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WWF Raw is War & Shotgun Taping Results *Spoiler*

Location: San Diego, CA

Dark Matches: Japanese wrestler def. Fallen Angel

Tom Horror def. Superstar Adams


Bodacious Bart def. jobber (Gonzalez) Because of his Brawl for All success, Bart
got a big pop but he didn't work the crowd

Edge def. Pierre

(Jim Cornette chased an announcer [Kelly?] backstage. Lawler was then
announced and got a warm welcome.)


Showed a recap of the last Raw when Austin threw Undertaker a beer and UT
drank it.

Nation of Domination came out. Rock challenged Austin & UT to face him & Owen
later that night with the belts on the line.
Austin & UT ran out. Austin was then attacked by NOD. He got the upper hand
and ended up chasing Rock backstage.

Golga def. Marc Mero (w/ Jacqueline) Sable escorted Golga. Interrogator then
appeared (in a tuxedo) and sang Miss America
to Luna as she walked out! He & the other large member of Jackyl's stable walked
her down the aisle. Jackie & Luna had a
catfight after Jackie tried to interfere in the match. After Golga won he, Sable &
the rest walked up the Tron. (It looks like
Sable & Luna have put their past behind them!)

Godfather Kama (w/ his "women") def. Scorpio Before the Brawl for All match
Kama gave Scorpio a choice: Go three rounds
with him or choose three of his best...women. Scorpio decided to fight and lost.

Mankind & Kane def. New Age Outlaws Both teams got big pops. Fans spoke along
with Road Dog's monologue. Kane &
Mankind won after working behind the ref's back.

Hawk def. Jeff Jarrett Animal came down to congratulate Hawk afterwards. Then
Southern Justin attacked LOD 2000. The
Puke Drosdev made the save.


Vince McMahon came out with his clique. He got a lot of heel heat. He said
Undertaker & Stone Cold wouldn't last as tag
champions. He also accused UT of being on Kane's side..saying he's setting Stone
Cold up. UT & SCSA came out. Austin said
UT was going down at SummerSlam. UT gave Austin his tag team title. UT told
Austin ~he~ was walking away with the world
title at SummerSlam.

Triple H def. X-Pac Chyna tripped and then hit X-Pac, distracting him and allowing
Triple H to put on the pedigree..or else
X-Pac would've won. X-Pac & HHH argued afterwards but then hugged & the
three went backstage.

VAL VENIS & Taka Michinoku wrestled Kaientai Taka turned on Val! He & Kaientai
attacked Venis badly along with
Yamaguchisan. They dragged Venis to the back afterwards. (Mrs. Yamaguchisan
didn't even help Val)

D-Lo def. Dan Severn Ken Shamrock came out and attacked D-Lo resulting in
Severn being DQ'd. It was obvious Ken did
this on purpose. Steve Blackman tried to keep peace. As D-Lo and Mark Henry left
Edge attacked D-Lo. Setup for a future
feud and title for Edge perhaps.

Tiger Ali Singh comes out with his servant and insults American women. He says
they'll do anything, that they have no respect.
He then offered $500 to any woman who would step into the ring and take off her
clothes. A plump woman entered the ring
and began taking it off. Singh then said he'd pay for every piece of clothes she
put back ON. He then forced her to bow to him
before getting her money. She got the money though and was happy.

Stone Cold & Undertaker def. The Rock & Owen Hart Both sides had the upper
hand at different points in the match.
Afterwards New Age Outlaws, Kane and Mankind all came out and brawled with
the other teams. It went off with Mankind
challenging Undertaker.