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Big thanks to Douglas Mellot for sending these in.

I just got back from a RAW IS WAR event from the Bryce Jordan
Center in
State College, PA on June 30th. Here are the results from my

- I was located near the rampway if you want to know.

- If you are interested in where the DOA park their bikes, they
parked right beside where the wrestlers enter.

- First Match: Reckless Youth defeated Steve Corino after a
DDT. This match was a dud. The crowd was bored with it. There
were some
"boring" chants.

- Second Match: Steven Regal defeated Tiger Ali Singh. Regal
was in fact
cheered in this match. Tiger Ali Singh didn't impress me at all
he barely movedin the ring. Regal wins the match with the Regal

- Third Match: "The Portugese Giant" Paulo Silva defeated
Derrick Domino
after a weak-ass chokeslam. It looked like hepushed him down.
Again, no
reaction from the crowd.

- Howard Fnkle announced Jim Ross and Jim Cornette for the
Night Shotgun" TV tapings to begin.

- Fourth Match: Darren "Puke" Drazdov defeated "Bombastic" Bob
(one half of the New Midnight Express) after a powerbomb.
Bob was wearing one of the NWA tag team titles.

- Fifth Match: Steve Blackman defeated Lance Diamond after a
kick to the chest. Blackman took most of the control of the

- Sixth Match: Faarooq and Scorpio defeated Too Much (Brian
and Scott Taylor) when Scorpio pinned Taylor after a somersault
Fairly decent match, Too Much double teamed Scorpio and
Faarooq whipped
Taylor and Christopher with the belt.

- Seventh Match: Dan "The Beast" Severn defeated G.I. Will with
a bow
and arrow submission. Severn got a great standing ovation even
I marked
out for him.

- Eighth Match (Tough Man Contest #1): Savio Vega defeated
Brakkus when
Savio Vega knocked him down in the eighth round.

- Ninth Match (Tough Man Contest #2): Darren "Puke" Drazdov
and Legion
of Doom 2000 member, Hawk, was declared a draw. Pretty
boring, Drazdov
was playing around in there.

- Replay from the Steve Austin-Kane WWF World title match
from yesterday
when RAW was in Cleveland was shown TitanTron (The screen of
Titan Tron
was nothing but a pull down screen).

- Pyros set off. Flames, lights, sound, ect. Everyone was ready
for the

- Undertaker calls out Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin comes
out to face
the Undertaker. Then Vince McMahon came out (I gave him a
ovation) and told Austin that McMahon will tell him who to
defend the
WWF title against.

- McMahon then announced a tag team match at In Your House:
Loaded" in July: Mankind and Kane faces Steve Austin and
Then McMahon tells Austin off, Austin chases after McMahon,
and the
Undertaker follows Austin.

- Tenth Match: Ken Shamrock defeated "Double J" Jeff Jarrett
Tennessee Lee) by Disqualification when Mabel came in and
Mabel clotheslined Shamrock and splashed him.

- Eleventh Match: Vader and Bradshaw battled to a No Contest
when Kane
and Mankind came out. Kane tombstoned Vader and Mankind
gave Bradshaw
the Mandible Claw. The match went back and forth before those
two came

- Twelvth Match: Disciples of Apocylypse (8-Ball and Skull with
Ellering) defeated Headbangers (Mosh and Thrasher) when Skull
Thrasher after a side suplex/clothesline combo. The match was
much boring.

- Thirteenth Match: D-Lo Brown and Terry Funk fought to a No
when the Undertaker came out and chokeslammed Kama
Mustafa, D-Lo Brown,
and Terry Funk. Good match. Funk slapped the piledriver on
D-Lo. Funk
did an Asai moonsault on D-Lo on the floor, Funk also did a
moonsault on the back of D-Lo and D-Lo got the upperhand with
frogsplash when the Undertaker came out.

- Vince McMahon came out and introduces Mankind and Kane,
then he
introduced the Undertaker. McMahon asked "who is the #1
McMahon called Kane "stupidest man on Earth" for losing the title
not putting himself on fire. McMahon then told Mankind he would
"not be
needing his services." And then yelled at the Undertaker. Then
announced a Triple threat match between ManKind, Kane, and
will happen later on tonight. They all stared, Undertaker was the
one to leave, then Kane, and Mankind.

- Fourteenth Match: The Edge pinned Jesus of Los Boriquas after
DDT/Face Slam coming off the corner. He came to the ring by
coming out
of the crowd and then leaving by going through the crowd after

- "Marvelous" Marc Mero and Miss Jacquline came out. Jacquline
about Mero and then called out Sable. Sable comes out and
argues with
Jacquline. Jacquline then challenged Sable to a "Bikini Contest."
agreed. I am thinking that this contest will take place at IYH in

- I saw some signs such as: "Drunk 24:7," "Sable, Got Milk?" "My
is Huge," "Free Beer Here."

- Val Venis defeated Dustin Runnels by Disqualification when the
interfered and attacked Venis. Yamaguchi-san came out with a
woman and
then slapped Venis in the face. Before the match, Venis claimed
that he
"penetrated" Beaver Stadium (Penn State Football home

- D-Generation X came out looking like the Nation of Domination.
H played the Rock and did a hilarious job at it
when he did the People's Elbow, Billy Gunn was D-Lo Brown,
Jesse James
played Kama Mustafa, and I don't know wh played Henry. Oh,
X-Pac took
the show when he portrayed Owen. He yelled "Do you know
what Owen is
cooking? Because my nose is too damn big." Very funny DX stuff.
Then after the portrayal, they told NOD to "Suck It." Then the
real NOD
came out and attacked DX. It took 3 referees and Sgt. Slaughter
to break
them apart.

- Fifteenth Match: Ken Shamrock defeated Mabel when Mabel
submitted to
the ankle lock. Shamrock was in "his zone" and it took several
and Sgt. Slaughter to tell Shamrock to break the ankle lock hold.

- Vince McMahon and Paul Bearer came out, then Steve Austin
comes out to
commentate during the Triple Threat Match.

- Sixteenth Match (Triple Threat Match): Undertaker no-showed
McMahon told the ring announcer that the Undertaker refused to

go into the ring because he is "chicken shit." So, McMahon
changed the
match to a "No Holds Barred, Falls Count Anywhere" match
between Kane
and Mankind. ManKind refused because he didn't want to "fight
friend" Kane. McMahon ordered Kane to fight Mankind. ManKind
took a
wicked chair shot and Kane rolled him in the ring to pin him. Then
got up and ripped off his mask and it was the Undertaker.

- Austin finally came in after the melee and put the Stone Cold
on Vince McMahon, Sgt. Slaughter, and Jerry Brisco.

Biggest pops of the night were for Steve Austin and Sable. DX
was too
funny. Pretty decent card if you ask me. Kane and Mankind got
biggest heat.