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WWF Raw is War Report
August 17th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Taped from Des Moines, Iowa
Hosted by Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

• Opening
-Steve Austin was shown trying to break into McMahon's office and calling him out. The usual opening is shown. Steve Austin exits a hearse, takes a beer out of a coffin, and gets to the ring. McMahon entered with Brisco, Patterson, and Slaughter. Austin discussed the tag title situation. He said hes gonna stuff Undertaker in the hearse later in the night and drive him down the highway to hell. On a side note, it was announced that Vince McMahon will be on AOL live this Thursday at 8pm(Keyword: WWF).

• Triple Threat Match: Ken Shamrock -vs- Owen Hart -vs- Dan Severn - NO CONTEST
-As the match started, Dan Severn just watched Hart and Shamrock wrestle. Finally, Severn broke up a pin which brought him into the match. Shamrock hooked Hart in the ankle lock, and Severn put Shamrock in a choke. Owen beat on Shamrock, and the ref called the match cause of the choke. Blackman tried to help, but fell victim to the choke. After officials broke it up, Severn held up Owen's hand and the two left. Shamrock and Blackman almost quarreled, but nothing happened between them.

• Brawl For All: Bart Gunn defeated The Godfather to advance to the finals
-The Godfather took a beating in the second round, and was knocked down, but saved by the bell. Bart knocked out The Godfather early in the third round with a right hand. Bart Gunn recieved a huge pop.

• Footage was shown of Shamrock and Blackman backstage destroying furniture etc.

• Gangrel defeated Brian Christopher via pinfall
-Gangrel had an elaborate entrance, and defeated Christopher in a short match.

• DX and the Nation are shown having a brawl backstage.

• The DOA defeated Scorpio and Faarooq via pinfall
-Scorpio hit the 450, but the referee was distracted by DX and the Nation Brawling on the ramp. The DOA pulled the double switch, and got the pinfall.

• The Nation/DX Street Fight went to a no contest
-H3 got very bloody during this one when his mouth was cut. Jeff Jarret and Southern Justice interfered in this match, and helped the Nation. The use of the ladder by The Rock will no doubt relate to the match at Summerslam being set up. The Nation left to their music and left a bloody H3 in the ring.

• Tiger Ali Singh Segment
-Tiger Ali Singh offers a man $500 to lick his assistant's toes. His assistant was shown working out all through the day and gathered up a great deal of "toejam". The man did the task of licking between the toes of the assistant and earned his money.

• Sable defeated Jacky in an arm wrestling match
-There was no official winner, but Jacky broke the grip and pushed the table onto Sable. She then broke the Bikini Contest trophy over her. The oddities then came down to help Sable. Paulo Silva carried her away.

• Val Venis Interview
-He says he wants to wrestle all of Kaientai so he can show Yamaguchi how it is to be severed at the head.

• A small tribute to "Puke" Darren Drozdov was shown.

• Brawl for all: Bradshaw defeated Darren "Puke" Drozdov to advance to the finals
-This one went all three rounds without a knockout. The judges declared Bradshaw the winner

• Al Snow Segment
-He talks to the head about 16 years down the drain, and about how he could have stayed in ECW etc.

• Dustin Runnels speaks.
-Dustin says "hes coming back". Then, there is a message saying the proceding was sponsored by the Evangelists against Television, and Movie Entertainment. Ironically, that forms the Acronym E.A.T.M.E.

• Sable Interview
-She calls Jacky out, but she refuses. The oddities storm Mero's and Jacky's locker room. The match is set for SummerSlam(Sable/? -vs- Mero/Jacky).

• Kaientai defeated Val Venis via pinfall
-Stipulation is that Val fights each member one by one. If he wins, he gets five minutes with Yamaguchi San. Venis goes through the original three members, but TAKA ends it with the Michinoku Driver. After the match, Mrs. Yamaguchi slaps Val. Venis gets the squirt gun he brought with him and squirted everyone with "DNA".

• Undertaker/Austin Confrontation
-What was supposed to be the Undertaker, was actually Kane in Taker's outfit. Kane chokeslammed Austin and got a few hits on him. Austin gave him his "fists of fire" and they began fighting in the crowd until they made it to the hearse. Austin threw Kane in the back and went to get in, but saw the Undertaker in the front seat. Taker drove off and Austin was left puzzled.