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WWF Raw is War Report
December 28th 1998

By Joe De Leon

WWF Raw is War Report - December 28, 1998
Hosted by Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler
Live from Albany, New York

• The show started off with Team Corporate backstage. Vince McMahon said that when Shawn Michaels walked through the building doors, he would be humiliated and fired. They then searched the boiler room for Mankind. Mankind attacked them, but there were too many Team Corporate members. Mankind was held back and forced to look right at McMahon. McMahon said that he would face Jesse James for Hardcore Title later in the show, and then walked out of the boiler room. Shane told his dad that Michaels had already had planned for Val Venis to take on James. Vince said "We will see about that."

• Val Venis defeated Jesse James by Disqualification, to let James retain the Hardcore Title.
- During the match, Team Corporate members (wrestlers only) interfered. Test gave Val Venis a bulldog, causing Jesse James to get disqualified. D-Generation X ran into the ring. The rest of Team Coporate came out. Vince McMahon told James he would take on Mankind later on for the Hardcore Title. He told the rest of DX they would also be in action. He said that there was still a little DX in Commissioner Michaels, and that he would be fired later on. Michaels would be fired because he never let Team Corporate rescue Shane McMahon in his match with Mankind the previous week on Raw is War.

• Backstage, Al Snow was shown in the same clothes from last time he was given a Blood Bath. He threw Head in some kind of box.

• Backstage, Vince McMahon was talking to Kane, yelling at him.

• Edge defeated Al Snow by Disqualification.
- Al Snow was really odd in this match, telling Edge "Look what I've done." Al Snow took Head and beat Edge with it, getting Disqualified. The Brood and JOB Squad both ran in.

• Backstage, Sable was shown stretching for her match.

• Backstage, X-Pac was talking with Dennis Knight. They said someone told Dennis to be there.

• Sable defeated Spider Lady by Disqualification, to retain the WWF Women's Title.
- Spider Lady attacked Sable with the belt before the bell even rang. The Odditties ran down. Spider Lady unmasked and it was Luna. Luna ran out of the ring saying "It is all about me."

• Backstage, The Oddities were shown with Sable. Apparently, The Oddities were on both Luna and Sable's side.

• The Big Bossman and X-Pac went to a No-Contest, to let X-Pac retain the European Title.
- The Big Bossman over-powered X-Pac. During the match, Test came down, but Val Venis came out and attacked him.

• They showed footage of Vince McMahon training for the Royal Rumble with his son, Shane. Shane made his dad work hard, having him eat raw eggs, and making him lift some heavy weights, saying "I hate Austin" the entire time.

• Goldust and Steve Blackman defeated Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra McMichael) via Pinfall.
- Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett both showed good teamwork. During the match, Dan Severn, wearing a neckbrace, came down. He chased Owen around the ring. When Hart went back into the ring, he got rolled up by Blackman.

• Backstage, Triple H and Chyna were shown walking toward the arena.

• The Acolytes attacked Dennis Knight in the parking lot, threw him in the trunk of his own car, and drove away.

• Triple H (w/D-Generation X) defeated Ken Shamrock (w/Team Corparate) by Disqualification.
- The Big Bossman tried to interfere during the match, but Hunter caught him. Shamrock got the Ankle Lock on Triple H, but Triple H grabbed the rope. Shamrock would not let go and got Disqualified. Team Corparate and DX both brawled in the ring.

• Backstage, Kevin Kelly tried to interview Billy Gunn, but Shamrock interrupted and they were both screaming at each other.

• Mark Henry Interview, with D-Lo Brown.
- Mark Henry apologized to Chyna saying what he did with Terri Runnels and Jacqueline the week before on Raw is War was wrong. PMS then came down to the ring. D-Lo Brown told them to stay away from Henry. Chyna came down and said to PMS "D-Lo may be a gentleman but I'm not." Chyna then knocked out Jackie and said, "Stay away from my man." She told Henry, "I'll see you later."

• They showed Vince and Shane McMahon, along with the associates, all talking to each other.

• They showed a look back at the year of 1998 in the WWF.

• Test, Kane, The Big Bossman, and Ken Shamrock were shown beating on The Godfather backstage. The ho's were screaming like crazy.

• Kane deafeated Billy Gunn by Disqualification.
- When The Godfather was supposed to come out, Shane McMahon came out and told Billy Gunn that he would fight Kane. When Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco came out, they distracted the referee while Shamrock gave Gunn the Ankle Lock on the outside of the ring. Kane brought Gunn in the ring and gave him a Chokeslam, but Patterson and Brisco told him to give Gunn another one. He did and gave another one. Triple H and X-Pac then ran in and attacked Kane.

• Jesse James defeated Mankind fia Pinfall, to retain the Hardcore Title.
- The Rock did color commentary during the match. In the beginning, Shawn Michaels was shown entering the arena. Jesse James and Mankind brawled in the ring and up on the ramp using a technicians table, toolbox, trays, and chairs. They went out into the crowd. Mankind placed Rod Dogg on a table and went onto a raiser and jumped off onto James. The Rock then went over and gave Mankind the Rock Bottom. James covered him for the pin.

• Vince McMahon Interview
- Vince McMahon called out Shawn Michaels. McMahon showed footage of Michaels' interview in March, where Michaels said that he doesn't need McMahon, but McMahon needs him. He then showed footage of Raw is War the previous week, where Michaels wouldn't let Team Corporate save Shane McMahon. McMahon then said, "Vince McMahon does not lay down for anybody." He told Michaels he was fired. Michales seemed like he was walking away but gave Vince McMahon the Superkick, and started taking his clothes off to his music. Team Corparate ran down but Michaels escaped threw the crowd.