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WWF Sunday Night Heat/RAWisWar/Shotgun Taping Results from The Breslin Center in East Lansing, MI - 9/29

Thanks to both {} and {} for mailing these in!

Just got back from Raw is War and Heat from Breslin center in Lansing.

From: {}

- Opening match - Andrew Martin over Steve Boz with a version of Wraths meltdown

- Intro for Cornette and Shane MCMahon

- Heat taping starts

- DX comes out, minus BadAss, HHH does his usual speech, roaddog has nothing to say about badass

- Match 1 - XPac vs Owen--D-Lo comes to announce table, XPac wins on a roll up, argues with D-Lo after match

- Match 2 - Golga and Kurrgan with ICP and the oddities vs the Headbangers--Win for the oddities by ICP interference

- Match 3 - Matt Hardy vs Funaki--Funaki wins with flying headbutt

- Match 4 - DOA vs Shamrock and Mankind--DOA wins after a Shamrock chair shot to Mankind

- Austin comes out to announce table

- Match 5 - JJ vs the Rock--Rock had the win but one of Southern Justice pulled the ref out of the ring, then he and JJ beat on the Rock until Austin came in to the ring and made the save, staredown between rock and austin, change the ring apron, raw starts

- Introduce JR and the King, pyro, the usual opening

- Match 1 - XPac w/chyna vs D-Lo w/Mark Henry--Henry interferes, dlo gets his frog splash to win the european title

- Headbangers come out, call out ICP. The oddities come out, followed by ICP. ICP send the oddities back and go in to the ring. Headbangers beat the living crap out of ICP. End with their finisher on to a chair on Violent J. Oddities carry ICP out of the ring

- Sable comes out to announce table

- Match 3 - Vader vs Mero--Mero wins with shooting star press. Afterwards, Jackie challenges Sable, who comes in, slaps Mero, and gets attacked from behind by jackie, who cuts off some of sables hair

- Show tape of Severn injury

- Match 4 - Edge vs Owen--Owen comes out and apologizes for injuring severn, says that he is done wrestling, no match

- Match 5 - Kane vs Shamrock--Shamrock wins with a suplex off the top rope

- Match 6 - Venis vs Gangrel-Christian Cage came out with Gangrel, Edge came down to talk to Cage, Gangrel comes out and DDT's Edge on the floor. Gangrel gets counted out for a Venis win. After the match, Venis and Terri are making out in the ring and Goldust's music plays

- Owen comes out again and does his speech over, must have been take 2

- Match 7 - JJ vs Al Snow--Sgt Slaughter comes out and ends up shaking the ropes while Snow is on top and getting JJ DQ'ed win for snow, who is then beat up by JJ and one of southern justice

- NAO music, roaddog comes out carrying a blow up doll, and says that the doll will play the part of the bad ass tonight, then does his usual thing

- Match 8-Roaddog vs Mark Henry--XPac comes in and faceslams henry while ref is distracted for a roaddog win

- Show tape of Rock/Undertaker form last night

- Lawler talks about Jim Carrey situation

- Match 9 - The Rock vs the Undertaker--Henry, D-Lo, and Kane all come out. Kane sends nation back to the locker room. Ref gets knocked out, kane throws a chair in, tombstone on the chair, UT win, End of RAW

- They change the ring apron again, Cornette and Shane come back, start taping of another heat I assume

- Match 1 - Womens Championship Match--Jackie vs some chick i never heard of--Jackie won with a DDT, kept beating o her, Sable came out and made the save

- Match 2 - Shamrock vs Al Snow--Snow wins by DQ when Shamrock refuses to release ankle lock submission, Scorpio comes in to make the save, gets beat up, back to ankle lock on snow, Mankind comes out and makes the save with a chair.

- Match 3 - Hadry Boys and Too Much vs Kaientai--Kaientai win by Togo(i think) pinning scott taylor, fight between Hardy Boys and Too Much afterward

- Match 4 - JJ vs Roaddog--Road dog hits JJ with his guitar, JJ wins by DQ

- Rock Interview--Rock dumps Henry and Dlo, challenges henry to a match at Judgement Day, talks about austin. Henry and Dlo come out and argue with The Rock, dlo hits him with his belt, they beat up the rock and leave

- Match 5 - Vader vs Edge--Edge wins with DDT

- Match 6 - D-Lo vs Austin--Needless to say it wasn't close. Austin wins with the stunner. On his way out he as attacked by the rock, who the goes to the ring and beats up Henry and Dlo. End of Show