Booker T. basically said he would be victorious in his match with Bret Hart at Bash at the Beach. Stevie Ray appeared, and confronted his brother. Ray didn't approve of Booker T's upcoming match with Bret. The two brothers continued to argue.

• Chavo Guerrero, Jr. Interview.
-Chavo set up a trap for Eddie Guerrero. The trap included a big box that said "Acme Eddy Trap", a stick in shape of a slingshot, bow and arrow, and yarn. Eddie came down, and Chavo thought he was trapped in the box, but instead, Eddie was hiding. Eddie attacked Chavo from behind. Chavo was smacked with the burrito. Eddie grabbed a pair of scissors, and cut a chunk of Chavo's hair.

• Konnan defeated Kanyon by making him submit to the Tequilla Sunrise.
-During the match, Flock members made their ways down to ringside. The referee was distracted, letting Raven give Kanyon an Even-Flow D.D.T. Konnan strapped Kanyon in the Tequilla Sunrise for the win. Flock members continued to attack Kanyon. Konnan got involved, but was out numbered. Finally, Lex Luger came down to take out the entire Flock.

• Lex Luger defeated The Giant by Disqualification.
-The Giant's power made Lex Luger struggle. As Luger slowly took the advantage, NWO-Hollywood members attacked Luger. Konnan appeared, but The Wolfpac was still out numbered. The Flock came down to get involved, including Saturn. The show went off the air with brawls breaking out all over the ring.