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WWF RAW 3/30/98

When raw open stone cold came out while Vince was in
the ring. Vince Came Austin a new and better world
championship belt. The gold is bigger then the old belt.
much more gold. Then Vince was sucking up to Austin but
Austin did not like it show he stun vice.

First Match
LOD with sunny Vs LOS
Very quick match it was over fast with the doomsday
device. Then LOD pick sunny up and sunny say here is
the LOD 2000

Vince said he what Austin arrested.

Second match
Kuracan Vs Chainz
Fast Match Kuracan did the one hand thing to head and
won the match. Then with the move still on he drag
Chainz to the back.

Cop and Vince went to the back.

3 match
Jeff Jarrett Vs avula
Tennessee Lee came out and intro JJ
JJ came out on a horse.
JJ win with the figure 4. BlackMen came out and hit JJ
with kicks. Then JJ ran out the ring

Vince and the cops got Austin Then a break.
When the break came back They show Austin getting in the
cop car.

Vince came in the ring and talk about he did not want
to do it Austin made his choose and Vince said I made
my choose then he throw the mike.

The rock was talking and said that the nation will
be more power full tonight.

4 match
Shamrock and blackman Vs Rock and Farooq
Rocky left with the nation and left Farooq to get
pin by shamrock. fearrco called The Rock out and they
got in a fight Rock left the ring fearrco called the rock
back in the ring. The nation beat up Farooq and the
rock said he is the leader of the nation. Then a break.

From the break
DX came out no SHAW the fire works made a X when DX was
in the ring. Hunter was talking about Shaw drop the
ball and HHH said he making a army then Syxx came out.
Syxx came out said some thing to Hollywood then
talk about some other thing.

5 Match
Mark Mero Vs Taka
Luna came out and said she will fight sable.
Winner by TKO Mark Mero
Then some guys from the crowd beat up taka more.
Then a break.

After the break

6 Match
Headbannger Vs the New MNE For the nwa tag team belt.
The winner and new NWA tag team championship NMNE.

Then Austin got his one phone call from jail he called.
Raw and say he will give hell next week to Vince.
Then a break

After the break
They are putting the cage up for the tag team match.
While they putting it up kain came out with Paul.
Talking about how kain kick out two times out of the
tombstone. Then Paul talk about he had a dream about
a ring with fire and want to fight undertaker in that kind of

7 match
Catus jack and Terry funk Vs the NEW AGE OUT LAWS for
the WWF tag team belt In a cage.
What a match the frist cage match in a while.
The Out Law had some handcuffs and got terry lock with
the cage then syxx came out with a chair. Hit Catus
three times with a chair in the head. Then the out laws
pin Catus and the Outlaws won and still tag team champions Outlaws