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WWF RAW 4/27/98

RAW starts out with highlights from IYH Unforgiven. DX is shown
outside of the arena talking about how they are going to invade
WCW Nitro at the Norfolk Spectrum. Owen Hart & Ken Shamrock vs.
The Rock & Mark Henry. The Rock calls out Shamrock, and Owen
goes for a tag. The Rock gives a look and Owen then kicks Shamrock
between the legs and gets the
Sharpshooter on Shamrock. Steve
Blackman & Faarooq try to help Shamrock
but get beat by the NOD. Owen & the NOD
then leave the ring together. 2 ladies in
bathing suits with hippy painted bodies
come out Dude Love, to the Love Shack.
Dude says that he chewed and spit out the
toughest cookie of them all Steve Austin.
He then says that Austin tried to take the
easy way out, by getting counted out, then trying to take out the
main man McMahon. Dude then orders that Austin should be stripped
of the title and given to Dude. More footage of DX marching down,
asking people if WCW sucks. The Headbangers vs. Terry Funk & 2
Cold Scorpio. Match goes to the outside,
and the Headbangers get a rocket
launcher to from the top. Terry Funk then
gets a Funkersault on all 3 men. Scorpio
then hits a top rope dive. Scorpio gets a
moonsault, and it's an all out brawl. The
ref. throws the match out. More footage of
DX trying to get the fans to chant an "Let
us go". Vince McMahon comes out.
McMahon says that he sustained a mild
concussion and dizziness, from Austin's chair shot. McMahon wont
fire him, and instead will force Austin to defend the title against
Goldust, and that Jerry Brisco will be the ref. McMahon asks if Brisco
will be fair & if he is afraid of Austin. Brisco says he will be fair and
wont worry about Austin, because McMahon will fire him if he lays a
finger on him. DX then charge the arena of WCW. New Age Outlaws
then bang on the closed gates, and X-Pac yells out for Bischoff to fire
him to his face. Jeff Jarrett vs. Bradshaw. Jarrett comes from behind
and tries to attack him with fists, but there's no affect. Klub
Kamikaze run out and beat on Bradshaw. Dick Togo hits a senton
splash. Taka Michinoku runs out and helps Bradshaw. A fourth man
in a mask is with the Klub, and they run off.
Dude Love is backstage and tells Vince
"This isn't what you told me would
happen", leading to a conspiracy, and
Vince orders Kevin Kelly to leave and cut
the camera off. DX comes out and HHH
does a Michael Buffer impersonation. New
Age Outlaws vs. 8-Ball & Skull. DOA bring
out LOD 2000 for back up. Billy Gunn gets
double teamed. Road Dog then jumps in
and destracts the ref. and Billy gets a piledriver. Skull is on the mat,
but 8-Ball comes in and behind everyone's back make a switch. Billy
goes for a pin but it's reversed for the DOA win. The Undertaker vs.
Barry Windham. Windham goes for a clothesline but misses.
Undertaker gets a chokeslam, and then the tombstone for the quick
win. Undertaker then calls out Kane, and will wait an eternity for
him. As the Undertaker stands around the ring, the lights go out.
Paul Bearer & Kane come out. Bearer talks about how he saw
doctors soak Kane's skin in saline and ripped the dead skin. Bearer
then talks about how he tasted his own blood, and that he saw the
pain Kane's eyes. Bearer then ends it, by saying, it was his son that
was in pain. Goldust is interviewed backstage and is asked what kind
of champion he would make. Goldust says he doesn't do hand
gestures and foul language. Dude Love
then attacks Goldust, and Luna jumps on
top. Then DX rushes to the ring. HHH is
very upset that DOA "took away his buzz".
So HHH challenges anyone from the back.
Skull comes out but stops, as Dan Severn
runs to the ring. Jim Cornette tries to stop
Severn, and even slaps him. Severn snaps
and then puts Cornette in an arm bar. Marc
Mero comes out. He then asks if the crowd
wants Sable, and they all cheer. Sable then comes out. Mero says
she humliated him, by being in her bra and panties. Sable then says
the fans liked it, and their gonna like the following even better. Sable
then says she's going to put Mero in his place, by challenging him in 2
weeks. Mero laughs as Sable leaves the ring. Goldust vs. Steve
Austin. Vince runs down and takes the belt then takes over as bell
ringer. Austin comes out with fists, and clotheslines. Goldust takes
over as the ref. had his back turned. Goldust gets a knee drop, and
chokes him out. Goldust then hits a bulldog. Goldust gets a low blow,
but the ref. overlooks it. Goldust & Austin then go to a double
clothesline and both men are knocked out.
Goldust gets a sleeper, but Austin reverses
it into a Stunner. Brisco goes for a slow
count then stops the count to scratch his
eye. Dude Love runs out and attacks
Austin. Austin then back body drops Austin,
McMahon tries to hit Austin with the belt,
but accidentally hits Brisco. RAW ends with
Austin in the middle of the ring flipping off