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WWF RAW 4/6/98

• The show began when Vince McMahon came down to the ring. McMahon came out to a very negative reaction from the crowd. McMahon said that Steve Austin has learned his lesson the hard way. He said Austin has changed, saying that a "new and improved" Austin would be out here later in the night.

• Match 1- Dan Severn w/Jim Cornette vs. Flash Funk
-Severn came out with several championship belts he had won in previous years, including the NWA Championship. Severn was very aggressive in the match,
taking it right to Flash Funk. Severn executed an arm bar submission move,
causing Funk to submit.
*Winner: Severn by Submission

• D-Generation came down to the ring, including Triple H, Chyna, X-Pac, and The New Age Outlaws. X-Pac told the crowd that if they were there to watch old men wrestle they were in the wrong place.

• We then went backstage, where DX surrounded a stage hand. They spray-painted "DX" on him and then beat him up. They also spray-painted "DX" on several Raw is War barrels.

• Match 2- Steve Blackman vs. Brian Christopher
-During the match, Tennessee Lee came down to ringside and joined the commentating team. Lee announced that he would bring the "Soya Brown" singing group
to In Your House to backup Double J in some type of concert. As Christopher was going for a maneuver from the top rope, Blackman was able to counter and hit him
in the gut. Blackman then applied a submission maneuver, causing Christopher to
submit. Tennessee Lee then came back down the runway. He called for the lights to be dimmed. He then introduced Jeff Jarrett, but Jarrett came up from behind
Blackman and hit him with a guitar.
*Winner: Blackman by Submission

• The show then went backstage, where DX found D.O.A's motorcycles. Triple H then challenged the rest of DX to urinate on the bikes. Gunn, James, and X-Pac
then urinated on the bikes.

• Cactus Jack came down to the ring wearing a neck brace and carrying a chair. Jack took a microphone when he got to the ring and sat in the chair. He said
he wouldn't let DX put him away due to that attack last week on RAW.
Jack said that he and Terry Funk don't miss wrestling matches. Said that Funk must
be very hurt not to be on RAW this week. Called Funk the bravest man he knows. Jack said that Funk told him that he wanted to retire as the tag champ, but was
stripped of that last week. Jack said that when he heard Steve Austin's name being
chanted when he and Funk were laid out, he was disgusted
with the fans. He then asked for a group apology from the fans, but didn't get one. He then said it's not worth it anymore. He said that the fans wouldn't see
Cactus Jack for a long time.

• The WWF showed footage shot by the Nation of Domination. The footage showed the Nation attacking Faarooq as he made his way into the arena before the show.

• Match 3- "The Rock" Rocky Maivia w/NOD vs. Owen Hart - Intercontinental Title Match
-After Kama attempted to trip up Hart, the referee saw it and sent all the Nation members back to the locker room. As Owen Hart had the sharpshooter applied,
Chyna came down and hit Hart in the back with a chair.
*Winner: Hart by Disqualification

• Vince McMahon, with two security officers, made his way down to the ring. McMahon then introduced he "new and improved" Stone Cold Steve Austin.
Austin came out in a black suit & a red tie on, holding the WWF title on his shoulder.
McMahon told Austin that this is the first step for him to be the greatest
WWF champion of all time. McMahon said that Austin must abide by the dress code that he had agreed to. McMahon then took off the Austin 3:16 hat he was wearing and
threw it into the crowd. Austin said that the time in jail he had, made him realize that he
couldn't compete with McMahon. He said he can't beat Vince McMahon due to his great power. Austin then took out a camera and told one of the police officers to
take a picture of himself and McMahon holding the WWF belt. Austin then said that he
better get the film developed because he'll never see him in a suit and tie again.
He then ripped off the suit and tie, exposing a new Steve Austin shirt. He then told
McMahon to bow down to him, punching him in the

• The D.O.A members then walked down to the ring. 8-Ball took the microphone and talked about how DX urinated on their bikes. He then challenged them to come out later in the night to face them in a 3 on 3 match.

• Match 4- Luna w/Goldust vs. Matt Noles
-Before the match, Goldust attacked Noles weakening him for Luna. Luna won the match after hitting Noles with a headbutt from the top rope.
*Winner: Luna by Pinfall

• Match 5- "Marvelous" Marc Mero w/Sable vs. Ken Shamrock
-Before the match, Ross announced that DX had accepted a match with D.O.A for later in the night. Mero told Sable that he gave her the spotlight at WrestleMania.
He then ordered her to leave the ring, which she did. As Mero went for the "T.K.O," Shamrock reversed and executed a belly-to-belly suplex. From
there, the Nation came down to the ring. Shamrock then took a chair to defend himself.
As Maivia distracted Shamrock on the outside, Henry attacked Shamrock
from behind. The Nation then gang attacked Shamrock.

• The lights went out and The Undertaker came down to the ring, to be interviewed by Kevin Kelly. Undertaker said that Kane found out at WrestleMania that he
is the "lord of darkness." Said Kane gave him a beating like no one else. The
Undertaker then accepted an "inferno" match with Kane at In YourHouse. From there,
Paul Bearer & Kane appeared on the Titan Tron. Bearer said they were at the
gravesite of Kane's parents. Kane then took a sledgehammer and smashed the two headstones of his parents. He then took gasoline, poured it on the smashed headstones,
and lit them on fire.

• Match 6- Triple H and The New Age Outlaws w/X-Pac & Chyna vs. The Disciples of Apocalypse
-The D.O.A attacked DX before the bell even rang. X-Pac joined J.R. & The King for commentary. The D.O.A dominated Billy Gunn for several minutes in the match.
At point in the match all 6 men were battling in and outside of the ring.
After Chainz back-body dropped Gunn, Triple H hit him from behind and
delivered the pedigree for the win. Afterwards, X-Pac took a chair and hit members of D.O.A with it. The New Age Outlaws delivered a spike piledriver to Chainz on
a steel chair. DX continued to attack Chainz up until L.O.D 2000 came down and attacked DX. The show ended with factions of the D.O.A, DX, & LOD
2000 all fighting one another.
*Winners: D-Generation X by Pinfall