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May 26, 1998

Fit Finley d. Mike Enos
TV Title Match
Continuing his successful championship run, Finley managed to absorb all the damage
Enos had to offer. The Mad Irishman used his brute tactics to diffuse Enos' weight and
strength advantage and applied the tombstone piledriver when Enos' knee gave out.

Saturn d. Glacier
Glacier has thrown the gauntlet down in the last few weeks, claiming that no other
wrestler should be allowed to use his Cryonic Kick (Saturn utilizes a similar kick in his
arsenal). The two competitors proved to match up quite evenly. Raven approached the
ring mid-match, but was attacked by Hammer. Distracted and angry, Glacier dropped
the Cryonic Kick onto Hammer. But the attack gave Saturn an opportunity to surprise
Glacier with his death valley driver finisher. Post-match, Raven and Saturn confronted
each other in the ring.

Chris Jericho d. El Dandy
The former Cruiserweight Champion continued his vengeful tear through the ranks of
WCW's lightweight competition. After El Dandy missed a missile dropkick, Jericho
quickly locked in the Liontamer and scored the win. Post-match, Jericho demanded the
JJ Dillon reverse the results of his Slamboree title match. Dillon refused.

Konnan d. La Parka
Years ago, Konnan and La Parka were both allies and friends. But there was no love in
the ring this past Monday. The NWO Wolfpack Enforcer contained the Luchador's
aerial game with solid street tactics and strong-arm wrestling. La Parka rebounded, but
missed a top-rope maneuver. The mistake gave Konnan a chance to apply the Tequila
Sunrise and get the submission.

Juventud Guerrera d. Kidman with Lodi
Lodi's back, but he didnít bring good luck with him. Arguably the best match of the
night, Juvy and Kidman went at lightning speed with both men displaying high-risk
aerials and power moves on the mat. Kidman eventually took the advantage, but missed
his trademark finisher, the Seven Year Itch. Guerrera seized the opportunity and floored
Kidman with the Juvy Driver. The Luchador then connected with the 450 Splash for the

Chavo Guerrero Jr. with Eddie Guerrero d. Ultimo Dragon
It seems that Chavo's training is near complete. Pre-match, Chavo demanded that
Eddie let him fight the Dragon. Ultimo worked the youngster early on, but suffered a
surprise Tornado DDT and lost the match. Post-match, Chavo insisted Eddie slap him
again, but Eddie refused. JJ Dillon then announced that Eddie and Chavo would do
battle at the Great American Bash.

Dean Malenko d. Lenny Lane
Cruiserweight Title Match
Once again, Lane displayed a new level of ring savvy and prowess. The challenger took
Malenko to task at every turn, utilizing surprise counters to ground the Man of 1000
Holds. But Malenko's experience advantage shined through. Reversing a pinning
maneuver, Malenko locked in the Texas Clover Leaf for the submission.

Goldberg d. Johnny Attitude
US Title Match
Johnny Attitude wins! Johnny Attitude wins! Just kidding. In classic fashion, Goldberg
took down the Power Plant product. Headspear. Jackhammer. Pinfall.

Chris Benoit d. Booker T
Best of Seven series
In a series of matches that will be taking place on all of WCW's television programs,
Benoit and Booker T will be fighting a best of seven series for another shot at the TV
Title. Like their previous battles, this bout was filled with intense action. Booker
connected with several of his classic kicks and slams. But this round went to Benoit.
With Finley watching from the dressing room, the Canadian Superstar surprised Booker
T with a Crippler Crossface and gained a submission victory.

Sting and Lex Luger d. The Giant and NWO Sting
With the exception of a nasty offensive run from the Giant, Sting and Lex Luger
dominated the NWO team to the thrill of the Evansville fans. Sting finished off the
NWO Sting with the Scorpion Deathdrop. Post-match, the Wolfpack came to the ring
to congratulate its newest member, Lex Luger. The red-and-black attack also handed
Sting a NWO Wolfpack T-shirt. Stings allegiances remain unknown.