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WWF Raw is War Report
November 2nd 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
Live from Houston, Texas

• Shane McMahon Interview.
-A steel cage was hanging down from the cieling. Shane McMahon, as chairman of WWF, announced Stone Cold Steve Austin would get a Heavyweight Title shot on the 9/16 Raw is War (the day after Survivor Series), against the winner of the 16-Man Heavyweight Tournament. As Stone Cold Steve Austin made his way down, with an introduction from Shane, Vince McMahon arrived in the arena in his limousine. He was wheelchaired by his associates to the entrance way, along with The Big Boss Man. Vince said the speculation of him quitting the WWF was complete b.s. Vince asked Austin, Shane, and the crowd if they would like to see him to quit or die. All agreed, but Vince said the only way he would quit was if he died. He said he didn't want anyone at his funeral when he died, and wanted to go straight to hell. Vince, right then-and-there, fired his son. Vince said the only way his son would get back in the WWF, was if he came back as a referee, and if he failed as that, he would be demoted to a ring crew member. Vince said Shane wasn't like him, but like his mother. Vince announced Austin would instead get his title shot at the Survivor Series in the 16-Man Heavyweight Tournament, and his first-round opponent would be The Big Boss Man. Vince finished things off by telling the crowd they were assholes.

• Footage was shown of what happened during the commercial break. Vince McMahon was at the commentating booth, and told Jim Ross and Jerry Lawyer to get their butts straight, because he's the one who signs the paychecks. He announced someone would be paying "hard time" in the steel cage later in the show.

• The New Age Outlaws and X-Pac vs. Gangrel, Edge, and Christian resulted in a No Contest.
-All six men began to brawl, while Kane made a surprise appearance. Kane entered the ring, and destroyed everyone with Choke Slams, except for Gangrel and Jesse James, who were brawling outside of the ring.

• A pre-recorded, backstage interview was shown where Michael Cole interviewed Vince McMahon, along with The Big Boss Man. McMahon had The Big Boss Man strangle Cole, and said that was how he felt the week before on Raw is War, when Cole was concerned of his condition.

• Hawk and Droz went to a No Cotnest.
-After Sunday Night Heat, Hawk said he would beat the puke out of Droz, but Hawk was too drunk to wrestle. Animal made his way down. Referees tried to put the match to a stop, but Droz just kept beating on Hawk. Animal yelled right at Hawk, and said he was a drunk. Animal and Droz walked back together.

• Pre-recorded, backstage footage was shown of Vince McMahon getting onto Jim Cornette. Cornette was apparently in Vince and Big Boss Man's pathway. McMahon told Cornette to stop wearing such ridiculous clothes, and to get out of 80's wrestling. Cornette, scared, said, "okay," and took off.

• Backsage, Michael Cole interviewed Al Snow and Mankind. Snow and Mankind argued whether The Head or Socko was better.

• Golga and Kurrgan (w/Giant Silva and Luna) defeated Mankind and Al Snow with Golga's Vertical Splash.
-Before the match, ZZ Top was shown in the crowd. At one point, Mankind misplaced Socko and headed back to the locker room to retrieve it. In the ring, Golga finished off Al Snow with the Veritcal Splash.

• Backstage, Vince McMahon tried to throw Shaquille O'Neal out of the arena, because Shaq apparently did not have a backstage pass. Jim Ross said McMahon also got into a confrontation with Howard Finkel during The Oddities vs. Mankind and Al Snow match.

• Backstage, Mankind was looking for Mr. Socko. He asked for Shaq's help, and said he would go ask Vince McMahon.

• Stephen Regal and Goldust went to a No Contest.
-At first, Stephen Regal challenged any man to come out and face him. Goldust made his way out to take the match. Marlena made her way out, wearing a golden dress and holding a cigar. As Goldust was set to take away Regal's mandhood, Kane made his way down. Kane chokeslammed Regal and Goldust. He was about to chokeslam Marlena, but officials put him to a stop. Kane, instead, chokeslammed an official.

• Backstage, Vince McMahon gave Mankind the Hardcore Title, so Mankind would not interfere in the Ken Shamrock vs. The Rock Internetcontinental Title match. Mankind said he wouldn't interfere. McMahon said even though he lost his son, he could consider Mankind one of his. Mankind said, "Gee, thanks, dad." McMahon stop his wheel chair, rolled his eyes, and left.

• Pre-recorded, backstage footage was shown of Vince McMahon secretly talking to Ken Shamrock. McMahon told the camera to get out of the way.

• The Rock defeated Ken Shamrock by Disqualification, to let Shamrock retain the WWF Intercontinental Title.
-Before the match, Vince McMahon appeared. He said since he had a grudge with the fans, he had a grudge with The Rock. McMahon added a stipulation to the match where if The Rock didn't defeat Ken Shamrock for the Intercontinental Title, then he would be kicked out of the Survivor Series 16-Man Heavyweight Title Tournament. McMahon remained by the entrance-way during the match, along with Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco, Commissionser Slaughter, and The Big Boss Man. At one point during the match, the referee was accidently knocked out. Shamrock went for a chair, but missed. Rock hit the People's Elbow but the referee couldn't make the pin. Shamrock then used the chair on The Rock, and was disqualified. McMahon announced Rock wouldn't go onto the 16-Man Heavyweight Title Tournament at Survivor Series since he didn't beat Shamrock for the Intercontinental Title. McMahon called The Rock the "People's Chump."

• Backstage, The Rock was trashing his locker room.

• Val Venis defeated Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra McMichael) by Disqualification.
-Jim Ross said that Val Venis was telling his friends he was not the father of Terri Runnels' baby. As the match went on, The Blue Blazer ran down, and knocked Venis off the rope. Ross said Blazer had to be Owen Hart, since he walks like Owen Hart.

• Backstage, police arrived for an unknown reason. When returning from a commercial break, Vince McMahon wanted The Rock arrested.

• The Headbangers vs. D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry went to a No Contest.
-The Headbangers were dressed as The New Age Outlaws in a funny way. Thrasher was favoring a knee injury. As the match went on, Kane made his way in, and took out eveyrone. The winner of the tag team match was scheduled to get a shot at the Tag Team Titles at the Survivor Series, but the match will apparently be delayed.

• Backstage, The Rock was arrested. He was taking inside a police car, with McMahon taunting him.

• Owen Hart Interview.
-Owen Hart (himself) once again apologized for injuring Dan Severn. Jim Ross kept saying Hart was The Blue Blazer. Hart called out Severn, politely, and Severn was on his way. Severn asked Hart who was he kidding by wearing The Blue Blazer attire, but Hart said it wasn't him. Severn said he wasn't there for an apology, but to tell Hart he was nothing but scum. Hart clothes-lined Severn. Steve Blackman came into the aid of Severn, while Hart made his way back.

• Backstage, Dan Severn was stretchered in an ambulance, and taken to a hospital. Blackman spooted Owen Hart, and began to attack him. Surprisingly, The Blue Blazer appeared - obviously not Owen Hart attacked Blackman.

• Vince McMahon made his way out, along with Gerald Brisco, Pat Patterson, Commissioner Slaughter, and The Big Boss Man. McMahon said if he had his way, he would make all the fans in the arena get in the steel cage to pay hard time. McMahon was brought down to the ringside area. He told The Big Boss Man and his stooges to check out the structure of the cage. The Big Boss Man trapped McMahon's stooges inside the cage, and began to take apart each and every one of them. The reason for this was because McMahon's stooges left him in the locker room alone when Austin took him hostage. Stone Cold Steve Austin made his way in to make the save for McMahon's stooges. As he began to attack The Big Boss Man, Patterson surprisingly hit him with the baton. Shane McMahon made his way in, but Vince spared him. Shane flicked off his dad. The Undertaker and Paul Bearer made their ways in. The Undertaker and Austin began to fight inside the steel cage. Kane came down, and set the cage on fire. Kane, Austin, and The Undertaker all began to brawl inside the cage as the show went off the air. McMahon and The Big Boss Man just looked on.