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WWF Raw is War Report
November 9th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
Taped from Dallas, Texas

• X-Pac and The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) went to a No-Contest.
-X-Pac took control of the match in the beginning until the lights went out. Kane made his way down to the ring. Kane shot fire out of his hand right into X-Pac's face. Kane chased his brother back to the locker room.

• Backstage, X-Pac received medical attention.

• Backstage, Vince McMahon told Mankind that he would defend the Hardcore Title against Ken Shamrock later in the show. McMahon said to Mankind, "There's more titles where that came from."

• Val Venis defeated Steve Blackman by Disqualification.
-Before the match, Val Venis sent Terri Runnels back to the locker room. Steve Blackman was in control of the match, because of a ton of martial arts maneuvers. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler had a debate of who could be the father of Terri's baby if it wasn't Venis'. When Venis took control, Terri came back into the ring and gave him a low-blow from behind. Owen Hart and The Blue Blazer ran-in and attacked Blackman.

• Backstage, thanks to Vince McMahon, Mankind got a haircut and received a makeover to look better.

• Mosh (w/Thrasher) defeated Jesse James (w/Billy Gunn) and D-Lo Brown (w/Mark Henry) in a Triple Threat Match.
-Shane McMahon refereed the match. There were many nearfalls. Mosh went for a splash but missed, and D-Lo carried out the same maneuver and missed. D-Lo hit the Sky High on Jesse James, but when D-Lo turned around, Mosh nailed him with the Stage Dive for the win

• Backstage, Mankind got his toe nails done. He said, "Socko use to live on that foot." He said the fans couldn't make up for Mr. Socko - it wasn't that easy.

• Goldust defeated Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra McMichael) by Disqualification.
-Before the match, Terri Runnels followed Goldust out. Goldust said to Terri, "You really want me back? Tonight will be the last night you ever remember the name Goldust. Get the hell out of my life." In the match, Goldust set up Jeff Jarrett on the ropes for the Shattered Dreams Kick. However, Debra McMichael distracted Goldust; Goldust kissed her. When he turned around, Jarrett nailed him with a guitar.

• Backstage, The Rock entered the arena. Michael Cole then interviewed The Rock. He said that nobody could boss or corss him. During the interview, Goldust brutally attacked Jeff Jarrett. The Blue Blazer got involved, as he attacked Goldust and left.

• Falls Count Anywhere, No Holds Barred: Mankind defeated Ken Shamrock via Pinfall, to retain the WWF Hardcore Title.
-Mankind came down with his beard shaved, a clean hair cut, and a new tuxedo. Mankind and Ken Sharock brawled in and out of the ring, using bells, shoes, chairs, and the commentators table to their advantage. Outside of the ring, Mankind put the Mandible Claw onto Shamrock, until Shamrock got out of it with a belly-to-belly suplex. Both headed over the steel rampway, where The Big Boss Man nailed Shamrock with his baton. Mankind then pinnned Shamrock right on the ramp, to take the win.

• Backstage, paramedics ran into The Rock's locker room.

• Stone Cold Steve Austin Interview.
-Stone Cold Steve Austin said since he was reinstated by Shane McMahon, it's been much easier on him. The Big Boss Man appeared and said to Austin that Vince McMahon is paying him a lot of money, and at Survivor Series, Austin would pay hard time. Austin said he didn't care what McMahon said, but he'll beat Boss Man's ass for free.

• Backstage, Vince McMahon said he didn't care if The Rock was attacked. It wasn't his fault The Rock couldn't watch his back.

• Tiger Ali Singh defeated Al Snow with a Bulldog.
-Tiger Ali Singh had Babu fight Al Snow at first. Babu wrestled the match, until Debra McMichael came down and distracted Snow and Head. Singh then got involved in the match, as he Bulldogged Snow, and secured the pin. Afterward, Snow was yelling at Head.

• Backstage, Michael Cole said that he heard Vince McMahon ordered The Big Boss Man to go into The Rock's locker room.

• Kane defeated Edge (w/Christian and Gangrel) by Disqualification.
-We forgot to note last week that Edge, Christian, and Gangrel are known as The Brood. Kane brought down a bottle of gasoline and a blow torch to the ring. The match went on, with Kane dominating Edge. Gangrel and Christian soon got involved, causing Edge to get disqualified. Kane fought back and chokeslammed all of The Brood. While they were flat on the mat, Kane went and got the gasoline. The referee tried to stop him but was also chokeslammed. Kane made a pile, and poored gasoline all over The Brood. More officials came down, and The Brood had time to escape. Kane exited through the crowd and chokeslammed a fan.

• Vince McMahon came out with his associates, and ordered The Rock to get out to the ring immediately. McMahon made fun of The Dallas Cowboys and The Rock. Shane McMahon then came down. Shane was saying that his dad is taking his fustrations out on the wrong people, and should just take it out on him (like he always did). McMahon told Shane to get out, but Shane wouldn't go. Vince had The Big Boss Man go after Shane, until Stone Cold Steve Austin made the save.

• The Rock defeated Mark Henrey (w/D-Lo Brown) with the People's Elbow, to earn his spot in the 16-Man Heavyweight Title Tournament and Number-One Contender spot for the Heavyweight Title.
-Vince McMahon thought very confidently that The Rock would no-show. Even though it took two introductions, The Rock showed up. During the match, while the referee's back was turned, D-Lo Brown took a couple of cheapshots at The Rock. While The Rock was near the corner, The Big Boss Man tried to handcuff him to the turnbuckle, but reversed it, and cuffed the Boss Man to it. He then put the Rock Bottom on Henry, and then the People's Elbow. The referee was knocked out by D-Lo Brown, so no one could make the pin, until Shane McMahon ran down, and counted the pin, for The Rock to take the win. The Rock was officially back in the 16-Man Heavyweight Title Tournament and was number-one contender for the Heavyweight TItle. The Rock then went after Vince McMahon and his associates. After The Rock got rid of McMahon's associates, it was only he and McMahon. McMahon slapped The Rock, but The Rock countered with the Rock Bottom and the People's Elbow.