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WWF RAW June 15th 1998

WWF Raw is War Report
June 15th 1998

Hosted by Jim Ross, Michael Cole, and Jerry Lawler
Live from San Antonio, Texas

• Sable Interview.
-Sable introduced Vince McMahon, who was responsible for reinstating her into the WWF. Sable read a paper, saying that Vince McMahon would find the people who had set up Stone Cold
Steve Austin last week on Raw is War. Stone Cold Steve Austin appeared and taunted McMahon.
The two ran around the ring, and McMahon said The Undertaker was the one responsible for the
Mankind and Kane attack on Austin. The Undertaker appeared and said it was a lie. Kane and
Paul Bearer then appeared. Bearer said Vince McMahon had nothing to do with the plan, and it was supposedly The Undertaker. Bearer then challenged Stone Cold Steve Austin and The
Undertaker to a tag team match against Mankind and Kane in a Hell in the Cell steel cage.

• King of the Ring Qualifying Match: Rocky Maivia defeated Vader with the Rock Bottom.
-Commission Slaughter came down and banned The Nation from ringside. Vader was thrown out of the ring, letting Mark Henry come down and body-splash him. Maivia then took full advantage, lifting Vader up and nailing him with the Rock Bottom for the win.

• D-Generation X was shown backstage discussing the upcoming King of the Ring Qualifying Match between Hunter Hearst Helmsley and X-Pac. DX was continously shown
throughout the show, discussing the match.

• Darren Drozdov defeated Jeff Jarrett (w/Tennessee Lee) via Pinfall.
-Marc Mero and Jackqueline came down to ringside. Meanwhile, Jarrett had full control. However,
Jackqueline slapped Tennessee Lee, causing Jarrett to go outside. With his back turned, Mero delivered a low blow to Jarrett. He was tossed into the ring and pinned by Puke.

• Val Venis defeated Chainz with the Money Shot.
-Chainz should a lot of strength to put up a tough fight for Venis. However, he was thrown down to the ring, and Venis took full advantage, executing the Money Shot for the win.

• Dustin Runnels defeated Marc Mero (w/Jackqueline) with a Bulldog.
-Jeff Jarrett, Southern Justice, and Tennessee Lee all made their way down to the ring during the match. With a distraction from Sable to Mero, Runnels caught Mero with a Bulldog for
the win.

• King of the Ring Qualifying Match: Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated X-Pac via Count Out.
-Chyna helped out both superstars. The Nation made an appearance, with Rocky Maivia saying he would get revenge on Triple H. Owen Hart then attacked X-Pac outside the ring, causing
X-Pac to be counted out.

• Al Snow came down to the ring with the Head. Jerry Lawler criticized both Snow and his Head, causing Snow to attack him. Referees and security officials made their way down, but were
taken out by Snow.

• Mark Henry and Owen Hart wrestled Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn to a No Contest.
-Both Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn worked well as a tag team. As Owen Hart had Shamrock strapped in the Sharpshooter, D-Generation X interfered. The rest of The Nation, along with Vader, came down a brawl broke out.

• Tag Team Battle Royal - Winners become number one contenders for the Tag Team Titles. Participants were LOD 2000, Mankind and Kane, The New Midnight Express, The
Headbangers, Skull and 8-Ball, Too Much, Faarooq and Steve Blackman, Taka Michinoku
and Bradshaw, Golga and Kurrgan, and Terry Funk and Scorpio. The last two teams
were Terry Funk and Scorpio and Kane and Mankind. Kane Tombstoned
Scorpio, while Mankind tossed Funk to obtain the victory.

• HELL IN THE CELL: Kane and Mankind vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker - No Contest -Stone Cold Steve Austin came down at first. Undertaker didn't show, causing
Austin to take on both men. Paul Bearer locked himself in the cage. He turned around,
only to see The Undertaker climbing out from the ring. Undertaker then immediately attacked Bearer. Kane tried to get in the cage but couldn't. Meanwhile, Austin beat on Mankind with chairs. Kane was on top of the cage when Austin spotted him. Austin climbed up the cage and the two men began to brawl. Kane tossed Austin down on the cage and

Raw went off the air.