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WWF Raw is War Report
September 28th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
Live from Detroit, Michigan

• Vince McMahon Interview.
-Vince McMahon, along with Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco, Commissioner Slaughter, and four security guards, made his way down to the ring, with Stone Cold Steve Austin's entrance music playing. McMahon first bragged about Austin losing the Heavyweight Title at In Your House: Breakdown. McMahon said it could of been done the easy way, but it had to be done Austin's way. McMahon stated twice there would be no rematch. He declared Raw is War -- as a token of "appreciation" -- Stone Cold Night. Outside of the arena, security guards awaited Austin's arrival to the arena. McMahon announced that he would present a new Heavyweight Champion later in the show, and invited Austin to the so-called presentation. McMahon said he would throw Austin's original title in his fire place (which had a skull on it), and would use his instead. Commission Slaughter then placed Austin's Heavyweight Title around McMahons waist, and standed on the turnbuckles, with his two arms high in the air.

• Throughout the first hour, outside of the arena, security guards continued to await Stone Cold Steve Austin's arrival.

• Southern Justice (w/Jeff Jarrett) defeated The New Age Outlaws by Disqualification.
-The New Age Outlaws got an amazing ovation as they did their introductions. When returning from a commercial break, Jerry Lawler said he would have a statement regarding his altercation with Jim Carrey, once Carrey showed his face on national television. Lawler also mentioned that what has all been reported thus far was not all to the story. After Billy Gunn hit the Rocker Dropper on Dennis Knight, Jeff Jarrett walked in with the guitar. Jesse James took away the guitar, and as Gunn was set to nail Knight with a powerbomb, James hit Knight on the back with the guitar. The New Age Outlaws were disqualified, giving Southern Justice the victory. Afterwards, Gunn physically got after James for causing a disqualification. Gunn continued to shove James, until X-Pac tried to settle things. However, Gunn hit X-Pac in his injured and taped eye. As Gunn walked back to the locker room, Hunter Hearst Helmsley appeared, with a knee injury and in a wheel chair, was pushed down by Chyna. Gunn shoved Helmsley and Chyna out of his way, and walked straight to the locker room.

• Backstage, Michael Cole was in front of D-Generation X's locker room. You could hear arguing going on.

• Dan Severn and Owen Hart went to a No Contest.
-Dan Severn got a huge ovation, since it was his home-town. Severn greeted members of the Detroit Red Wings hockey team before the match. Severn also walked out with titles he had won in other promotions. The match started off very physical, but after Owen Hart nailed Severn with a Tombstone Piledriver (he actually executed it by landing on his rear, not knees), Severn's neck was legitimately injured. Hart had caused the same kind of injury, with the same kind of move, as he did on Stone Cold Steve Austin at Summerslam 1997. Meanwhile, Severn remained still in the ring, with Hart concerned. Severn was stretchered out of the ring, with his neck immobolized. Severn was placed in an ambulance, and taken to the hospital.

• Al snow defeated Vader (w/Commissioner Slaughter) via Pinfall.
-Commissoner Slaughter remained around the ringside area, encouraging Vader throughout the entire match. As the referee began to argue with Slaughter, Al Snow nailed Vader with The Head, to take the win via Pinfall.

• Backstage, Billy Gunn walked out of the arena with his luggage.

• Four Corners Elimination Match: D-Lo Brown defeated Gangrel, Darren Drozdov, Jeff Jarrett, Marc Mero (w/Jacqueline), and Edge, to become the number-one contender for the European Title.
-Each wrestler was for himself. Two would wrestle in the ring, while the other four standed in their corners. Each person would have to be eliminated, until one was left, who would receive a shot at the European Title. Edge first defeated Gangrel via Pinfall. ... Darren Drozdov and Jeff Jarrett were elminated at the same time. ... Edge then defeated Marc Mero with a cross-body. ... Gangrel came down, along with the unknown person, who was also seen at the In Your House: Breakdown pay-per-view. A distracted Edge was finished off by D-Lo Brown's Sky-High maneuver. D-Lo became the number-one contender for the European Title. Afterwards, Edge ran after Gangrel and the unknown person through the crowd.

• WWF Heavyweight Title Presentation.
-The ring was decorated with red carpet, with the Heavyweight Title placed inside a special plastic box. Vince McMahon conducted the presentation, along with his associates. Security remained by McMahon's side. McMahon introduced The Undertaker to the ring, followed by Kane. As McMahon talked to The Undertaker and Kane, Stone Cold Steve Austin broke into the arena, with a huge Miller Light zamboni. Austin flew into he ring, and began to pound on McMahon. Austin was handcuffed by at least 8 Detroit Police officials. Austin and McMahon both wanted to go at it, but were held back. Austin was taken into a police car. McMahon wanted a piece of Austin, but was held back. Austin was driven off to the local prison. Technical problems occured throughout the entire altercation, because Austin ran over audio equipment when driving to the ring.

• When returning from a commercial break, Vince McMahon continued his presentation. McMahon said The Undertaker and Kane did not live up to their deal by protecting him. Therefore, The Undertaker and Kane would have to go one-on-one at In Your House: Judgement Day to determine the Heavyweight Champion. McMahon also announced Stone Cold Steve Austin would be the guest referee of the match. McMahon had yet another announcement, and as punishment, The Undertaker and Kane would take on Rocky Maivia, Mankind, and Ken Shamrock in a Handicap Match later in the show. McMahon continued to taunt The Underatker and Kane. The Undertaker told McMahon not to order them around, or McMahon would end up handicapp. McMahon took it upon himself to stick the finger at The Undertaker from behind. The Undertaker caught McMahon, and McMahon severely payed. McMahon was totally destroyed, getting a Tombstone, leg-lock, punches, and more. Kane took care of Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco, and Commissioner Slaughter on the outside of the ring. The Undertaker and Kane then placed McMahon's leg on the stair-case, and got one of the stair-cases, and landed it right on McMahon's leg. McMahon was shouting out in pain.

• Backstage, McMahon's leg broken leg was being tended two by several people.

• Faarooq defeated Mark Henry via Pinfall.
-Chyna was the guest referee of the match. When Mark Henry had the match won, Chyna did not make the cover. Henry set up Faarooq in a powerslam, and received a low-blow from Chyna. Faarooq landed on top of Henry, with Chyna making a quick cover. Afterwards, an official handed Chyna some kind of papers. When Chyna read the papers, she looked at Henry in disgust, and left the ring.

• Backstage, McMahon was placed in an ambulance and taken to a hospital.

• Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed Ken Shamrock. Shamrock said he didn't like Detroit much. He said Rocky Maivia and Mankind would be his enemy, even though it would be a Handicap Match.

• Golga and Kurrgan (w/Giant Silva, Luna, and Insane Clown Posse) defeated The Headbangers with a Big-Splash.
-The Insane Clown Posse did another performance. Golga had a new Cartman doll. After The Insane Clown Posse tripped Mosh, Kurrgan body-splashed The Headbanger member, to take the win.

• Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed Rocky Maivia. Maivia pushed Cole out of the way, and discussed his upcoming match.

• Backstage, Terri Runnels was supposedly looking for her earings, with Venis shouting out in pleasure.

• Val Venis (w/Terri Runnels) defeated X-Pac by Disqualification, letting X-Pac retain the European Title.
-As the match went on, Terri Runnels got involved. Chyna entered, and shoved Terri on the outside of the ring. Chyna and X-Pac began to attack Val Venis on the outside of the ring, causing X-Pac to get disqualified. Afterwards, Goldbust's music played, and gold glitter fell to the ring. Goldust said over the speakers, "Val, I told you He was coming back."

• Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed Mankind. Mankind discussed his upcoming match, as he would team up to with Rocky Maivia and Ken Shamrock, to take on Kane and The Undertaker in a Handicap Match.

• Rocky Maivia, Mankind, and Ken Shamrock defeated The Undertaker and Kane with Rock's Rock Bottom.
-Throughout the match, Rocky Maivia, Mankind, and Ken Shamrock attacked each other, although they were on the same team. The Undertaker and Kane dominated the match. Mankind was choked by cable wire and nailed with a chair on the outside of the ring, by the two brothers. After Rocky Maivia hit the Rock Bottom on The Undertaker, with the other three battling on the outside of the ring, Maivia, Shamrock, and Mankind to the victory.