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WWF Raw is War Report
September 14th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
Live from San Jose, California

• Vince McMahon, Kane, and The Undertaker were in the ring by time the show started. Stone Cold Steve Austin made his way out. McMahon once again bragged about the Triple Threat Heavyweight Title Match he set for In Your House: Breakdown. McMahon considered Kane and The Undertaker his bodyguards, which left no chance for Austin to get his hands on the WWF owner. McMahon added a stipulation to the pay-per-view match -- The Undertaker could not defeat Kane; Kane could not defeat The Undertaker. McMahon got in Austin's face about the match. Austin began to attack McMahon, until Kane and the Undertaker began to pound on the WWF Champion. McMahon mocked Austin, getting in his face and shaking his head, and throwing the finger. Afterwards, from the entrance-way, The Undertaker said it was nothing personal -- just buisness. McMahon announced Austin would defend the Heavyweight Title against Ken Shamrock later in the show.

• Backstage, the camera man got a glimpse of Stone Cold Steve Austin walking around. Austin threw an object at the camera man, and told him to leave.

• Jeff Jarrett (w/Southern Justice) defeated Jesse James (w/Billy Gun and X-Pac) via Pinfall.
-Before action got underway, the WWF recognized Jesse James' Roadie days. During the match, Southern Justice pulled Jesse James out of the ring and began to attack him. Billy Gunn and X-Pac entered the brawl, with Gunn using Jarrett's guitar. With the referee taking care of things on the outside of the ring, Jarrett got the chance to nail James with the left-over guitar pieces. Jarrett secured the pin, to take the victory. James was helped out of the ring by X-Pac and Gunn.

• Backstage, Kane and The Undertaker were walking down the locker room area.

• When returning from a commercial break, Jesse James was placed in the ambulance, with Billy Gunn by his side. It appeared James was having trouble breathing. Commissioner Slaughter tried to be of some assistance, but was told off by Gunn.

• Backstage, The Nation had an argument with Rocky Maivia, over what positions they would play in Maivia's upcoming match with Kane. Maivia decided to take on Kane on his own.

• Rocky Maivia defeated Kane (w/The Undertaker) via Pinfall.
-Rocky Maivia put up a tough fight for Kane. After the referee was accidently knocked out, Maivia hit the People's Elbow. The Undertaker entered, and began to attack Maivia, in-and-out of the ring. Out of no-where, Mankind appeared, and nailed Kane with a sledge hammer from behind. Mankind took off, with The Undertaker trying to catch up to him, but was unsuccessful. Maivia then covered Kane, to take the victory. Afterwards, Kane had some trouble getting up. The Undertaker said Mankind had gone too far, and opened a challenge. He told Mankind to bring the sledge hammer.

• Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed Mankind. Mankind had a huge, bruised right-eye -- the obvious hit he suffered from the hands of Kane at Summerslam. Mankind accepted The Undertaker's challenge.

• Dustin Runnels Interview
-Dustin Runnels said "Welcome to Hell!" He said the WWF was filled up with violence, vulgar language, and sex. Runnels stated that "He" was coming, and that Val Venis would repent. Venis appeared by the entrance-way, and debuted his latest adult film -- "The Preacher's Wife." Runnels' wife, Marlena, was under the covers with Venis in the video. Runnels got on his knees and started praying, and Venis countered by saying, "Being on your knees must run in the family."

• A promo was shown of Steven Regal chopping wood. Regal was titled "A man's man."

• Hunter Hearst Helmsley (w/Chyna and X-Pac) defeated Owen Hart (w/Mark Henry) with the Pedigree, to retain the IC Title.
-Before the match, Hunter Hearst Helmsley had a woman in front row flash herself. He continued to have others flash themselves following the match. Mark Henry got in Chyna's face outside of the ring. X-Pac came to Chyna's aid, but was knocked right out by Henry. Chyna went ahead and blasted Henry, causing Owen Hart to get distracted. Helmsley caught Hart from behind the Pedigree, to retain the Intercontinental Title. Afterwards, Michael Cole tried to get a brief interview with Hart and Henry. Henry simply stole the microphone from Cole, and put up a challenge for X-Pac. X-Pac accepted, with Henry going ahead and letting it become a handicapp match, with Chyna on X-Pac's side.

• Backstage, Mankind was packing things inside a dumpster.

• The Undertaker (w/Kane) and Mankind went to a No Contest.
-Both The Undertaker and Mankind brought out their own sledge hammers. Mankind, however, equipped himself with a few other objects (a ladder, table, dumpster, etc.). The match between the two superstars was a pure brawl. The Undertaker was able to slam Mankind into the table and ladder. Kane, whose neck was bent over, also got involved, by slamming Mankind onto the time keeper's table. After The Undertaker hit Mankind with the Tombstone on a chair, he went for the sledge hammer. Rocky Maivia popped out of the dumpster. He stopped The Undertaker from using the sledge hammer, and then threw Mankind into the crowd. Maivia took off, with Kane and The Undertaker right behind him.

• Edge and Gangrel went to a No Contest.
-Both Edge and Gangrel executed many great maneuvers. At one point, Edge went head-first into the mat on the outside of the ring, after Gangrel stepped out of the way. Gangrel gave his piledriving D.D.T. to Edge on the concrete floor. Gangrel poured blood on Edge, and said "Gangrel flows through your veins for an eternity."

• Handicapp Match: Mark Henry defeated X-Pac and Chyna (w/Hunter Hearst Helmsley) with a Powerslam.
-Before the match got underway, European Champion, D-Lo Brown made his way down. Jeff Jarrett and Southern Justice also came to the ringside area. X-Pac and Chyna used excellent team-work to dominate Henry. After X-Pac gave D-Lo a baseball-slide, Chyna went for a top-rope maneuver. Mark Henry caught Chyna as she came down, and nailed her with a Powerslam to take the victory.

• Evening Gown Match: Sable defeated Jacqueline (w/Marc Mero).
-Sable dominated Jacqueline. After Sable delivered the Sable Bomb, she stripped off the rest of Jacqueline's evening gown, to take the win. Afterwards, Sable stripped down to her nylon clothing.

• Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed Ken Shamrock. Shamrock said it was about time, and said it was the night for him to regain the Heavyweight Title.

• Heavyweight Title Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin and Ken Shamrock went to a No Contest.
-As the technical match went on, Kane and The Undertaker interfered. Rocky Maivia came down, followed by Mankind. The brawl continued, with Vince McMahon looking on from the entrance-way. Stone Cold Steve Austin nailed Kane and The Undertaker with a chair, and went after McMahon.