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WWF Raw 6/1/98

• Mick Foley was sitting in the ring when RAW began. Foley said that Austin "kicked his ass" last night. Said because of that, he's learned he's made a few mistakes.
He then called out Vince Mcmahon, who came to the ring, very unhappy. Told McMahon
he's sorry for last night and that he'll have to be out of ction. Told McMahon that he expects a to be the Number one contender when he comes back. McMahon
then called Foley a "miserable failure" at being a WWF wrestler and a person. He then
told Foley to get on his knees, which Foley didn't want to do. McMahon ordered
Foley to kneel down to him, but Foley told McMahon that he won't let him embarrass him in front of his kids. McMahon told him that he's already embarrassed himself to everybody. When Foley told McMahon that he "underestimated" Austin's
bilities, McMahon said he "overestimated" Foley's ability. Foley then told McMahon
that it felt good to hit him last night with that chair. McMahon then dared Foley
to hit him with the chair, telling Foley how all of his money, his house, and his family
would be gone if he did so. When hearing this, Foley sat back in his chair. McMahon then
told Foley that the reason he kept Austin was because he makes him rich,
but Foley only makes him sick. McMahon then told Foley that his services in the WWF are no longer required. McMahon left and Foley sat, staring at the ring.

• Kevin Kelly interviewed Darren Drozdov, Puke of L.O.D. Drozdov vommited on Kelly, when asked about the upcoming street fight between themselves and D.O.A. Hawk, Animal, and Sunny then came in and basically said they were going to kick D.O.A's butts in the street fight. The D.O.A rode to outside of the arena in their bikes, starting the Chicago Street Fight.

• Match 1- LOD 2000 w/Sunny vs. D.O.A - *Chicago Street Fight*
-Every type of illegal weapon possible was used in this street fight. Chains, trashcans, lead pipes, and hopping carriages were among the many weapons used. The Undertaker
then actually got involved in the match, as he started to walk to the entrance of the arena He nailed Chainz of D.O.A then entered the building. The match ended as soon as the Undertaker got involved.

• Match 2- Val Venis vs. Papi Chulo
-Venis quickly attacked Chulo, after making some rather vulgar remarks about his "cannon." Following a Samoan drop, Venis went to the top, executed his "Money Shot"
finishing maneuver, and pinned Chulo for the win.
*Winner: Venis by Pinfall

• The Undertaker then came to the ring just as Venis had gone backstage. Undertaker told everyone that he's pissed off at McMahon. Said McMahon gave him a
lot when he first came into the WWF, but then McMahon began to take away from him.
Said McMahon used him to "save McMahon's kingdom," but never got any respect for beating the big guys. Said he has been a two time champion, but they were
short-lived, saying that McMahon didn't want him as a champion. He said he has waited
for his shot again, but McMahon has used him again, making him fight his own
brother. He said McMahon has used this angle just for the ratings. Undertaker
then talked about how Austin became champion, when he was away. Undertaker then demanded that he get a title shot against Austin. Undertaker then called out
McMahon to face him and answer his demand. McMahon came out, once again very unhappy. McMahon said he appreciated The Undertaker's loyalty, but asked him "What
has The Undertaker done for Mr. McMahon lately." He then told Undertaker that he
would get his title shot if he could defeat his opponent on the War Zone. He said the winner of that match would get a title shot. He then announced that KANE
would be The Undertaker's opponent for the Number One contender match.

• Match 3- Steve Blackman vs. "Marvelous" Marc Mero w/Jacqueline - *King of the Ring Qualifying Match*

-Before the match, Mero took the microphone. He said Sable was back home, in the kitchen, where she belongs. He then said he found somebody else to be at his side.
Somebody that knows her role. He then introduced former WCW manager, JACQUELINE as his new manager. As Jacqueline distracted both
Blackman & the referee, Mero delivered a low blow to Blackman. Mero then delivered a Samoan drop, went to the top rope, and executed his old finishing maneuver,
the shooting star press for the victory.
*Winner: Mero by Pinfall

• Match 4- Triple H, Billy Gunn, and Jesse James w/Chyna and X-Pac vs. Owen Hart, The Rock, and D-Lo Brown w/Henry and The Godfather (Kama) -
*6 Man Elimination Tag Match*
-Before the match, Comm. Slaughter came down and told Chyna, X-Pac, Henry, and Godfather to all eave the ringside area. D-Lo Brown was the first to be eliminated
lafter being nailed with a piledriver at the hands of Billy Gunn. After Jammes was tagged in, The Rock took him and delivered the "Rock Bottom," eliminating Jammes. After Gunn hit his head on the turnbuckle, Hart delivered a spin-wheel kick to Gunn.
He then pinned Gunn, eliminated him from the match. At that point, Chyna came down to the ring, with Triple H being that last member of DX in the match. As The Rock
went for the "Rock Bottom," Triple H was able to reverse it and execute The Pedigree, eliminating The Rock. As Triple H & Hart were fighting, Ken Shamrock came through
the crowd and attacked Hart. He delivered a belly-to-belly suplex to Hart.
The Nation then came down and attacked Shamrock, taking the advantage on him. At that point, Dan Severn came down and helped Shamrock get rid of the Nation members. Severn & Shamrock eye-balled each other, until Severn finally left. As
Hart was announced the winner, Triple H pushed Shamrock from
behind. Shamrock then took Triple H down and began to punch him. WWF officials finally came down to
break the fight up.
*Winner: Hart by Disqualification

• McMahon was then seen backstage, talking with Paul Bearer and Kane. The three men seemed to come to some sort of agreement, with Kane actually shaking McMahon's hand.

• Match 5- Faarooq vs. Jeff Jarrett w/Tennessee Lee & Southern Justice - *King of the Ring Qualifying
-Before the match, Tennessee Lee introduced "Southern Justice," formerly known as The Godwinns. They came down to the ringside area, wearing black suits and sunglasses.
After Faarooq had nailed Jarrett w/a spinebuster, Southern Justice got on the apron
and distracted Faarooq. As the ref was distracted, Tennessee Lee threw Jarrett a belt. Jarrett took the belt and used the belt buckle to nail
Faarooq in the head. Jarrett then pinned Faarooq for the win.
*Winner: Jarrett by Pinfall

• Match 6- Taka Michinoku w/Bradshaw vs. Sho Funaki w/Kaientai - *Light Heavyweight Title Match* -Al Snow, with his head was at ringside. He was dressed up in Japanese
clothing, posing as a photographer. Security eventually came down and took him away.
Michinoku won this match after hitting his "Michinoku Driver."
*Winner: Michinoku by Pinfall

• Match 7- Mark Henry vs. Terry Funk - *King of the Ring Qualifying Match*
Before the match, Vince McMahon joined Ross & Lawler at ringside for commentary. Funk used his hardcore experience to take an advantage on Henry. He used
several high-rise maneuvers & a chair to take the advantage on him. Henry eventually won this match after executing a powerbomb & a big splash on Funk.
*Winner: Henry by Pinfall

• Steve Austin was shown, entering the arena.
• Steve Austin came down to the ring and went to the commentating table where McMahon was. Austin put a headseat on and joined the commentators.

• Match 8- Kane w/Paul Bearer vs. The Undertaker
-McMahon and Austin argued back-and-forth throughout the entire match. Austin was also pulling for the Undertaker in this match. During the match, The Undertaker threw
Kane inadvertently into the referee. The Undertaker then tombstoned Kane, but there was no referee to count. At that point, MANKIND came down to the ring. He
jumped onto the apron and executed the mandible claw on Undertaker. Undertaker,
however, was able to throw him off the ring. However, Mankind quickly came back onto
the apron, distracting Undertaker. Kane then took him from behind and tombstoned him
for the win. Afterwards, Kane went to the commentator's booth and stared down Austin.
After the Undertaker had finally sat up,
he went right after Mankind. They continued fighting until RAW went off the air.
*Winner: Kane by Pinfall (Recieves Title shot at King of the Ring)