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WWF RAW 5/11/98

We start
out with Vince McMahon. He introduces Dude Love. It looks as if Vince McMahon
converted the Dude into a corporate man

Here more of DX assault on WCW CNN Center. They make fun of WCW

Heres Al Snow. Him and his head.
. Again, another former Rocker that again beat Marty Jannetty to Become a big star
and left Marty as a jobber

Vader vs. Windham
The return of Vader brings him against Barry Windham who is contemplating
retirement. The NWA is still around. Why? They draw no heat. Vader
wins easily with the Vader Bomb. The Midnight Express tries to blindside
him but Vader makes it out ok. Vader is scheduled to fight Kane at Over
the Edge and the loser will unmask.
Winner: Vader

Hawk vs. Skull
LOD 2000 and the DOA are going to fight at Over the Edge to determine the
number one contenders for the tag team champions. Sunny is also wearing
her old LOD outfit. LOD has kind of lost some heat after returning
at WrestleMania. 8-Ball traded places with Skull and he caught Hawk in a
small package for the win.
Winner: Skull (or 8-Ball )

Double J vs. Faarooq
. Blackman comes out with
Faarooq. Blackman interferes on Faarooqs behalf. But the Nation comes
out and beats up Faarooq.
Winner: Faarooq by DQ

A commercial for Brisco brothers auto shop. In Tampa, Florida.

Here comes Stone Cold! He easily has the biggest pop so far. Stone Cold
has to fight in a tag team match. He doesn't know his opponents or his

Sable vs. Marvelous Marc Mero
He set her up in for a TKO, but puts her down and said that he could have knocked her out. He tells her to apologize to the whole world for trying to ruin his career.
Sable the proceeds to kick him in the balls and power bomb him.

The Undertaker shows up at the broadcast booth and beats up The
King for making all the rude remarks about his mother. . But wait, the lights go out and the Undertaker doesn't get around to Tombstoning the King. After Kane
and Bearer go away, the King has still not vacated the ring and the Undertaker
gets back to business.
Tombstone for The King.

DX is out. X-Pac has the mike. . Only a matter of time,
. Owen Hart comes out to new music. And he brings
out the Nation. Well, at least were gonna see a reason for the Nation and
DX to fight at Over the Edge.

Owen Hart vs. Triple H
This is a non title match. The Nation and DX are all surrounding the
ring. Owen bites HHHs ear and they are both bleeding. Chyna gets a
chair and then all hell decides to break loose. A bunch of officials come
out and the match is rendered a no contest.

Here comes Goldust. He going to burn his Goldust outfit.
He talking to Vince McMahon. He says that He tired of kissing Vinces ass. He says that Goldust is dead.

Terry Funk & Scorpio vs. Kai In Tai
These guys are so tiny. Even Scorpio can man handle
these guys. This is a handicapped match with three guys against one of
Funk or Scorpio. And heres a bloody surprise: Bradshaw and Taka come out
to cause the DQ.
Winners: Kai In Tai by DQ

The Nation vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin & ......????
His tag team partner is Vince McMahon. D-Lo and the Rock are representing the Nation. Stone Cold seems a
tad more pissed than usual. . Stone Cold is going to have
to win the match all on his own. McMahon doesn't do a damn thing. Instead
of a tag, he does a little communicating. You know, the finger.
OK, so then a Stone Cold Stunner is put on D-Lo
but then McMahon comes and clotheslines Stone Cold. Wow. Pat Patterson
and Gerald Brisco go on to kick him, but Stone Cold does away with that.
Then of course, Dude Love comes and interferes. Now, a real surprise.
Goldust comes out and beats up Dude Love! Also, DX comes out to beat up
the Nation. It looks as if Goldust is going to be given a big push.
Maybe even for the world title. That would be so cool. OK, they end RAW
on a high note.