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WWF Raw is War Report
September 21st 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Shane McMahon and Jim Cornette
Taped from Sacramento, California

• Rocky Maivia made his way out, with Vince McMahon, Mankind, and Ken Shamrock already in the ring. Vince McMahon's bodyguards, Kane and The Undertaker, appeared by the entranceway. McMahon announced that Stone Cold Steve Austin and a wrestler of Austin's choice would take on Kane and The Undertaker later in the show. McMahon said if Maivia, Mankind, and Shamrock would not volunteer as Austin's partner, they would eventually get a Heavyweight Title shot. McMahon said Maivia, Mankind, and Shamrock would wrestle a Triple Threat match later in the show, and the winner would become the number on contender. The Heavyweight Title match between Austin and the winner of the Triple Threat match would take place the following week on Raw is War, with McMahon as the guest referee.

• Billy Gunn defeated Jeff Jarrett with a Neckbreaker.
-Jesse James' vocal injuries stilled trouble him. Billy Gunn did James' normal introduction, with James holding up cue cards. Before the match, Southern Justice, X-Pac, and Jesse James were sent back to the locker room. Jim Cornette announced he and Shane McMahon were doing commentating, since Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler were fliming a movie (Man On The Moon -- Based on the life of the late Andy Kaufman). Billy Gunn and Jeff Jarrett put up a very physical fight. After the referee took away Jarrett's guitar, Gunn caught Jarrett from behind with a Neckbreaker, to take the win.

• Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed Vince McMahon. McMahon said he didn't know who would win the Triple Threat match, but could guarantee Stone Cold Steve Austin would be there, as he and his unidentified partner would take on Kane and The Undertaker.

• Stone Cold Steve Austin Interview.
-Stone Cold Steve Austin said his problems with The Undertaker were personal, and not buisness. Austin criticized the stipulations Vince McMahon added to the Triple Threat-Heavyweight Title match, which would take place at In Your House: Breakdown. Austin said he didn't care if had a partner for the tag team match with Kane and The Undertaker t hat would happen later in the show. Austin finished things off by saying you would not expect Austin: 316 to show up at Breakdown, but Austin: 666.

• The Headbangers and The Oddities went to a No Contest.
-Before the match, The Headbangers sprayed some silly string all around the area, and danced along with The Oddities. All of a sudden, The Headbangers began to attack The Oddities (including Luna), and shredded Golga's Cartman doll.

• Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed Kane and The Undertaker. The interview focused on what Stone Cold Steve Austin said in his interview. The Undertaker said he and Kane made the deal with Vince McMahon, since they would get a shot at the Heavyweight Title. He also recommended that Austin show up with a partner in the tag team match, or there would be a funeral.

• Jacqueline (w/Marc Mero) defeated Sable via Pinfall, to became the WWF Women's Champion.
-It was announced previously in the show that Commissioner Slaughter stated the winner of the match, would receive the WWF Women's Heavyweight Title. During the match, Jim Cornette announced The Oddites were receiving medical attention backstage, after they were attacked by The Headbangers. After Sable was attempting to suplex Jacqueline from the outside of the ropes, Mero held onto Sable's leg, letting Jacqueline over Sable in a pinning position. Jackie made the pin, with Mero holding Sable's leg, to become the new Women's Champion. Afterwards, Michael Cole tried to grab a few words from Mero and Jacqueline. Mero said they were going to Disney World.

• The Undertaker and Kane defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin and Billy Gunn with a Chokeslam.
-Vince McMahon, Pat Patterson, and Gerald Brisco were shown viewing the match backstage. McMahon flipped once he found out Billy Gunn was Stone Cold Steve Austin's partner. Gunn took a beating from Kane and The Undertaker. The moment Austin was tagged in, it was nothing but a pure brawl. As Austin and Kane battled on the outside of the ring, The Undertaker finished off Gunn with a Chokeslam. Afterwards, Austin grabbed a chair, and nailed the two brothers. Jim Cornette made a good point after things settled down -- that Gunn was not the legal man.

• The Disciples of Apocalypse (w/Paul Ellering) and Southern Justice went to a No Contest.
-During the match, Jeff Jarrett made his way down, and naile Paul Ellering with a guitar. Jarrett made his way back. Jim Cornette announced Vince mcMahon would have an announcement later in the show.

• Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed Vince McMahon. McMahon said that The Undertaker and Kane were angered, for Billy Gunn teaming up with Stone Cold Steve Austin. He said he would not be held responsible for what happens later in the show.

• Another vignette of Steven Regal was shown. In this one, he was shaving.

• Boot-Camp Match: Al Snow defeated Sgt. Slaughter via Pinfall, to get re-instated into the WWF.
-Before the match, Al Snow entertained the crowd. Both Snow and Sgt. Slaughter used a belt to their advantage. It was apparently a Falls Count Anywhere match, as both tried to secure pins on the outside of the ring. Slaughter strapped Snow in the Cobra Clutch a couple of times, but Snow was able to get out of hold both times. Snow nailed Slaughter across the face with The Head, to take the win, and to be re-instated into the WWF. Afterwards, Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco began to attack Snow, until Scorpio made the save.

• Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed Rocky Maivia. Maivia was very confident he would defeat Mankind and Ken Shamrock.

• Val Venis and Owen Hart went to a No Contest.
-Dustin Runnels did color commentary during the match. Runnels said Val Venis would burn in hell. Runnels also said he has had no talks with his wife, Terri, as of late. After Dustin had enough, he ran in the ring, and began to attack Venis. Venis still had more fight in him, however. Venis tied Runnels to the ropes, and insulted him. Venis introduced his latest movie -- "There's Something About Terri." Terri was once again in bed with Venis. Terri said in the movie that she had considered a reconciliation with Dustin, but found Venis a bigger man.

• X-Pac defeated D-Lo Brown with the Front-Face Slam, to become the new WWF European Champion.
-A very physical match between the two superstars. The match could of gone either way. After D-Lo Brown went for the Low Dowm, X-Pac caught him with the Front-Face Slam to take the European Title.

• Rocky Maivia and Mankind and Ken Shamrock went to a No Contest.
-Before the match, Mankind cut a promo, in a pre-recorded interview we saw. As the match went on, Vince McMahon, Kane, and The Undertaker made their ways down. All three superstars executed their finishing maneuvers, but failed to take the victory, after interference occured. Mankind was left in terrible shape on the outside of the ring, after he was attacked by the two brothers. The Undertaker and Kane then went after Shamrock on the outside of the ring. The two brothers then began to attack Maivia. As Kane and The Underatker continued to attack Mankind, Stone Cold Steve Austin popped out, and began to pound on McMahon.