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WWF Raw is War Report
June 29th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Jim Ross, and Jerry Lawler
Live from Cleveland, Ohio

• Vince McMahon Interview - (With Commissioner Slaughter and Gerald Brisco)
-The ring was decorated with red carpet, and the WWF World Title was set inside a clear case. Vince McMahon gave a long introduction for Kane. Kane made his way to the ring, along with Paul Bearer. Bearer showed that he was very proud of Kane's title victory, and began to taunt The Undertaker. As Vince McMahon awarded Kane the title, Stone Cold Steve Austin made his way down to the ring. Austin told McMahon he got busted open in the First Blood match, but Kane wasn't the one who caused the bleeding - it was The Undertaker. Austin demanded a rematch with Kane with the WWF World Title on-the-line. Vince McMahon said the rematch was okay with him, but Paul Bearer would have to make the decision. Bearer was afraid to answer, but eventually, he announced that Kane would have to be the one to decide. With pressure from Austin, Kane shook his head vertically, meaning that Austin would get the rematch later in the show.

• Steven Regal defeated Darren "Puke" Drozdov via Submission.
-Sable introduced Steven Regal to the ring and color commentated. She refused to answer any questions that pertained to her being involved with WWF front office. Regal was onto every maneuever Puke made. Regal finished off Drozdov with a combination of a figure-four and a half nelson.

• Ken Shamrock Interview - (With Michael Cole)
-Ken Shamrock said he was honored to be the 1998 King of the Ring Winner. It was one of the hardest competitions he had ever gone through. He gave credit to Rocky Maivia, but said things were not over. Owen Hart appeared, and challenged Ken Shamrock to a fight - that would happen later in the show - to decide who the real King of the Ring was. As Shamrock accepted the challenge, Hunter Hearst Helmsley appeared, along with Chyna. Triple H offered a triple threat match. Shamrock and Hart accepted.

• Throughout the show, Marc Mero, Steve Blackman, Bradshaw, and Mark Cannaberry (Henry Godwinn) were shown preparing for their upcoming matches.

• Brawl for All Contest: Steve Blackman defeated Marc Mero.
-The "Brawl for All" contest was a combination of wrestling and boxing. There would be 3-one minute rounds. The rules were: Most punches per round equaled 5 points, takedowns equaled 5 points, knockdowns equaled 10 points, and a knockout ended the brawl. Danny Hodge was the referee, while Blackman and Mero were treated with trainers in their corners. Steve Blackman won the match after he scored the most points. He used many takedowns to advance. Afterwards, Blackman and Mero showed sportsmenship, when the two hugged each other.

• Backstage, Kevin Kelly announced that Kane would speak out on why he accepted Stone Cold Steve Austin's rematch. When WWF returned to a commercial, Kane - who was along with Mankind and Paul Bearer - stated that he was sure he could defeat Steve Austin once again. Bearer was very upset because Kevin Kelly questioned Kane.

• The Undertaker was shown entering the arena.

• Val Venis defeated Togo (w/Yamaguchi San) with The Money Shot.
-During the match, Dustin Runnels came down to color commentate. Runnels stated many religious lines. After Togo missed a top-rope maneuever, Val Venis took full advantage, and finished off Togo with The Money Shot. Afterwards, Venis started to flirt with Yamaguchi San's wife. The wife ignored Venis, causing San to confront him. Venis attacked San. The rest of Kaientai came out to attack Venis, but all were taken out with a chair.

• Before WWF went to a commercial break, Edge was shown standing in the crowd, while Stone Cold Steve Austin prepared for his World Title rematch.

• Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin said he was very confident that he would defeat Kane. Cole was then kicked out of Austin's locker room.

• King of Kings Contest: Ken Shamrock defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley (w/Chyna) and Owen Hart via Pinfall.
-The match between the three superstars turned out to be very physical. When pinfalls were secured or submission maneuevers were executed, the extra opponent would interrupt. As Ken Shamrock and Owen Hart battled on the outside of the ring, Rocky Maivia nailed Hunter Hearst Helmsley with the Intercontinental Title. Shamrock knocked out Hart, and went to Triple H to secure the pin. Afterwards, Owen Hart went all over Shamrock's ankle. Maivia was attacked from behind by D-Generation X. The Nation came out, and the two stables began to brawl back into the locker room area.

• Undertaker Interview - (With Michael Cole)
-The Undertaker said he didn't owe an apology to no one for letting Kane take the victory at King of the Ring. He said he did what he did because he didn't want Kane to set himself on fire. Vince McMahon appeared, and said that Undertaker was lying. McMahon stated that Undertkaer let Kane win, because he knew he could beat Kane for the title, but couldn't beat Stone Cold Steve Austin. McMahon warned Undertaker not to interfere in the Austin vs. Kane WWF World Title rematch.

• Brawl for All Contest: Bradshaw defeated Mark Cannaberry (Henry Godwinn).
-Once again, Danny Hodge officiated the match, while Cannaberry and Bradshaw were treated with trainers. Both superstars used a combination of strategies. Although Cannaberry executed many takedowns, Bradshaw received the victory with all the punches he threw.

• Edge was shown once again standing in the crowd.

• LOD 2000 Interview.
-LOD 2000 introduced Paul Ellering as their new manager. Animal and Hawk explained the Ellering was the one who took LOD 2000 to the top. Skull and 8-Ball made their ways down to the ring on the Titan Bikes. Ellering turned on LOD, and introduced Skull and 8-Ball as his actual tag team. It was a three-on-one situation, and LOD 2000 was left completely helpless.

• Backstage, Kevin Kelly interviewed The Undertaker. The Undertaker said nobody tells him what to do, meaning he may just interfere in the Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kane match.

• Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Kane with the Stone Cold Stunner, to become the new WWF World Champion.
-The match was a pure brawl. As it continued, The Undertaker made his way down to the ring. Kane missed the Tombstone, and Stone Cold Steve Austin took advantage, and executed the Stone Cold Stunner to become the 2-time WWF World Title. Afterwards, Austin delieved yet another Stone Cold Stunner to The Undertaker. The show went off the air went off the air with all three superstars staring at each other.