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WWF Raw is War Report - January 4, 1999
Hosted by Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler
Taped from Worcester, Massachusetts
Joe De Leon

• They showed a video of the history of Shawn Michaels. Vince McMahon interrupted, saying to get it off the Titan Tron. He came to the ring with Team Corporate. Vince mentioned that Michaels threatened to be at Raw is War. He said everyone anyone who layed their hands on his son Shane would be punished. When he was talking, Michaels was shown on the Titan Tron, walking into the arena. Michaels introduced D-Generation X and said he had an iron-clad contract as WWF Commissioner, so the only way he wouldn't be commissioner was if he resigned. Michaels then showed footage of McMahon drawing his number for the Royal Rumble (#30). He announced that McMahon would now be the second participant in the Royal Rumble, since he can handle every WWF superstar, except Stone Cold Steve Austin. Michaels said he had a surprise for Vince later in the show that would drive him "Stone Cold Crazy."

• Steve Blackman defeated Ken Shamrock via Pinfall in a non-title match.
- During the match, Dan Severn walked down to the ring with a neckbrace on. When Severn went on the ring apron and distracted the referee, Billy Gunn ran in and gave Ken Shamrock a Rocker-Dropper. The referee then turned around and Steve Blackman made the pin on Shamrock.

• Backstage, Billy Gunn and Shamrock got into a huge brawl.

• Mankind Interview.
- Mankind said to Pat Patterson that in a manly way, he liked grabbing Patterson's testicles a few weeks ago on Raw is War. He said he had a new hobby - kicking the McMahon's asses. Mankind then said he should be the number one contender for the Heavyweight Title. Vince McMahon came out. He told Mankind that he didn't deserve to be the number one contender. He told Mankind he hadn't paid his dues. McMahon said Mankind would get another shot at the belt, but did mention Mankind could have another shot at being a participant in the Royal Rumble by beating Triple H in a match later in the show, with Shane McMahon as the referee.

• Backstage, Chyna was shown with her friend.

• Mark Henry defeated Goldust by Disqualification.
- During the match, Chyna and her friend appeared on the stage. Mark Henry got distracted and Goldust gave him the Shattered Dreams Kick, causing a Disqualification. Chyna then came down and told Henry that she thinks she's not enough of a woman for him. She introduced Sammy, and said Henry could have both of them. Henry fainted and Chyna and Sammy picked him up.

• They showed Dennis Knight in some sort of dungeon screaming, "Somebody help me."

• Test and The Godfather (w/Ho's) went to a Double Countout.
- At the beginning of the macth, Val Venis appeared on top. Both men got counted out and Val Venis ran down and brawled with Test all the way up to the ramp.

• Triple H defeated Mankind via Pinfall.
- Shane McMahon got a quick count on Mankind after Triple H piined made the pin. Triple H said, "Business is buisness." He then kicked Shane and gave him the Pedigree. He told Mankind that Shane was all his. Mankind put Shane in an armbar and was making him scream. He told Vince he wanted a title shot later in the show or he would break Shane's arm. Vince told Mankind he would get the Heavyweight Title shot. Mankind released Shane. The Rock came out and complained that he had to wrestle the match.

• D-Lo Brown and Edge went to a No Contest.
- There were many nice maneuvers - especially from Edge. PMS made their way down to the ring. Terri Runnels climbed the steps and slipped and fell, thanks to D-Lo Brown. D-Lo looked very concerned. They came out with a stretcher. and took her out. She was crying that her stomach hurt.

• Backstage, the doctor was checking out Terri Runnels.

• Shane and Vince McMahon told the associates that they had to fight Kane for pay back. They told Kane to beat Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson. He beat them both up. Kane grabbed Shane, but McMahon told Kane he would go back to the looney bin if he didn't let go.

• The Acolytes took Knight from the dungeon and told him, "He's waiting for you."

• Jesse James deafeated Al Snow via Pinfall, to retain the Hardcore Title.
- Before the match, Al Snow placed Head on the stage and hid behind the curtain. When Jesse James came outm Al Snow attacked him. They brawled all over, breaking tables and hitting with tins and chairs. They fought back into the locker room and then outside of the arena in snow. James piledrove Snow on a pile of wooden crates and pinned him.

• They showed The Acolytes throwing Dennis Knight in some sort of smokey place and they stood there and guarded the door.

• They showed Shawn Michaels leaving to go get something. He then tried to open his car, but it was the wrong key. He then knocked on the arena door, but The Big Bossman screamed, "Hey, Shawn." They beat up Michaels. Team Corporate threw Michaels' head threw the windshield of the car. Michaels' whole face was bleeding and they rushed him into an ambulance and to the hospital.

• Mankind (w/D-Generation X) defeated The Rock (w/Team Corporate), to become the Heavyweight Champion.
- The Rock and Mankind fought on the outside of the ring. The Rock gave Mankind the Rock Bottom on the table. He also hit Mankind with the bell. Mankind kicked out of the Corporate Elbow, but Mankind kicked out. When the referees back was turned, The Rock hit Mankind with Heavyweight Title, but Mankind kicked out again. Stone Cold Steve Austin's music played, and the arena errupted. He came down and hit The Rock over the head with a steel chair. Mankind covered him, to become the new Heavyweight Champion. Mankind celebrated with D-Generation X. Team Corporate was very mad. Mankind dedicated the title to his kids and started running around the ring and the fans started "Foley" chants.