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WWF Raw is War Report
August 24th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
Live from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

• Before the show officially kicked off, The Undertaker and Kane were shown walking out of the same locker room.

• Undertaker Interview.
-For the first time, The Undertaker and Kane walked brother-to-brother to the ring. The Hell in the Cell steel cage was hanging from the cieling. Vince McMahon made his way down. McMahon bragged about being the one who first said Kane and Undertaker were in cahoots. McMahon guaranteed that The Undertaker would most-definitely defeat Stone Cold Steve Austin at Summerslam, with Kane by his side. McMahon insisted, however, that Undertaker would need his friendship. He said he would need answer from The Undertaker whether he thought of McMahon as a friend or foe. Paul Bearer slowly made his way down. Bearer, basically crying, couldn't believe his son was in cahoots with The Undertaker. As Kane's father, Bearer demanded that Kane turn on The Undertaker once again. Instead, The Undertaker attacked Bearer, with Kane simply standing there. Mankind ran down, trying to put things to a stop, but was attacked by both Kane and The Undertaker. McMahon reminded The Undertaker that Stone Cold Steve Austin was the only man standing between Kane and him. Austin tried to make his way down to the ring, but couldn't after a wall of fire held him back. Austin remained the by entrance-way and spoke. Austin admitted he wouldn't have the advantage at Summerslam, with Kane by The Undertaker's side. To prevent, Austin announced he would take out someone later in the show. McMahon remained on the outside of the ring, smiling with Undertaker and Kane showing they were in cahoots, but totally upset once Austin made his announcement.

• Ken Shamrock defeated Dan Severn by Disqualification.
-Before the match, Mankind was shown being escorted on a stretcher to an ambulance. Dan Severn dominated Ken Shamrock with his submission maneuvers. While Severn argued with the referee, Owen Hart ran down, and strapped Shamrock in a submission maneuver. Finally, Steve Blackman made the save. Afterwards, Shamrock snapped, and gave a belly-to-belly suplex to Blackman. Blackman returned the favor.

• Backstage, Mankind was shown carrying his stretcher, with medical officials knocked out on the floor.

• Mankind Interview.
-Mankind rolled down to the ring on the stretcher. He announced he would take on Kane later in the show in a Hell in the Cell match. He had a bag of thumbtacks, and they would obviously be used. According to Mankind, Vince McMahon arranged the match.

• Kurrgan (w/Sable) defeated Marc Mero by Disqualification.
-Sable introduced Kurrgan and The Oddities to the ring. Marc Mero came without Jacqueline. Mero demanded that The Oddities return to the locker room, since he didn't bring Jacqueline. The group left, while Sable remained around the ringside area. Jacqueline, disguised, popped out of the audience, and attacked Sable. Meanwhile, Mero nailed Kurrgan with a low-blow, causing him to be disqualified. Mero and Jackie left the ring before The Oddities caught onto them.

• Backstage, X-Pac urinated in Jeff Jarrett's boots.

• The New Age Outlaws defeated Southern Justice with a Piledriver.
-Hawk, drunk, disturbed Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler at the commentating booth. During the match, Jeff Jarrett, bare-footed with socks only, demanded that Jim Ross get X-Pac down to the ring. While Mark Canterbury was distracted with what was going on at the commentating booth, The New Age Outlaws finished off Dennis Knight with a Piledriver. The camera man repeatedly shot Jarrett's feet, after Jarrett told him not to. Following the match, Southern Justice held the helpless camera man back, while Jarrett shaved his hair.

• Hell in the Cell Match: Kane (w/The Undertaker) and Mankind went to a No Contest.
-As Mankind made his way halfway up the cage, The Undertaker knocked him onto the Spanish commentating table. After this, the match went back inside the cage, with the referee locking the door shut. Eventually, Mankind brought out the thumbtacks and a chair. Kane ended up as the one who had a ton of thumbtacks on his rear. As Kane was ready to pin Mankind after a Tombstone onto a chair, Stone Cold Steve Austin popped out from under the ring. Austin totally thrashed Kane, while The Undertaker tried to get inside. The Undertaker got on top of the cage, but had no way of getting down in the ring after Vince McMahon raised it up with the control switch. After returning from a commerical break, The Undertaker was furious with Austin. Undertaker stated things have become personal, and before the night ended, Undertaker would confront Austin.

• Chyna made her way down to the ring, ready to confront Rocky Maivia. Maivia didn't come alone - The Nation was by his side. Maivia said he knew it was a set-up by D-Generation X, and it explained why he brought The Nation. On the Titan Tron, D-Generation X couldn't get out of their locker room, because of a fork lift blocking their way. Maivia humiliated Chyna, with his Nation members holding her back on her knees. He told her to pucker up, but decided not to kiss her. He made Mark Henry do the job instead. As Henry puckered up, with Nation members holding Chyna's lips, Shawn Michaels ran-in, and nailed Henry with a chair.

• Backstage, D-Generation X was searching for The Nation. Shawn Michaels did color commentary for the rest of the show.

• Val Venis and Taka Michinoku (w/Mr and Mrs. Yamaguchi San) went to a No Contest.
-Val Venis was about to finish off Taka Michinoku with the Money Shot, until Hunter Hearst Helmsley entered the ring. Helmsley nailed both Venis and Michinoku with a chair, resulting in a No Contest. Helmsley said that Rocky Maivia crossed the line, and he would get his revenge at Summerslam.

• A special video was shown of what led up to the Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker Summerslam-Heavyweight Title match.

• X-Pac and Gangrel went to a No Contest.
-During the match, Edge was spotted in the crowd. As X-Pac took the advantage, Jeff Jarrett nailed him with a guitar. The rest of D-Generation X came to X-Pac's aid, while Jarrett made a run for it. Gangrel was left in the ring, and Edge came out of no-where, attacking the vampire. The two were separated, staring at one another, indicating there was something that took place in the past between them.

• Backstage, The Undertaker was rolling a casket down a walk-way.

• Brawl For All Finals: Bart Gunn defeated Bradshaw.
-In the first 30 seconds of the first round, Bart Gunn knocked out Bradshaw twice. Bradshaw, looking dazed, received medical attention.

• Backstage, Vince McMahon did an interview, along with Michael Cole. McMahon promised he would get the answer he wanted from The Undertaker.

• Several druids brought down a casket to the ring. The Undertaker appeared, and entered the ring. Undertaker taunted Stone Cold Steve Austin. Vince McMahon confronted Undertaker. McMahon wanted his answer. McMahon was ready for a handshake from The Undertaker, until Undertaker put him in a chokeslam position. McMahon was slammed to the canvas, while Austin popped out of the casket. Ausitn had no chance of attacking The Undertaker, because Kane popped out of the casket. Kane attacked Austin. Austin, cleverly, left the ring, headed to the entrance-way, and stared down at the two brothers. The ramp-way lit on fire.