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• Cactus Jack, Chainsaw Charlie vs. Quebecers
-During the match New Age Out Laws came out dressed up with blowup dolls and had a
table set up and then brought out a dumpster. New Ages runs to the ring beats
up CJ & CC. Then NAO smash the table over CC head. After that they
piledrive CJ on a chair.
*WINNERS: by dq CC & CJ.

• Double J vs. Steve Blackman
Jeff Jarret come out on a horse
that's has light on the horse Tennessee Lee grabs Steves Blackman foot when Jeff Jarrett
went for the pin and blackman could not kick out 1 2 3 Jeff Jarrett
*WINNER Double J. After the match ref goes in the ring to tell the other ref f
what happened. JJ then hit the ref that came in the ring and the ref that came in the ring could not tell the ref that count so Jeff Jarret is still the

• DOA (Skull & 8-Ball) vs. New Midnight Express
-In this match all the WWF tag teams come down go ringside one by one Rock-N-Roll Express come out, then the HeadBangers, then Sniper & Recon, then Savio Vega and Miguel Perez,
then Jose & Jesus. After all the tag team came out , everyone got in the ring and began
to fight each other.
*Winners: Double DQ nobody one the match

• Chainz vs. Faarooq
-Rock comes out during the match with a chair. After a while sanding at ringside he get in the ring and thinks about hitting Chains but hits Faarooq with it. The rest on the NOD comes out
and helps Farooq back. DQ Faarooq wins

• Barry Windham vs. Bradshaw
-Rock & Roll Express come out from the crowd and sits in the front row. Just like raven flock. It was a a fast match
*WINNER: Bradshaw

• Steve Austin vs. Rocky Maivia
*Winner: Austin with the Stone cold Stunner. When the match was over and when austin song should be play DX song was played DX comes out and
talks Shawn walks to the ring, the gets hit by Stone Cold, then he
goes back then comes back to the ring and gets hit again.

MATCH That was not on tv
• Kane, Kama, & D-Lo Brown vs. Cactus Jack, Chainsaw Charlie & The
Undertaker -D-lo did most of the wrestling later on in the match UT
& Kane got in the ring and beat each other up, then Kane goes to the
outside. D'lo comes in the ring to gets ChokeSlammed 2 times and then gets