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WWF Raw 6/8/98

• Before Raw is War began, the WWF did a special salute to Sylvester Ritter, better known as the Junkyard Dog. Ritter was killed last week in an automobile accident
at the age of 45.

• Mr. McMahon, Pat Patterson, and Gerald Brisco came down to the ring dressed in tuxedoes. McMahon first thanked the fans for making RAW the most watched
wrestling show in wrestling history. Said he came to the arena with caring and sharing
in his heart. McMahon said the fans would get to meet the true Vince McMahon of generosity and caring. McMahon then said he is going to be named the
"Humanitarian of the Year" later in the show. He then asked Steve Austin
to join him for the presentation.

• Match 1- "The Godfather" Kama vs. Ken Shamrock - *King of the Ring Qualifying Match*
-Before the match, referees at ringside told the other Nation members that they could not stay at the ring for the match. With Shamrock on the ground, Kama ran
off the ropes and attempted to nail Shamrock. However, Shamrock was ready for him, taking his leg out and executing the Ankle Lock Submission for
the victory. Afterwards, D-Lo Brown attempted to attack Shamrock, but Dan Severn came down and took out Brown before he could impose any real damage. Severn left
the ring after himself and Shamrock had a brief stare-down.
*Winner: Shamrock by Submission

• Footage of D-Generation in New York City was shown. In the footage, DX was going around the city promoting ticket sales for Summerslam, which will take place at Madison
Square Garden in August.

• Match 2- Marc Mero w/Jacqueline and Jeff Jarrett w/Tennessee Lee vs. Steve Blackman and Faarooq
-As Mero was shouting down to Jacqueline from the apron of the ring, Faarooq came over and nailed him off the apron. This distracted Jarrett, letting Blackman roll him up
for the pinfall victory.
Winner: Blackman and Faarooq by Pinfall

• Match 3- Scorpio vs. Owen Hart - *King of the Ring Qualifying Match*
-Once again, referees prevented the rest of the Nation to come to the ring. After Scorpio had taken the advantage, Scorpio attempted a moonsault, but Hart moved out of
the way. With Scopio's knee hurt, Hart took full advantage, and finished him off with the Sharpshooter.
*Winner: Hart by Submission

• The Undertaker was shown entering the arena.

• Match 4- Darren "Puke" Drozdov vs. Chainz
-After Drozdov missed a splash in the corner, Chainz took him and nailed him with the Death Valley Driver, giving him the win. The Undertaker then came down and
choke-slammed both Chainz and Drozdov and threw them out of the ring. The Undertaker then said he wanted McMahon.
*Winner: Chainz by Pinfall

• D-Generation X came down to the ring, and conducted their usual introduction. At that point, L.O.D. 2000, led by Sunny came down to the ring. Animal took a microphone and told The New Age Outlaws that they wanted a tag title shot. Hunter Hearst
Helmsley then accepted their challenge for the Outlaws. At that point, D.O.A came
down to the ring on their motorcycles. Skull took a microphone and said they
also deserve a title shot, as they actually beat the Outlaws on RAW. Helmsley then told
all four of them to "suck it." Comm. Slaughter then came down to the ring.
Slaughter said that both D.O.A and L.O.D were the number one contenders. He then sanctioned a "Triple Threat" match between the three teams
for the Tag TEam Titles later in the night.

• The Undertaker was seen having a fit, throwing trashcans and chairs in the backstage area.

• Match 5- Mark Henry vs. Vader
-Henry put up a tough match for Vader, using his strength to get an advantage during the match. As Henry and Vader were fighting in the corner, The Undertaker came down and
choke-slammed both of them. The Undertaker continued to ask for McMahon.


• Match 6- D-Lo Brown vs. Dan Severn - *King of the Ring Qualifying Match*
-Severn had little trouble with Brown, taking control for the very start of the match. Following a German Suplex, Severn executed a Bow and Arrow arm bar submission,
causing Brown to submit. Afterwards, Hart attacked Severn, causing Shamrock to come
down and chase Hart through the crowd.
*Winner: Severn by Submission

• WWF showed a special music video, saluting Sable for everything she had done in the World Wrestling

• Match 7- Dustin Runnels vs. Val Venis
-Before the match, Val Venis entertained the crowd with some sexual comments. After Runnels had nailed Venis with a bulldog, The Undertaker was seen walking to the ring. Undertaker then choke-slammed both Venis and Runnels. He then left the ring.

*Result: No Contest

• Backstage, The Undertaker questioned Comm. Slaughter about where McMahon was. When Slaughter wouldn't answer, Undertaker attacked him and ripped his tuxedo off.

• Match 8- D.O.A vs. L.O.D. 2000 w/Sunny vs. The New Age Outlaws w/Chyna - *Triple Threat Tag Team
Title Match*
-X-Pac and Hunter Hearst Helmsley watched the match, sitting on the entrance way. During the match, both Jammes and Gunn were tagged in to fight each other. However, when it looked like the two were going to go at it, Jammes laid down and allowed
Gunn to cover him for the victory.
*Winners: New Age Outlaws by Pinfall

• Several police cars were shown pulling up into the arena.

• Al Snow came down to the commentating table. He said that his "head" was telling him that Lawler had been lying to him. Security, however, came and took him away in to the crowd.

• McMahon was introduced to the ring for the "Humanitarian of the Year" award ceremony. Backstage, the police officers surrounded The Undertaker. Back
in the ring, Kelly introduced Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin came
down wearing his usual ring attire, except for a black tie. George Martin, former
NFLer with the New York Giants, was the first to present a humanitarian award from the "M.A.N" charity. Martin said he appreciated the contribution he made
to his charity, but it had been a bit less than romised. He also said it took a while
for the check to clear. Martin then said that Austin is his favorite
WWF superstar. Chicago Bears running back, Darnel Autry then made a presentation to McMahon for his contribution to the Hallace-Payton Foundation. Autry also said
Austin was his favorite WWF superstar. McMahon thanked both the presenters
and the fans for everything. McMahon said he'll take those awards and put them on the same wall as his other awards. Austin then pulled out some money
from McMahon's pocket, which turned out to be $1,200. He then said McMahon deserved the "Jackass of the Year" award. At that point, the lights went out and
The Undertaker's music sounded. Druids were then seen carrying a casket down to the ring. With the lights still out, Mankind attacked Austin from
behind and Kane came out of the casket and attacked Austin, to the delight of McMahon. Kane took
Austin and dumped him into the casket as the show ended.