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WCW Thunder Report
June 4th 1998

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan, and Lee Marshall
Live from Peoria, Illinois

• Booker T. defeated Chris Benoit with the Missle Dropkick.
-As usual, the two superstars showed a lot of intensity. During the match, Stevie Ray came down to
support Booker T. Chris Benoit began to argue with Ray, letting Booker T. catch him with Missle
Dropkick for the win. (Seven Match Series statistics: Benoit - 3 wins -- Booker T - 2 wins; Winner meets
Fit Finley for the WCW Television Title at The Great American Bash)

• Giant Interview.
-The Giant first ripped Sting for joining The Wolfpac. He then introduced Brian Adams as his new Tag
Team Title partner. Adams bragged, saying he and The Giant would dominate through everyone. The
Giant challenged any two members of The Wolfpac with the titles on-the-line, for a match that would
happen later in the show.

• Reese w/The Flock defeated Van Hammer with the Double Cokeslam.
-As Van Hammer took the advantage, Horace hit him from behind with a stop sign. Reese was easily
able to finish off Hammer with the Double Chokeslam. Afterwards, the entire Flock began to attack
Hammer, until Juventud Guerrera arrived. Guerrera took out the Flock, but the moment Reese came after
him, Hammer held him back.

• Alex Wright defeated Eddie Guerrero by Disqualification.
-Before the match, Eddie Guerrero said he didn't know what the deal was with Chavo Guerrero, Jr., but he
had set up an appointment with a shrink. Chavo did a run-in, and was thrown out by Alex Wright. Wright
got the victory by Disqualifiation. Chavo continued to bother Eddie as both made their ways back to the
locker room.

• Lex Luger Interview - (With Tony Schiavone)
-Lex Luger first said Sting's decision to join The Wolfpac was the proper choice. He also announced he
was charge of recruiting for The Wolfpac. He accepted The Giant's challenge, and said Diamond Dallas
Page would be his partner. According to Luger, DDP would have to decide if he would join The Wolfpac.

• Fit Finley defeated Psychosis with the Tombstone Piledriver, to retain the WCW Television Title.
-Fit Finley dominated Psychosis, and finished him off with the Tombstone Piledriver to retain the WCW
Television Title.

• Glacier defeated Saturn w/Lodi with the Cryonic Kick.
-The referee was knocked out when he was crammed in by Saturn, Glaicer, and Lodi. At that time,
Kanyon disguised himself as another referee, and attacked Saturn. He left a wig and a Mortis mask as a
calling card. Glacier took the advantage and finished off Saturn with the Cryonic Kick.

• Curt Hennig Interview.
-Curt Hennig announced he will be out of action even longer, due to an injured knee, meaning he would be
unable to wrestle Goldberg at The Great American Bash. He called out Konnan, who would take Hennig's
place. Konnan announced Hennig would get the first opportunity for the United States Title against
whoever wins. He also said the winner would be paid.

• Dean Malenko and Silver King went to a No Contest.
-As the match went on, Chris Jericho interrupted. He pulled out a 1934 NWA wrestling rule book and
stated a champion has the first right of refusal of any challenge. Jericho called out J.J. Dillion, but Dillion
never appeared. Since Malenko supposedly wasn't the rightful Cruiserweight Champion, Jericho
requested the belt. Instead, Dean Malenko hit him with it.

• Raven defeated Disco Inferno with the Evenflow D.D.T.
-"Raven's Rules" prevailed, letting Raven finish off Disco Inferno with the Evenflow D.D.T. Raven called out
Kanyon, with the privilege of The Flock or Riot Squad not being nearby. Kanyon never appeared, however.

• HANDICAP MATCH: Goldberg defeated Hugh Morrus and Barbarian w/Jimmy Hart with the
Jackhammer, to retain the US Title.
-At one point, Goldberg triple-speared Hugh Morrus, Barbarian, and Jimmy Hart. He first Jackhammered
Barbarian, followed Hugh Morrus--the pinfall victim. Goldberg remains with 95 wins, and no losses.

• Lex Luger and Diamond Dallas Page defeated The Giant and Brian Adams.
-Sting came down and caused The Giant to unfocus on the match. Diamond Dallas Page finished off
Brian Adams with the Diamond Cutter, for he and Luger to become the new WCW Tag Team Champions.
A call from J.J. Dillion was dispatched. He announced The Giant would take on Sting at The Great
American Bash. The winner will get the chance to decide who should be the Tag Team Champions, since
The Giant didn't have the authority to chose Brian Adams as a partner. At this time, DDP and Luger are
temporarily the Tag Team Champions.