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WWF Raw 5/25/98

• To start RAW off, Vince McMahon, Gerald Brisco, Pat Patterson, and three police officers came down to the ring. McMahon called last week's RAW a glorious
moment, when Brisco & Patterson gave Steve Austin all they could. He then said he had "drained the venom" from Austin when he nailed him with the
hair last week. Said he assaulted Austin and got away with it. McMahon said that all
three men will have a part in the demise of Austin at the "Over the Edge"
PPV on Sunday. At that point, Steve Austin came down to the ring. Austin told the officers to arrest Vince McMahon for assaulting him on RAW last week. At that point,
the police officers took McMahon and handcuffed him with McMahon resisting.
Patterson & Brisco tried to help McMahon out, but Austin mentioned that what they were doing was "obstruction of justice." At that point, the officers handcuffed
both Patterson & Brisco. Austin then opened up a can of beer and told the officers to lock them all up. He then kicked McMahon in the gut and poured the beer all over him.
Austin continued to taught all three men as the officers took them away.

• Match 1- D.O.A vs. L.O.D 2000 - *6 Man Tag Match*
-Before the match, Hawk introduced "Puke" as their tag partner for the match. Ross mentioned that his real name is Darren Drozdov. Puke came to the ring and
attempted to vomit on one of the D.O.A's motorcycles. However, Chainz
came out and attacked him before any harm could be done. As Puke got
tagged in to fight Chainz, 8-Ball & Skull started fighting with Hawk & Animal on the outside of the ring. In the ring, Puke took Chainz and delivered a powerbomb
to him, giving the L.O.D the victory.
*Winner: L.O.D. 2000 by Pinfall

• Backstage, police officers were shown taking McMahon, Patterson, & Brisco away. McMahon continued to yell at the officers for doing this, as Austin continued
to taunt McMahon.

• Back from commercial, the officers put McMahon, Brisco, & Patterson into a police car. Austin was there, telling all three men that they deserved to go to jail.

• Match 2- Owen Hart vs. "The Beast" Dan Severn
-As Severn had the arm bar applied to Hart, the Nation members came down and attacked Severn. Maivia slammed Severn, and Henry splashed Severn twice. The Nation members then put a chair around Severn's ankle. Hart went to the
second rope, looking to break Severn's ankle, but WWF officials were
able to stop Hart before he came off the ropes.
*Winner: Severn by Disqualification

• The Jackyl, along with "Hank- The Angry Drunken Dwarf," and "Crackhead Bob" came to the ring. Jackyl told the crowd that these two people have been erected from
the Howard Stern Radio Show. Jackyl told Hank to respond to the people for what they've done to him. He told the crowd that the people have ruined his and his friend's
lives for what they've done. Jackyl told the crowd that they have lead to
Crackhead Bob's problems. Bob said he's "Mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore." Jackyl then introduced Princess Luna (Luna Vachon), Golga, who
was wearing a mask, and "The Tallest Man in the World," according to the Jackyl. He was very big, possibly being 7'4 or so. He called all these people
his "Parade of Human Oddities."

• Match 2- Golga vs. Thrasher
-Golga had no problem with Thrasher, defeating him with a running powerslam. As Mosh came in and attempted to hit Golga, the "Largest man in the world" came into
the ring and headbutted Thrasher & then the referee.
*Winner: Golga by Pinfall

• Al Snow and The Head, dressed in a Cowboy suit were spotted in the audience.

• Match 3- "Double J" Jeff Jarrett w/Tennessee Lee vs. Vader
-Tennesee Lee served as a big distraction for the referee in the match, causing the referee to miss two pin attempts by Vader. As Vader was going to finish off
Jarrett, Kane ran down to the ring and attacked Vader. Kane took Vader, bodyslammed him, and clotheslined him over the ropes. Kane then threw Vader
into the steel steps, with Paul Bearer then finally taking Kane backstage.
*Winner: Vader by Disqualification

• Backstage, McMahon was told to apologize to Austin if he didn't want to go to jail. McMahon got out of the car and gave Austin a very sarcastic apology. Austin then told him to give a sincere apology if he didn't want to go to jail. McMahon then gave Austin
a sincere apology and Austin told the officers to let him go.

• McMahon, Brisco, & Patterson came back down to the ring. McMahon told Austin that he hopes he's proud of what he's done. McMahon berated Austin for getting him
arrested, and for having beer thrown on him. McMahon said that there's no WWF superstar that can stop him from what he's going to do at the PPV on Sunday.
He told Austin that his fun is going to stop right now. He then ordered Austin to fight
The Undertaker in the main event on the War Zone.

• Footage was shown of Triple H & DX going on another "secret mission." This time they were at an airport in North Carolina. Triple H told DX that he was going to
fly the plane that would be used in the "secret mission."

• Al Snow confronted Jerry Lawler. Snow continued to ask Lawler where McMahon was. Security came down, causing Snow to run off into the crowd.

• Match 4- Taka Michinoku vs. Togo w/Yamaguchi San
-As expected, several high-risk maneuvers were executed by both individuals in the match. After Taka nailed Togo with a huracanrana, he rolled up Togo for the pin. As
Michinoku was about to hit Yamaguchi an, the other members of Kaientai came out and attacked S Michinoku.
*Winner: Michinoku by Pinfall

• Match 5- Marc Mero w/Sable vs. Faarooq
-During the match, Sable got on the apron and began arguing with Mero. As Mero turned around, Faarooq nailed Mero with a clothesline. Faarooq then pinnned Mero for
the victory. Sable then got in the ring, smiling at Mero.
*Winner: Faarooq by Pinfall

• Mero took the microphone. He challenged Sable to get any WWF superstar that can beat him for the IYH PPV. If that superstar won, he would tear up their contract.
However, if her man would lose, she would be forced to leave the WWF forever. Sable accepted the offer.

• DX's "secret mission" was shown. In the clip, Triple H was apparently sky-writing anti-WCW & Pro-Raw is War messages in his plane. These messages were over a WCW
arena, showing Nitro.

• Match 6- The Rock w/Mark Henry vs. Triple H w/Chyna
-Chyna played a critical role in the match, attaking The Rock whenever he came outside of the ring. At one point, Mark Henry got in her face but Chyna didn't backdown.
During the match, The Rock took the IC belt and nailed Triple H with it. However, as he covered Triple H, Chyna took Maivia off of him. As Henry had the referee distracted, Chyna snook up behind Maivia and nailed him with the belt. However,
when Triple H covered him, he could only get a two count. Henry was attacking Triple H on the outside, Chyna came up from behind and nailed him with a chair.
Triple H then got up and threw him into the steel steps. The Rock & Triple H then began
fighting on the outside, causing a Double Countout result. As the Rock was
heading for the locker room's, Faarooq came out and attacked him, delivering a
piledriver to him on the steel entrance way.
*Result: Double Countout

Match 7- The Undertaker vs. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
*Mr. McMahon as special referee*
Before the match started, Vince McMahon was announced as the special referee for the match. When the Undertaker entered and took off his outfit, The Undertaker
looked directly into McMahon's eyes. He then took him by the throat and choke-slammed him. As he was about to deliver the tombstone to
McMahon, Kane came down. When Kane got to the ring, the two men began to fight. The Undertaker clotheslined Kane over the top rope, leading to the two men
to start fighting on the outside. The fight went all the way into the crowd. Patterson & Brisco came down to help McMahon. At that point, Austin came
to the ring. He entered the ring and delivered the stunner to Brisco & Patterson.
He then tied McMahon up in the ropes. Austin then took a chair and threatened to hit him. Dude Love then came down with a chair, but Austin saw him and nailed him with a chair.