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WWF Raw 5/18/98

• Vince McMahon Interview. Vince McMahon was accompanied by both Gerald Brisco
- and Pat Patterson. He stated as a result of a clothesline last week on RAW, Stone Cold Steve Austin supposedly suffered a mild concussion.
McMahon also announced Austin would be barred from the arena, for his own protection. Some footage was shown of Austin receiving some heat whenever he was attempting
to enter the arena. Dude Love then came down, and basically said he would defeat Austin
in their upcoming In Your House World Title match, since he has a tremendous advantage. McMahon called out Dustin Runnels. He first told Runnels
him blaming a promoter for his problems was ridiculous. McMahon said Runnels could
prove himself by wrestling Dude Love later in the show. If he won, he would
become the number one contender, but if he lost, he will have to work 30-days without pay. Runnels began to attack Dude Love, but was overpowered with it being 4 on 1.

• Cameras went backstage, where Jerry Lawler brought an unknown person into the arena,and the unknown person were continuosly shown backstage throughout the show's first hour.

• Val Venis defeated Scorpio with a Body Splash from the top-rope.
-Val Venis struggled, due to the way Scorpio stuck onto him. However, after Scorpio missed a moonsault, Venis countered with a body splash from the top-rope
for the win.

• Cameras went backstage, where Stone Cold Steve Austin attacked a security official so he could enter the arena. After the attack, Nashville police went around searching for him.

• Stone Cold Steve Austin Interview.
-Stone Cold Steve Austin called out Vince McMahon, Gerald Brisco, and Pat Patterson. Austin challenged the three to a street fight, and they accepted

• Sable Interview.
-Sable called out Marc Marc Mero and told him she wanted to split. However, Mero told Sable since she is under his contract, she would have to remain by his side.

• Terry Funk defeated Marc Mero w/Sable with a D.D.T.
-After Mero attempted a low-blow and the T.K.O., he was unable to obtain a victory, because Sable was distracting the referee. Funk caught Mero from behind with a D.D.T.
for the win.

• Chainz and Skull defeated LOD 2000 via Pinfall.
-The referee was distracted with Chainz and Hawk outside the ring. 8-Ball came in, and switched positions with Skull. 8-Ball rolled up Animal for the Disciples of Apocalypse
to obtain the victory.

• Al Snow turned out to be Jerry Lawler's protection. Lawler made him sit in the crowd, while he worked on getting Vince McMahon.

• Dude Love w/Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco defeated Dustin Runnels by making him submit to the Mandible Claw.
-Dude Love easily defeated Runnels by making him submit to the Mandible Claw, which means Runnels will go on 30-days without pay. During and after the match,
Stone Cold Steve Austin was shown observing the match in his locker room. Police officials came in, and pulled out their handcuffs. When WWF returned from
a commercial break, Vince McMahon was taunting Austin (who was restrained).

• Togo and Teioh w/Yamaguchi San and Sho (Kaientai) defeated The Headbangers by
Disqualification. With excellent teamwork, Kaientai was able to stay on top. All three
-members then began to attack Mosh, leaving Taka Michinoku & Bradshaw to interfere. Kaientai
got the win by Disqualification.

• A couple of footages were shown. Stone Cold Steve Austin was in a police car. Also, Paul Bearer & Kane visited a doctor's office, where they received DNA tests.

• The New Age Outlaws defeated Owen Hart and Rocky Maivia via Pinfall, retaining the WWF Tag Team Titles.
-Before the match D-Generation did their normal interview. X-Pac hyped up the crowd, Hunter Hearst Helmsley did his Michael Buffer impression and made up
a sexual joke, and The New Age Outlaws presented themselves. To finish things off, DX
criticized The Nation. Before the match stated, mayhem broke around the ring. In the match itself, after Chyna distracted the referee, Faarooq nailed Rocky Maivia
with a piledriver. Jesse James then secured the pin for him and Billy Gun to retain the WWF Tag Team

• Stone Cold Steve Austin was released from Nashville police.

• Kevin Kelly interviewed the doctor who conducted DNA tests to determine the biological father of Kane. The doctor announced Paul Bearer is the official father.
Paul Bearer and Kane then made thier way down to the ring. The moment Bearer criticized Undertaker's mother, Undertaker came in. A fight broke out
between the three. Vader went after Kane, while Undertaker went after Paul Bearer.

• Street Fight Match -- Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco resulted in a No Contest.
Sgt. Slaughter was the special guest referee. After Stone Cold Steve Austin gave the
-finger to Slaughter, Slaughter attacked him from behind, giving Patterson and
Brisco the beginning advantage. However, Austin was still able to dominate Brisco, Gerald, and eventually Slaughter. Dude Love came in, and him
and Austin started to battle it out. A masked fan started to attack Austin, and was eventually revealed to be Vince McMahon. Dude Love then helped out Vince
McMahon, giving Austin the Mandible Claw. The show went off the air with Austin lying on the floor.