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WWF Raw is War Report
November 30th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
Live From Baltimore, Maryland

• Stone Cold Steve Austin Interview
- Raw is War was originally scheduled to start off with a match involved The Headbangers. When The Headbangers were entering the ring, Austin was shown arriving backstage, heading straight towards the ring with a shovel. He went into the ring and stunned The Insane Clown Posse and The Headbangers. Austin said he didn't want to wait until the Burried Alive Match at In Your House: Rock Bottom. He said The Undertaker would be wearing the shovel upside his head by time the night was over.

• Backstage, Stone Cold Steve Austin asked referee, Jim Korderas if he had seen The Undertaker. Korderas said he hadn't seen him, and Austin pushed him away. Austin continued to look for The Undertaker.

• The Brood (Gangrel and Edge, w/Christian) defeated The New Age Outlaws by Disqualification, to let Outlaws retain the Tag Team Titles.
- In the beginning of the match, Gangrel spat a red substance in Billy Gunn's face. Edge then gave Jesse James a heracanrana from the top rope, and then went for one on Gunn, but Gunn powerbombed Edge instead. Team Corporate appeared near the entrance-way. Ken Shamrock and The Big Bossman ran in, to the aid of The New Age Outlaws. Gunn and James left talking to Vince McMahon's associates.

• Backstage, Stone Cold Steve Austin continued to look for The Undertaker. When he turned his back and looked in a freezer room, The Undertaker pushed him in and locked the door.

• Mark Henry was shown with D-Lo Borwn, getting ready for his date with Chyna. Henry asked D-Lo to come along with him. D-Lo said he had to be confident and just go for it.

• Undertaker Interview (w/Paul Bearer).
- The Undertaker challenged Kane to a brawl right then and there. He said, "One will face the future, and one will face eternal darkness." Kane came down started to brawl with his brother. Security ran in, with nightsticks and straight jackets. Kane punched them all out and escaped through the crowd.

• Mark Henry and D-Lo Brown were shown exiting a hotel. Henry gave D-Lo a chauffeur's hat and a suit to put on, telling D-Lo he would drive the limousine. D-Lo was not very happy. Mark Henry then left to pick up Chyna.

• X-Pac Interview.
- X-Pac said if we wanted to know what was going on with The New Age Outlaws, then we would have to ask them ourselves. He asked Shawn Michaels to confront him. HBK came out, and told X-Pac there was a new sheriff in town. HBK said X-Pac looked like he wanted to fight, so he would take on Ken Shamrock later in the show for the European Title.

• Mark Henry and Chyna arrived at a restaurant. Henry escorted Chyna in. He pulled out a set of flowers for Chyna, seeing they were only $1.99.

• Backstage, the freezer door that Stone Cold Steve Austin was locked in was opened.

• Mark Henry and Chyna were shown at the restaurant. He asked the waiter to get him some water, and not tap water.

• Goldust defeated Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra McMichael) by Disqualification.
- Owen Hart did color commentary. When Goldust set up Jeff Jarrett for the Shattered Dreams Kick, Debra McMichael made her way in. Goldust got distracted, as Owen ran in and attacked him. The Blue Blazer then ran down. He first attacked Goldust but then clothes-lined Hart. He unmasked himself, revealing he was Steve Blackman.

• Backstage, The Undertaker was looking for Kane, while Stone Cold Steve Austin was looking for The Undertaker.

• Ladder Match: The Big Bossman defeated Mankind, to become the new Hardcore Champion.
- Mankind came out with The JOB Squad, but Shawn Michaels sent them all back. Michaels did color commentary during the match. Mankind hit The Big Bossman with the ladder several times. He also attempted to climb it twice, but did not succeed. Mankind tried again, but The Rock ran down and knocked him off, followed by the Rock Bottom, which let Bossman climb the ladder to become the new Hardcore Champion. Michaels, The Rock, and Bossman attacked Mankind even more after the match.

• Backstage, Paul Bearer came to The Undertaker and claimed he knew where Kane was. The Undertaker and Kane were then shown brawling in the locker room area. The Undertaker knocked out Kane and then opened up a body bag. Austin came out of a closet from behind and and broke the shovel right over The Undertaker's head.

• Duane Gill (w/Pasadena Chargers) defeated Marc Mero via Pinfal, to retain the Light Heavyweight Title.
- Before the match, Marc Mero announced if he didn't defeat Duane Gill, he would retire from professional wrestling. Gill came out with The Pasadena Chargers. As Marc Mero went for Marvelocity, The Blue Meanie appeared and pushed him off the rope. Gill then covered Mero, who was now officialy retired.

• Backstage, Paul Bearer sent for security.

• Mark Henry read Chyna a poem in the restaurant. He also asked her if she wanted to dance after dinner. She shrugged her shoulders, as if she didn't care.

• X-Pac defeated Ken Shamrock by Disqualification, to retain the European Title.
- Once again, Shawn Michaels joined in for color commentary. During the match, backstage, The McMahon's and their associates were shown talking to The New Age Outlaws, attempting to recruit them. When X-Pac executed the X-Factor, Michaels pulled out the referee, while Shamrock stapped X-Pac in the Ankle Lock. A returning Hunter Hearst Helmsley then ran down to make the save.

• Backstage, Paul Bearer's men took Kane away in a body bag.

• Mark Henry and Chyna were shown at the bar near the dance floor. Henry wanted to dance, but Chyna did not want to. Henry said he needed to use the restroom and would be back shortly. Three men walked in, asking Chyna if she wanted to dance. Chyna said, "Get lost." The guy said, "Do I make you horny, baby?" Chyna responded, "I'll tell you one more time - get lost!" The guy then said, "Get up, bitch and dance." Chyna knocked the guy out, and Henry joined in. Henry and Chyna left the bar together.

• Val Venis (w/The Godfather and ho's) defeated Tiger Ali Singh (w/Babu) by Disqualification.
- The ho's distracted Babu. Terri Runnels and Jacqueline ran in. Jackie distracted The Godfather, while Terri gave Val Venis a low-blow. The Accalites (Faarooq and Bradshaw) then came out and attacked Tiger Ali Singh and Babu.

• Outside of the arena, an ambulance drove away. Paul Bearer walked back into the arena, thinking Kane was in the ambulance, but then Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kane were shown watching a monitor together.

• Shane McMahon Interview.
- Shane McMahon said Sable would be nothing without Vince McMahon, and would been an advertising woman if it weren't for his dad. Shane then introduced Sable, who advertised WWF's new cologne. He told her to spray it on his hand. As he smelt it, Sable sprayed the cologne in his face. Sable walked off.

• The Rock defeated Al Snow via Pinfall, to retain the Heavyweight Title.
- The Rock took Al Snow to the outside and they started brawling with him. Snow attempted a moonsault off the guard barrier but missed. Snow brought The Rock back in the ring. Snow went for a clothes-line on The Rock, but accidently hit the referee instead. The Rock then took the advantage and delivered the Rock Bottom, and gave the Corporate Elbow to Head. Snow then took Head and hit The Rock with it. The Big Bossman and Ken Shamrock ran down. As Snow was distracted by the Team Corporate members, The Rock hit Snow with the Head to make the pinfall. Mankind and JOB Squad came out and brawled with Team Corporate.

• Backstage, Paul Bearer couldn't find The Undertaker. Stone Cold Steve Austin appeared, and told Bearer to look in the freezer, where Kane popped out. Austin and Kane then brought Paul Bearer down to the ring. He asked Bearer how he felt now that he sent The Undertaker to the assylum. Austin said The Undertaker and Bearer did the wrong thing by trying to embalm him. He pulled out scissors and was set to stab Bearer, but had a better idea. Kane and Austin brought Bearer to the backstage area and then to the otuside othe arena. Kane and Austin opened up a sewer lid, and stuff Bearer in there head-first. The sewer lid was then sealed.