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New Haven, Conn - 8/31/98

-Announcers come out.

-Jim Ross interviews Bart Gunn and is presented with 2 Golden Glove boxing gloves
for his Brawl For All victory. Bart challenges anyone in the WWF to a BFA match

-Dustin Runnels d. Lance Diamond.

-Severn d. J.R. Ryder

-Kaientai d. Steve Corino and Julio Sanchez

-The Rock/Mark Henry vs. The New Age Outlaws. While Rock, Billy and Road Dog
were outside fighting Mark Henry was left alone in the ring when Chyna came
running down and tackled him and beat the hell out of him. The Outlaws had to
restrain Chyna from beating him even more. Mark Henry got out of the ring and
Chyna still went after him but was held back. The Nation gets the victory by DQ.

-Southern Justice d. The Headbangers


-Mr. McMahon comes out. During the interview someone hit him with a water
bottle right in the chest. He talked about the Undertaker and called him a fool but
when he called the Undertaker a p***y, it brought out the Phenom and his
brother, Kane. Kane and the Undertaker chased Vince through the crowd to the

-D.O.A. vs. Steve Blackman and Shamrock. Kane and The Undertaker came out
during this match..Kane chokeslammed Blackman and the brother beats the hell
out of him while the DOA are outside beating on Shamrock. Blackman was holding
his knee and was taken out on a stretcher. I guess it's time for his surgery.

-Val Venis vs. Vader...Bradshaw comes out and stares at Vader and UT and Kane
come out again and beat up the Big Valbowski and Vader while Bradshaw just
walks away. Val got chokeslammed and Vader got a double chokeslam by

-Tiger Ali Singh comes out with his servant. He says that Babu has been eating
too many sardines the past 4 days and will pay any American woman $500 to
"French Kiss" Babu for 5 seconds. Babu picked a woman and she did it for a LOT
longer than 5 seconds. After that she stood in the ring for about 2 minutes and
flashed the crowd several times. Out comes Kane and the Undertaker again
and the destroy Babu and Tiger.

-D-Lo vs. X-Pac..During the match Jeff Jarrett comes out causing the DQ. Jarrett
and X-Pac fight through the crowd when The Undertaker and Kane come out
AGAIN!! This time the Rock comes down to help D-Lo and tries to talk them out of
beating them up. Rock throws his towel in Kane's face and he gets a beat down
while D-Lo just walks away up the ramp.

-Mero w/Jackie vs. Edge...Edge jumped over the ropes to the outside and landed
on Mero when Gangrel attacked him and the two fought in the ring. Mero is just
about into the back when guess who comes out again. KANE AND THE
UNDERTAKER!! They attack Mero and kick him a few times and leave. Meanwhile in
the ring the refs are breaking up Gangrel and Edge.

-ICP comes out and sings "Oddities" while the Oddities come out as well. Hawk
came into the ring with his LOD 2000 mask on and starting dancing with them.
Droz and Animal come out and Hawk waves his hands in the air to everyone in the
ring. The match is started and Hawk's on the outside trying to get ICP to wave
their hands in the air. ICP didn't pay attention to him so Hawk attacked them,
threw them into the steps and then took Kurgans hat and put it on and went on
to Animals side on the ring apron. Hawk went into the match and tagged Kurrgan
and got the big boot right in the face from the big man. the Giant Silva
power-bombed Hawk and got the win. Hawk got up to celebrate with the Oddites
in the ring and then danced up the ramp. Hawk was hilarious tonight.

-Too Much d. Jesus Castillo and Miguel Perez of Los Boricaus.

-Scorpio vs. Jeff Jarrett(using Southern Justice's entrance music) JJ had a red
shirt that said dont piss me off on it. He also looks very different with new tights
very simialr to Billy Gunns's, and the shaved head courtesy of X-Pac. X-Pac runs
out during the match and fights with JJ through the crowd and uh oh, Kane and
The Undertaker are back yet again. This time Scorpio got the beating from the
brothers while Vince McMahon watch from the stage. Kane and UT go after him
and Vince runs away behind the curtains.

Sunday Night Heat banners goes out and Shane McMahon comes out and tells
Austin to stay away from his father, Vince McMahon.

-Shamrock vs. Bradshaw. Vaders comes down and fights with Bradshaw early on,
but Bradshaw is announced as the winner. Ken Shamrock didnt like it and snapped
and chased the ref to the back.

-Taka vs. Edge(NON TITLE) Edge wins it with a DDT (Downward Spiral).

-Sunday Night Heat opening. I have no idea why they do this in the middle of the
tapings for Heat.

-UT and Kane come out to Undertaker's music. Their opponents were Animal and
Droz. Hawk came out and got beat up by Kane. After Hawk was out of it, Droz,
Animal, Kane and UT fought in the ring while Vince stands on the stage watching.
Undertaker and Kane win by DQ and Animal was taken out on a stretcher.

-Marc Canterbury vs. Road Dog. Road Dogs bit before the match was very funny
as the people thought it was a tag team match so they said they whole thing
while the Road Dog did nothing. Jeff Jarrett comes out followed by X-Pac running
after him. A big brawl begins and refs comes in to break it up. Road Dog says Lets
get this s***t on now, but Souther Justice and JJ leave. Billy gets a girl in the
front row to flash for DX.

-Kane and UT came out dragging Briso and Patterson with them. Undertaker says
McMahon has 10 seconds to get out there before he destroys his 2 stooges. It
gets to 10 and no Vince so his boy's get a big beat down from Kane and The

-Val Venis vs. D-Lo..Most of the match was fought on the outside..D-lo got the
win when he took the turnbuckle pad off and rammed Val's face into it and
slammed him to the mat. Val attacked D-Lo after the match and took his chest
protector and gave him the Money Shot and left.

-Gangrel d. Dick Togo

-McMahon comes out and says he's wearing black cause he's in mouring. On
September 27th at Breakdown, Austin will die. He then tells The Undertaker and
Kane that he's not to hard to find so come out now. Lights go out and the
brothers come out. Once they get out there, Vince apologizes to the Undertaker.
He said that both Kane and The Undertaker deserve to be the
champion again and they are worthy of taking the title from Austin. Vince calls
Austin out and he comes out. Vince said this is the very last time you will
dis-respect me, dis obey me and that on September 27th the main event will be a
Triple Threat match between Kane/Undertaker and Austin. Kane and UT leave and
that leaves Austin and McMahon in the ring alone. Austin gives the
WWF owner a Stone Cold Stunner and then leaves. Vince got up a lot quicker
than usual this time.