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WWF Raw is War Report
October 26th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
Taped from Madison, Wisconsin

• Pre-recorded footage was shown of Stone Cold Stee Austin arriving in the arena.

• Vince McMahon Interview.
-Vince McMahon was with The Big Boss Man, Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco, Commissoner Slaughter, and a ton of lawyers. McMahon took notice that Stone Cold Steve Austin was in the arena. McMahon said he held Austin, the fans, and his associates responsible for Austin's attack the previous week on Raw is War. McMahon said the papers Austin handed him were legal documents. McMahon introduced his lawyers, and said he would fight Austin in court. Austin appeared on the Titan Tron, and basically showed he wasn't scared of McMahon.

• X-Pac and Steve Blackman went to a No-Contest, to let X-Pac retain the European Title.
-Backstage, Vince McMahon told his lawyers he wanted Stone Cold Steve Austin's document broken. In the match, Steve Blackman clothes-lined X-Pac on the outside of the ring. As X-Pac was recovering, Steven Regal ran down, and began to attack X-Pac. The New Age Outlaws came down to make the save. Regal was held back by several officials.

• Vince McMahon continued to talk to his lawyers over the legal document -- in a conference room. This time, McMahon was more aggressive when speaking.

• Backstage, Michael Cole announced we would get a word with Stone Cold Steve Austin later in the show.

• The Rock defeated Darren Drozdov (w/Animal and Hawk) with the People's Elbow.
-After Darren Drozdov missed a clothes-line, The Rock hit the Rock Bottom, followed by the People's Elbow, to take the win. It should be noted that Hawk inadverently distracted the referee during the match, which let The Rock take advantage of the situation, and nail Drozdov with a low-blow. Following the match, Hawk went to go check-up on Droz, but was then left in the ring alone, after Animal and Droz left.

• Backstage, Michael Cole asked Stone Cold Steve Austin what was inside the legal document he gave Vince McMahon. Austin talked to someone in the background, and said "we" would have a statement later in the show.

• Backstage, two of Vince McMahon's lawyers walked out of the conference room, and said McMahon just didn't get it.

• Motley Crue performed, with D-Generation X members, Jesse James, Billy Gunn, and X-Pac dancing along. A fan tried to jump in, but was immediately thrown out.

• Backstage, Vince McMahon was arguing with his lawyers over the legal document. We heard the words "contract" in the argument.

• Kane defeated Gangrel (w/Christian) with the Choke Slam.
-After Kane took the match with the Choke Slam, Gangrel and Christian began to attack him. Kane got right back up from the attack, and in came Edge. Edge helped Gangrel and Christian attack Kane, proving he had turned to Gangrel. Kane got back up again, and Gangrel, Edge, and Christian left through the crowd together.

• Backstage, Michael Cole said he spoke to Shane McMahon, and said Shane announced the McMahon family would have a statement later in the show.

• Stone Cold Steve Austin Interview.
-Stone Cold Steve Austin mentioned he did exactly what he said he would do to Vince McMahon the previous week on Raw is War. Austin pulled out a brand-new contract he received from the WWF, and announced he was back. The contract guaranteed he would get at least one title shot. Vince McMahon appeared by the entrance-way, with his associates and The Big Bossman. McMahon said his lawyers couldn't do anything about the contract, but announced Austin would take on Ken Shamrock in an "I Quit" (submission) match later in the show. Shane McMahon made his way into the ring, with his dad, Vince, telling him to "get back over here." Shane said he doesn't listen to his dad anymore. Shane said what his dad to Austin was wrong. Shane announced he was the one that re-hired Austin. Shane said after 28 years, he finally got his dad's attention. Shane said he was tired of his dad's ego, and said Vince never cared about him. Shane continued to discuss some family problems he had with his father, as Vince was in tears. Shane said he was a man, no longer a boy, and proud of who he has become.

• Backstage, Shane McMahon walked out of the arena. Stone Cold Steve Austin showed his appreciation to Shane by throwing him a beer.

• Tiger Ali Singh (w/Babu) and The Godfather went to a No-Contest.
-The Godfather was without the assistance of his ho's, and said Tiger Ali Singh wouldn't get any. The match turned out to be very slow, and nothing but a brawl. The Godfather began to hit Singh with several punches, and the referee all of a sudden called for the bell. The Godfather and Singh continued to brawl, with officials holding them back. Babu was hit purposely by both The Godfather and Singh (the way he treats Babu) during the match.

• Backstage, Michael Cole asked Vince McMahon how he felt. McMahon basically had no response and was very sad.

• Kaientai (w/Yamaguchi San) defeated Golga, Kurrgan, Giant Silva, and The Insane Clown Posse (w/Luna) by Disqualification.
-The Insane Clown Posse worked on Sho Funaki throughout the match. Violent J, out of no-where, threw down the referee. The Oddities and The Insane Clown Posse were disqualified, giving Kaientai the win. The Oddities were not to pleased with what ICP did.

• Backstage, Vince McMahon left the arena. The associates told McMahon they were sure Stone Cold Steve Austin would lose the "I Quit" match later in the show.

• Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed Ken Shamrock. Shamrock basically said Stone Cold Steve Austin would go down.

• Marc Mero (w/Jacqueline) defeated Goldust by Disqualification.
-At one point during the match, Marc Mero got a low-blow on Goldust, after Jacqueline distracted the referee. After Goldust prompted Marc Mero on the turnbuckle, Jackie got in his face. Goldust kissed Jackie, and this kicked Mero in the groin. Goldust was disqualified, giving Mero the victory. Following the match, Sable made her way out. Sable challenged Jackie to a Women's Title match for Survivor Series.

• Backstage, Mankind and Al Snow did an interview, along with Michael Cole. Snow and Mankind argued over who was better (Head or Mr. Socko).

• The New Age Outlaws defeated Mankind and Al Snow via Pinfall, to retain the Tag Team Titles.
-Al Snow and Mankind couldn't decide whether The Head or Mr. Socko would finish off the match. Jesse James rolled-up Al Snow from behind, scoring the pin, letting The New Age Outlaws retain the Tag Team Titles. Afterwards, Mark Henry and D-Lo Brown attacked Jesse James and Billy Gunn. On the outside of the ring, Mankind had The Head, while Al Snow had Mr. Socko. Both made a quick trade, and left the ring.

• Backstage, Stone Cold Steve Austin was lacing up his boots.

• I Quit Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Ken Shamrock.
-Vince McMahon's associates were near ringside, encouraging Ken Shamrock to win the match for McMahon. The match between the two superstars was a pure brawl in-and-out of the ring. Both used several submission maneuvers to take down each other. Gerald Brisco assaulted Austin, and hit the referee. Austin went to the outside of the ring, attacked the associates, while Mankind gave Shamrock the Mandible Claw. Austin came back into the ring with a chair, and nailed Shamrock. Austin put Shamrock in a very light submission maneuver to take the win. Following the match, Gerald Brisco, Pat Patterson,a nd Commissioner Slaugther all received Stone Cold Stunners.