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WWF RAW 4/13/98

• Stone Cold Steve Austin came down to the ring to start the show. Austin said he wanted to get things straight between himself and McMahon. Austin said he'll sit in the ring
until McMahon comes out and talks to him. Austin said he'll do what he wants to do
in the WWF. After about a minute, McMahon came out along with Pat Patterson and Jerry Brisco. Before they made their way to the ring, McMahon motioned for two police officers
in riot gear to come to the ring along with him. Austin asked him who
his opponent would be at In Your House. McMahon said he hadn't made his
mind up yet. McMahon said Austin will know soon who his opponent will be. Austin talked about
the fact that McMahon hates him because of the way that he acts. Austin said he thinks
McMahon wants to be the WWF champion himself. Austin then said that he'll put the
WWF title on the line on this show. Austin then challenged McMahon to be the man
he faces for the title. McMahon said he wouldn't do it. Austin then said that if he didn't want the match, he had to pick a WWF official to fight him for the title.
Austin then said if he didn't choose to do that, he'd take a camera man back to McMahon's office and beat McMahon up anyway. He then gave McMahon 30 minutes to make up
his mind. Austin said McMahon can't leave because he's already beaten
up his limo driver and the limo has 4 flat tires. Austin
then left the ring with McMahon in shock.
• McMahon, along with Patterson & Brisco were then backstage. Patterson & Brisco told McMahon to get rid of Austin once and for all tonight.

• Match 1- Skull and 8-Ball w/Chainz vs. Jesus and Savio Vega of Boricuas - *Chain Match*
-D-Generation came to the ring before the match started. All 4 wrestlers were strapped to chains that were attached to the turn buckels. On the outside, D-Generation X members attacked
Chainz. Triple H delivered two pedigrees on a chair on Chainz. From there, DX
members came into the ring and attacked both Skull and 8-Ball. The two D.O.A members were
still chained to the turnbuckles. The Boricuas also helped DX attack the D.O.A members. Afterwards, Savio and Jesus appeared to be in DX after giving the crotch point. However, Chyna came up from behind them and gave them a low blow. DX members then
continued to attack Jesus and Vega, with Triple H giving Savio a pedigree.

• Backstage, Patteson and Brisco were again trying to talk McMahon into wrestling Austin in the main event for the title. However, Shane McMahon tried to convince Vince not to fight Austin.

• As Scott Taylor, Brian Christopher, Pantera, and Aguila were about to wrestle in a match, Vince
McMahon came out and had a few things to say. McMahon talked about the tradition of the WWF. He said that the current WWF champion has no integrity or honor. He then
said a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. He then said , with a "Oh Hell Yea," that
he'll fight Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWF Title later in the night. Jim Ross then said
he wouldn't let this happen. He then left the ring and tried to go backstage. At that point, the lights went out and The Undertaker's music came on. He walked into the
ring and chokeslammed Pantera & Aguila. He then executed a chokeslam
and a tombstone on Scott Taylor. Undertaker then took the microphone. He said that Kane is now the hunted, no longer the hunter.
Undertaker then challenged Kane to show his face during the night.

• Kevin Kelly was then backstage. He showed a video of Jim Ross, Brisco, Patterson, and Shane
McMahon arguing about whether Vince McMahon should wrestle Austin later in the night. McMahon told them he made his decision. He ordered Shane to get
his bag and ordered Ross to go back and commentate.

• Match 2- "Double J" Jeff Jarrett w/Tennessee Lee vs. Taka Michinoku
-Before the match, leaflets fell from the sky promoting Jarrett's concert with Sawyer Brown at In Your House. During the match, Michael Cole interviewed Steve Blackman.
Blackman said he would get Jarrett back eventually for the attack on him. As Michinoku
was distracted by Tennessee Lee, "Club Kamikaze" came into the ring and quickly attacked Michinoku.
*Winner: Michinoku by Disqualification

• Jim Ross talked with Steve Austin. Austin said he thought McMahon got bad advice, but he would settle the problems with McMahon in the ring tonight.

• Brisco, Patterson were backstage showing McMahon how to counter the Stone Cold Stunner.

• Faarooq came out to some new theme music. His ribs were taped up. Faarooq took the microphone nd said Maivia didn't put him away. He then challenged The Rock
to come down and face him. The Rock, along with the Nation of Domination came
onto the entrance way. Maivia said that he'll take out Faarooq whenever he pleases. Faarooq then gave the nation signal. At that point, Ken Shamrock & Steve
Blackman came up from behind the Nation.The Nation ran down to ringside where all 7 men began to brawl. WWF officials came down and attempted to break the melee up, which
they did after a few minutes of fighting.

• Match 3- Terry Funk and Too Cold Scorpio vs. The Quebecers
-Before the match, Terry Funk came down and took the microphone. Said he wasn't a quitter like Cactus Jack. He then introduced his new tag team partner,
who turned out to be Flash Funk, who is now known as "Too Cold Scorpio". As The Quebecers went for the cannonball, Scorpio
moved out of the way. Scorpio then executed the 480 degree "Too Cold Splash" from the top for the win
*Winners: Funk & Scorpio by Pinfall

• Luna came down to the ring and took a microphone. Luna said that she wanted to settle things right here & right now with Sable. She challenged Sable to come down to the ring.
Goldust then came onto the entrance way dressed as Sable. Luna then stripped Goldust
of his clothes. However, Sable then came down to the ring and attacked Luna. WWF officials had to come out and break up the fight between the two ladies.

• Match 4- Steve Blackman and Ken Shamrock vs. The New Midnight Express w/Severn and Cornette

-Before the match, Shamrock & Severn had a stare down with each other. This face off caused the referee to make Severn leave the ringside area. The match
ended when the referee disqualified both teams after the 4 men, who were all fighting in the ring, would not leave the ring when the referee told
them to do so. (The illegal men in the ring were told to leave, but did not do so.)
*Result: Double Disqualification

• Kevin Kelly interviewed Vince McMahon about his match later in the night. Kelly asked him if he was afraid of fighting Austin. McMahon said he's not afraid of
Ted Tuner and Time Warner and he's sure as hell isn't afraid of fighting Steve Austin.

• The Headbangers were in the ring ready for a match. However, the lights went out and The Undertaker came back down to the ring. As The Undertaker entered the
ring, The Headbangers attacked him. However, he quickly took the advantage
on them. He executed the tombstone on Thrasherand a chokeslam on Mosh.
At that point, the lights went out again and Kane along with Paul Bearer came onto
the entrance way. Bearer told Undertaker that if he wanted to fight Kane, it would be on his terms. He told Undertaker that next week on RAW, he'll face his brother. Said
he won't fight Kane in the ring, but fight him in the cemetary of his parents.

• D-Generation X came down to the ring. As they were in the ring, Owen Hart came onto the entrance way and asked which one of them was going to wrestle him tonight.
Triple H said that he asked each member of DX to write a 500 word essay of why they should beat up Owen Hart. Triple H said that Bad
Ass Billy Gunn had won by a landslide. Triple H said that Hart would face Mr. Ass
tonight. As Hart was about to step into the ring, L.O.D 2000 w/Sunny came down to the ring. The show then went to
commercial break.

• Match 5- "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn w/DX vs. Owen Hart w/LOD 2000
-Triple H & X Pac did humorous commentary throughout the match. As Hart was about to go for the sharpshooter, Chyna got on the arpon to distract Hart. Hart went
over to her, only to be knocked out of the ring by Gunn. After Gunn executed a powerslam, Gunn turned his attention away from Hart. Hart then
surprised Gunn with a role up for the victory.
*Winner: Hart by Pinfall

• Match 6- Vince McMahon w/Brisco, Patterson, and Slaugther vs. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin - WWF Title Match
Before the match, Shane McMahon made one final attempt to talk McMahon out of wrestling. However, McMahon told him to get out of the ring which he did.
Austin and McMahon had a stare down. McMahon
ensued to slap Austin in the face, w/Slaughter, Brisco, and Patterson in the ring.
McMahon then took the microphone and called upon the fact that Austin said he
could beat McMahon with on hand tied behind his back. Jerry Brisco then tied the right hand behind Austin's back. As McMahon and Austin were about
to go at it, Dude Love's music came on the air and he came out to the ring. He said that he wanted everyone to be peaceful. Dude Love then told McMahon
that Austin could whip his ass any day. McMahon then pushed him down. Love got up and said he just made the biggest mistake of his life. He
then attempted to put the mandible claw on McMahon. However, Austin came over to the scene and Dude Love then executed the mandible claw on Austin. On the outside,

McMahon was mad at Dude Love
for stealing his spotlight. Dude Love continued to attack Austin for several minutes. Love then challenged McMahon to get into the ring, but WWF officials held McMahon back. Love then went after Austin again,
attacking him on the commentating table as the show went off the air.