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WWF Raw is War Report
November 16th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
Live From Lexington, Kentucky

• Vince McMahon Interview
-Vince and Shane McMahon made their ways out, along with Gerald Brisco, Pat Patterson, Commissioner Slaughter, and The Big Bossman. Vince said a damn fool was a person that doesn't kiss the boss' ass. He introduced The Rock, and as The Rock made his way out, the fans chanted, "Rocky Sucks." The Rock said that his phone was ringing off the hook the last day, and people were asking him why he sold out. He said all of the fans were pieces of trailor park trash, saying we work everyday from 9:00am-5:00pm on minimum wage. The Rock was talking about how he never forgot how the fans chanted, "Rocky Sucks" and "Die Rocky Die." He said he plans on layin' the smack down on us, with the most devastating move - The Corparete Elbow. He said he would rather kiss Vince's ass than the fans'. Vince directed our attention to the Titan Tron, to show us footage from Survivor Series. Stone Cold Steve Austin was shown on the screen instead, entering the building. Austin was taken off the screen, and the McMahon's and The Rock recapped the master plan they built. Austin came down to the ring. Austin had positive feedback from the fans that The Rock was a sell-out. He pulled out a contract that stated he would get a Heavyweight Title shot against The Rock later in the night, and even had Shane McMahon's words on the Titan Tron, that said, "Austin would get a title shot the day after Survivor Series." Vince and Shane said Austin already had his shot, but Judge Mills Lane appeared on the screen, saying that on November 2, Shane McMahon signed a contract that would let Austin get a title shot on Raw is War.

• The New Age Outlaws and X-Pac defeated The Oditties (w/Insane Clown Posse and Luna).
-The Insane Clown Posse returned with The Odditties. The Oddities were doing very well in the match. When Golga was on the mat, Shaggy 2 Dope came off the top-rope with a an elbow, and it didn't seem accidental. Billy Gunn then covered Golga, to let D-Generation X take the win. As Jesse James made his way back, he was attacked by The Headbangers. Mosh and Thrasher quickly left before X-Pac and Billy Gunn could get ahold of them.

• Backstage, Mankind entered the arena and went straight to the boiler room.

• Backstage, Vince McMahon told Pat Patterson to go get Mankind, and for The Big Bossman to stick with him.

• Ken Shamrock Interview.
-Ken Shamrock basically said he was very disappointed about the 16-Man Heavyweight Title Tournament at Survivor Series and challenged The Big Bossman to a match.

• Val Venis defeated Mark Henry (w/D-Lo Brown) via Pinfall.
-During the match, while Mark Henry was in control, Chyna appeared near the entrance-way. Her faced was changed in shape, since she just received jaw-line surgery. Mark Henry was distracted by Chyna, and Venis then rolled him up to take the win. Following the match, Henry asked Chyna to go out with him on a nice dinner, and then read a poem to her.

• Backstage, Pat Patterson returned and said he couldn't find Mankind. Vince McMahon started to make fun of Patterson, saying he couldn't even find his behind.

• Goldust and Steve Blackman defeated Jeff Jarrett and The Blue Blazer (w/Debra McMichael) with Blackman's Lethal Kick.
-After Blackman pinned The Blue Blazer with the Lethal Kick, he was about to unmask him, but Jarrett attacked Blackman from behind. Owen Hart ran-in and joined in on the beating.

• Backstage, Gerald Brisco returned saying he heard weird noises when searching for Mankind, and didn't go in there. Commissioner Slaughter said Brisco couldn't do anything, so he went to go do it on his own. Vince McMahon started to talk with The Rock about the upcoming Heavyweight Title match with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

• Backstage, Comissioner Slaugher said he couldn't find Mankind, so Vince McMahon sent all three of his associates.

• The Godfather(w/Ho's) and Stephan Regal went to a No-Contst.
-The Godfather offered Stephen Real the fight your or ho deal. The ho's showed off their behinds. Stephen Real said he would take the braud. While Regal walked out, The Godfather said, "England is nothing but full of fags." Regal took acception and ran and brawled with The Godfather.

• Outside of the arena, Kane attacked the technicians

• Backstage, Vince McMahon was giving The Big Bossman advice about hsi upcoming match with Ken Shamrock.

• Ken Shamrock and The Big Bossman went to a No-Contest, to let Shamrock retain the Intercontinental Title.
-The moment The Big Bossman ran-in, Shamrock started stomping on him. Shamrock took the nightstick and tried to use it on Bossman, but the referee cophiscated the object. Both man were beating on each other and refused to stop, so the referee called for the bell. It took many officials to brake them apart. Vince McMahon came out and asked what they were doing. He told Shamrock there are a lot alike, saying they both worked their ways to the top without any help or family. He told Shamrock to come home. Shamrock and Vince shook hands. McMahon also had Bossman join in on the handshake.

• Backstage, fans asked Kane for autographs. Kane chokeslammed a fan into the wall. Police got involved.

• Edge and Christian (The Brood, w/Christian) defeated LOD 2000 via Count-Out.
-LOD 2000 started off with a double-team on Gangrel. Hawk appeared near the entrance-way, and began to climb the Titan Tron all the way to the top. Animal and Droz went to go stop Hawk and got counted out. Hawk was threatening to jump. Droz and Animal tried to tell him to come down. Paul Ellering came out and told Hawk that they all cared about him. Droz climbed up to help Hawk, but Hawk jumped back.

• Backstage, Hawk was placed in an ambulance and taken to the hospital.

• Sable Interview - (Conducted by Michael Cole).
-Sable said that Survivor Series was her greatest accomplishment ever, and dedicated the Women's Title to the fans. Shane McMahon came out and said that the fans didn't make Sable - Vince McMahon did. She said that she got where she was at because she worked really hard. She cut down Shane, saying the only way he could get women was by buying them, and she wasn't for sale.

• In the boiler room, Mankind totally demolished Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco, and Commissioner Slaugther, who were waring football gear.

• Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated The Rock by Disqualification, to let The Rock retain the Heavyweight Title.
-Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, The Big Bossman, and Ken Shamrock were introduced to the ring. Vince said he was not too happy about the match. He said Survivor Series should have been Austin's last Heavyweight TItle shot. It would be the last chance for Austin, according to Vince. Vince gave his respective introduction to The Rock, followed by Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin wasted no time running into the ring and beating down The Rock. The Rock got out quickly and tried to go to the back, until Austin hit him with a clothes-line. Austin got thrown into the crowd and he and The Rock started brawling through there. The Rock used cable wires to choke out Austin. Austin fought back with punches and kicks, and then tried to piledrive The Rock, but was reversed and backflipped onto the padding. The Rock then threw Austin back into the ring, where The Rock hit the Corparate Elbow. The Rock hooked Austin in a chin-lock. Mankind ran down, and went straight for Vince McMahon, but was held off by The Big Bossman and Shamrock. Austin got out of the chin-lock, and countered with the Stone Cold Stunner. As he attempted to make the pin, Shamrock pulled the referee out of the ring. The Undertaker ran in and struck Austin with a shovel for no apparent reason. The Undertaker wanted to take another shot at Austin, but Paul Bearer wouldn't let him. The show went off the air, with McMahon and The Rock heading back to the locker room with the Heavyweight Title.