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WWF RAW 6/22/98

• Vince McMahon Interview
- The owner of the World Wrestling Federation called out Kane. Kane then came out with
Paul Bearer and Mankind and Vince told him that his match with "Stone Cold" Steve
Austin for the WWF Title @ King of the Ring will be a "First Blood Match". It is a sort of a
match in which the first person who starts to bleed loses the match.

• Ken Shamrock d. Mark Henry to advance to the semi-finals of the King of the Ring
-With some help from Vader, Shamrock easily made a pinfall. Edge sat by the
entranceway during the match.

• X-Pac d. Dustin Runnels
- It was a great wrestling match, X-Pac won with a spinning heel kick and with some
help from Chyna.

• Paul Bearer cut a promo on the Titan Tron with a huge bandage on his forehead from
the previous night. Crowd couldn't understand him, but he was in the locker rooms in the

• Al Snow Interview
- Al Snow came back and gave back Jerry Lawler his crown so that he can get a
contract to take on Too Much at WWF King of the Ring. Too Much came down, but Snow
took them out.

• Jeff Jarrett d. Marc Mero (Distraction By Sable)
- It was a great match, Sable came out and Mero got distracted. Jarrett then quickly
rolled-up Mero for the voctory. Jarrett will now take on Ken Shamrock at WWF King of
the Ring.

• More Bearer on Titan Tron, no clue what is said.

• Kane d. Road Dog
- Road Dog from DeGeneration X was the next victim of Kane. Kane wins with a
chokeslam followed by a Tombstone Piledriver.

• Bearer back on Tron saying he will be there for his son on Sunday. Then Undertaker
shows up in Bearer's room and trashes him.

• Dan Severn d. Owen Hart to advance in the semi-finals of the King of the Ring
- X-Pac came down the aisle and leveled Owen with another chair and rolled him in the
ring, where Severn tied him up and Owen submitted. Nation came out and the Rock
called out DX. They came outto great reaction and were held back by refs on the ramp.

• The Rock d. Triple H
- Great wrestling match, Maivia wins with the Rock Bottom.

• Mankind Interview
- Mankind was in the Cell Cage discussing his match with The Undertaker on June 28th in
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at WWF King of the Ring.

• Mankind d. Billy Gun
- Mankind had the advantage throughout the match and he won with the Mandible Claw.

• Sable Interview
- Sable came out and intriduced "Stone Cold" Steve Austin to the ring. Austin came out
and accepted the stipulations made by Vince McMahon for the title match at King of the
Ring. As Austin was about to leave, blood started to drip from the ceiling and Mankind
appeared and attacked Austin from behind. The two then started to brawl and the show
ended with Austin Stunning Mankind in the ring.