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WWF RAW 4/28/98

Adam Copeland OVER Matt Hardy
(Copeland without Jackal and playing the face role so maybe they're playing with him)
Val Venis OVER Darren Drosdrov
Willington Wilkins OVER The Executioner

AND THE RETURN OF...Dr. Death Steve Williams!!
Steve Williams OVER 2 Cold Scorpio

New Midnight Express OVER The Headbangers
Kama and D-Lo OVER Bob Starr and John Richabal
Taka Michonoku OVER David Jericho
Arphichula OVER Scott "Too Hot" Taylor

-D-X Interview
-D-X challengs DOA and L.O.D. to an Eight Man Tag team match later on in the night.

-Owen Hart & The Rock VS Steve Blackman & Faarooq
-After interference from Jeff Jarrett, Owen and the Rock win the match.

-Love Shack Segment
-Cactus Jack comes out and announces that Dude Love is dead and no more. He then calls out McMahon, who comes and verbally assualts him. He then announces a Cactus Jack/Terry Funk falls count anywhere match for the main event. As McMahon continues his tirade on Cactus, Austin comes out and destroys the Love Shack set and chases McMahon around for a few minutes.

-Severn footage shown from him attacking Cornette last week

-Dan Severn VS Savio Vega
-Severn won the match via pinfall.

-Jerry Lawler interviews Paul Bearer
-Bearer talks about being with the Undertaker's mother on the kitchen floor at the age of 19.

-Goldust VS Kane
-Kane destroys Goldust but the Undertaker comes out and begins to beat up Paul Bearer and Kane stops and goes to help Bearer but him and the Undertaker brawl up and down the ramp.

-DX Backstage Interview
-DX talks about the upcoming matchup with DOA and the LOD.

-Eight Man Tag
-DOA & LOD VS De-Generation X
-Sunny and X-Pac both had to leave ringside for this match. A few minutes into the match, the DOA and LOD had a disagreement which led to them brawling with each other, and D-X laughing and leaving.

-Marc Mero VS Jeff Jarrett
-Blackman attacks Jarrett at the start of the match, but the match does continue. Afeter a few minutes, Jarrett leaves and is counted out, but for some reason, the match is restarted and Jarrett returns, only to be jumped by Blackman and he brawls away with him.

-The Rock & Owen Hart VS Steve Blackman & Faarooq
-Jim Ross announced the Blackman and Faarooq wanted a rematch and they were going to get it. They won the match only after a few minutes, when Owen and the Rock both left and were counted out.

-Stone Cold Steve Austin joins at ringside for commentary.

-Cactus Jack VS Terry Funk (No Holds Barred - Falls Count Anywhere)
-Cactus comes out announced as Mick Foley. Pat Patterson is the special referee. This is a complete ECW-style brawl with a moonsault off the second level of the coliseum by Funk onto Cactus. Cactus also nailed a piledriver through a table in the concession area. It was absolute mayhem for 20-25 minutes but it ended with Cactus getting
the pin after nailing a piledriver on top of a steel chair.

After the match, Cactus continued beating up Funk until Austin came face to face with Cactus. This was a set up though since Pat Patterson was ready to nail Austin with a chair, but Austin realized this and nailed Patterson with the stunner. As Cactus went to the back, Dude Love's music began playing and Vince McMahon came out with Dude's
two bikini babes, dancing and celebrating. He then hugged Cactus and congratulated him as Austin stood in the ring, looking in disbelief and flipping all of them the bird.

Steve Austin, Undertaker, Steve Blackman & Faarooq
Triple H, Kane, Jeff Jarrett and The Rock
(when Austin pinned HHH - afterwards, he gave HHH, X-Pac and Chyna a stunner)