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WWF Raw is War Report
August 10th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
Live from Omaha, Nebraska

• Backstage, Mankind was throwing things around, shouting out that he wanted to know the truth.

• Mankind Interview.
-Mankind called out for Vince McMahon, saying he needed his help. McMahon said he wouldn't help Mankind, but would give him want he wanted - the truth. McMahon continued his talk that Kane and The Undertaker were in cahoots. Pauler Bearer and Kane came down, and Bearer said that he wouldn't let McMahon get in his or Kane's mind. McMahon told Kane to take his mask off, because he knew it was The Undertaker, and if Kane didn't, McMahon would take the mask off himself. The lights went out, and when they came back on, Kane was gone, and Undertaker appeared. Undertaker attacked both Mankind and Bearer, while McMahon made a run for it.

• Backstage, The Undertaker walked into Kane's locker room.

• Luna (w/Sable and The Oddities) defeated Jacqueline (w/Marc Mero) with a Diving Heat-Butt.
-Sable introduced Luna, along with the rest of The Oddities, to the ring. After Sable knocked Jacqueline onto the ropes, Luna took full advantage, and finished off Jacqueline with a Diving Head-Butt. AFterwards, Luna went ahead and took Jackie's Bikini Contest trophy.

• The New Age Outlaws, without the rest of D-Generation X, arrived.

• Brawl For All Contest: Darren Drozdov defeated Savio Vega.
-Since Hawk suffered a broken nose in a past Brawl For All Contest, Droz took his place. Darren Drozdov dominated the contest, and came very close to knocking out Savio Vega. After winning, Drozdov would advance to the semi-finals of the tournament.

• Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Chyna arrived in a nice car.

• After a commercial break, Michael Cole tried to get a few words from Chyna, asking what was going on with D-Generation X. Chyna had no response, and simply told Cole to "SUCK IT!"

• As LOD 2000 made their way down to the ring, Hawk tumbled down the entrance way, as if he was drunk. Securtiy officials told Hawk he was in no condition to compete. Southern Justice came down, and began to attack Animal, but finally, Darren Drozdov made the save. Jeff Jarrett entered, nailing Drozdov with a guitar and cutting his hair. Southern Justice and Jeff Jarrett remained on top.

• X-Pac arrived, without any other D-Generation X members.

• D-Generation X Interview.
-D-Geneation X members made their ways down to the ring, under each of their own entrance music. D-Generation X acted as they were going to split, and to initiate the split, they each had to moon the crowd. Chyna then said she would do the initiating, and mooned the crowd herself, meaning that D-Generation X was still together. It turned out to be a big joke plotted by DX.

• Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin didn't bother to answer Cole, and instead, put him in the shower.

• The Godfather and Vader went to a No Contest.
-Before the match, Bart Gunn confronted Jim Ross. Gunn told Ross he was sick of hearing everyone covering up for Steve Williams, after Gunn knocked him out in a past Brawl For All Contest. Ross apologized, and told Gunn The Godfather was the one he should worry about, as Gunn would take him on in the Brawl For All tournament. The Godfather offered Vader a deal - that he could fight or he could sleep with three of his ho's; Vader chose to take home the women. Vader got in Bart Gunn's face, and received a monsterous left hand in return. Gunn then went in the ring, and attacked The Godfather. Gunn was stopped by security officials, while The Godfather left to the locker room area, along with his ho's.

• Dustin Runnels did a religous speech, trying to warn parents of the next scene on Raw is War.

• Joint Press Conference, with Val Venis and John Wayne Bobbit.
-Mrs. Yamaguchi San accompanied Val Venis. Val acted very sad, until he said the "val-boski" was alive and well. Venis' penis wasn't cut off by Yamaguchi San, thanks to John Wayne Bobbit. Bobbit said the he and Venis had a few beers the night before. Venis then dumped Mrs. Yamaguchi San, after all the trouble she had caused.

• Edge was shown in the stands.

• Brawl For All Contest: Bradshaw defeated Marc Mero.
-After both fighters tied 15-15 after three rounds, the decision was declared a Draw, and anoher round was ordered. After Marc mero missed a big punch, Bradshaw countered with a takedown, letting him take the win.

• Backstage, Michael Cole asked for an explanation from The Undertaker. Undertaker said he would do his explaining in the ring.

• Kane and Mankind (w/Paul Bearer) defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker, Rocky Maivia and D-Lo Brown, and The New Age Outlaws to become the new WWF Tag Team Champions.
-Jim Ross stated that you cannot pin your own partner to take the victory. Any athlete could tag in any other athlete. Before the match, Ken Shamrock went after Owen Hart, while the rest of D-Generation X and The Nation brawled. Shamrock had Hart in the Ankle Lock, until Steve Blackman broke it up. After the attack, European Champion, D-Lo Brown took the place of Hart. It turned out to be a very physical Fatal Four-Way match. After Kane executed a simple Chokeslam on Undertaker, Kane made the pin, for he and Mankind to become the new WWF Tag Team Champions. Austin and Undertaker went face-to-face as the show went off the air.