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WWF Raw is War Report
November 23rd 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
Taped from Columbus, Ohio

• Vince and Shane McMahon Interview.
-Vince McMahon told the fans he had nothing to do with The Undertaker's attack on Stone Cold Steve Austin the previous week on Raw is War, and that he supposedly did everything for the fans. He then introduced Shawn Michaels as the new WWF Commissoiner, and said Michaels would have control over every superstar, except for Austin. Michaels said he was honored to be the new commissioner. He asked McMahon if he could book his first match; McMahon said it was alright. HBK announced a Rock vs. X-Pac Heavyweight Title match for later in the show. The McMahon's had shocked looks on their faces.

• Backstage, The Insane Clown Posse said they were not ready to take on The Headbangers, and for The Odditties to take their place.

• Kurrgan and Golga (w/Luna, Giant Silva, and Insane Clown Posse) defeated The Headbangers by Disqualification
-As both teams were fighting, ICP ran in and shot spray paint in Kurrgan and Golga's eyes. They then cut Luna's hair off. Mosh took the microphone and said, "There's no right way, there's no wrong way - just The Headbanger way." ICP left with The Headbangers.

• Steve Blackman defeated The Blue Blazer with the Lethal Kick.
-Steve Blackman used a lot of martial art techniques, and also choked the Blue Blazer with his own cape. Blazer covered his face several times in the match. Blazer had the Sharpshooter going, but Blackman grabbed the ropes. Blackman then executed the Lethal Kick, to take the win. Following the match, Blackman tried to unmask Blazer, but Owen Hart ran in and made the save.

• Highlights were shown of Stone Cold Steve Austin's blackout the day before at an event in San Jose, California. We would get a word with Austin later in the show.

• Backstage, we saw Shawn Michaels talking to Vince McMahon. You could not hear what they were saying, but it was obvious McMahon was not pleased with what Michaels was saying.

• The Brood (Gangrel and Edge, w/Christian) defeated Mark Henry and D-Lo Brown via Pinfall.
-Edge and Gangrel did some double-teaming in the begining, but soon D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry took control. Henry used a lot of powerslam moves on Edge. D-Lo went for a cannonball from the top rope, but missed. Soon, all four men got in the ring, with Edge and D-Lo eventually making their ways to the outside of the ring. Chyna appeared near the entrance-way, and distracted Henry, while Gangrel rolled him up for the pin. Chyna then announced she would go out with Henry on a date.

• Backstage, Shawn Michaels had discussions with X-Pac and The New Age Outlaws.

• Stone Cold Steve Austin was shown in the hospital. Doctors told austin to get some rest, and take some medication the nurse gave him. Austin said he may take a couple of weeks off.

• Goldust and Marc Mero went to a No-Contest.
-Jim Ross was saying that both Marc Mero and Goldust both haven't had the best of luck with women. As the match went on, Terri Runnels came down, followed by Jacqueline. Goldust set up Mero for the Shattered Dreams Kick. While Terri distracted the referee, Jackie came in and low-blowed Goldust. Terri gave Mero the Shattered Dreams Kick. Both women gave each other a high-five and left.

• Stone Cold Steve Austin was once again shown in the hospital. The nurse asked him for his autograph and then told him toget some rest.

• Mankind defeated The Big Bossman and Ken Shamrock via Pinfall, to retain the Hardcore Title.
-They started to brawl on the outside on the ramp, where Mankind gave Ken Shamrock a suplex on the steel. The Big Bossman then brought Mankind back into the ring, and began to choke him with the nightstick. Vince and Shane McMahon appeared near the entrance-way. Mankind took a broom and broke it over Shamrock's back. Shamrock held Mankind for Bossman to hit him with a chair, but Mankind ducked, and Bossman ended up hitting Shamrock. Mankind followed up with a double-arm DDT on the chair to Bossman. Mankind and Shamrock went to the outside of the ring, where Mankind put Mr. Socko down Shamrock's throat and threw Bossman back in the ring. The J.O.B. Squad interfered. As Scorpio distracted the referee, Al Snow came in and hit Shamrock with Head, to let Mankind make the pin.

• A hearse was shown in the parking lot of the hospital Stone Cold Steve Austin was being treated at. The Undertaker and Paul Bearer then started to attack Austin. The Undertaker sufficated Austin with a pillow, until he passed out. After returning from a commercial break, The Undertaker and Bearer placed Austin in the hearse, and drove away.

• Duane Gill defeated Christian (w/Gangrel and Edge), to become the new Light Heavyweight Champion.
-Christian dominated Duane Gill. The J.O.B. interfered, as Christian went for the pin. Snow distracted the referee, while Scorpio came off the top rope with a leg drop. Scorpio placed Gill's arm on Christian. The referee turned aound and Gill made the pin. Following the match, as Gill walked back with J.O.B. Squad members, Michaels Cole got a few words with him. Gill said it was the greatest moment of his life.

• The Undertaker and Paul Bearer pulled up to a cemetary. The Undertaker started to dig a grave for Austin to lay in. Austin woke up and started to choke Paul Bearer, but The Undertaker caught Austin and choked him, until he passed out. The Undertaker said he would embalm Austin instead. They drove away.

• Tiger Ali Singh (w/Babu) and The Godfather (w/ho's) went to a No-Contest.
-The Godfather offered Tiger Ali Singh the ho's, but Stephen Regal came out and told Singh not to trust The Godfather. Tiger and Regal started to attack The Godfather, until Val Venis surprisingly made the save.

• Backstage, Shawn Michaels The Rock, and Vince and Shane McMahon were all arguing about the match between The Rock and X-Pac, that would take place later in the show. HBK then started to talk to referee, Earl Hebner.

• The J.O.B. Squad (Scorpio and Bob Holly, w/Al Snow and Duane Gill) defeated The New Age Outlaws via Pinfall, to retain the Tag Team Titles.
-Al Snow and Duane Gill were at ringside. While Scorpio and Billy Gunn were battling, Mankind ran out (while the referee was distracted) and hit Gunn with a leaf blower Scorpio then made the pin, to let The J.O.B. Squad take the victory. The Big Bossman and Ken Shamrock ran-in, and started to attack The J.O.B. Squad and Mankind. Vince McMahon's associates came down, and started to talk with The New Age Outlaws as they made their ways back to the locker room.

• The Undertaker and Paul Bearer were shown driving into the funeral home. The Undertaker put Stone Cold Steve Austin on an embalming table. He told Austin that it was all Austin's fault, and that he crossed the line. The Undertaker was about to stab Austin, but Kane ran in the room and started to attack The Undertaker and Bearer. Bearer tried to stab Austin with scissors, but Austin woke up, pushed Bearer away, and left the room.

• The Rock defeated X-Pac with the Corporate Elbow, to retain the Heavyweight Title.
-Once The Rock and X-Pac both came out, Shawn Michaels came out, and sent The New Age Outlaws, The Big Bossman, and Ken Shamrock back to the locker room. The match went back-and-forth between both men. Vince and Shane McMahon appeared near the entrance-way. X-Pac was able to execute The X-Factor, but The Rock amazingly kicked out. The Rock went to get a chair, but Michaels took it away from him, and hit X-Pac with it himself. The Rock nailed the Corporate Elbow, to take the win, and to retain the Heavyweight Title. The New Age Outlaws ran in, but Shamrock and Bossman also ran in to take care of them. Near the entrance-way, Vince, Shane, The Rock, and Michaels all gave crotch chops.