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WCW NITRO May 19, 1998

After reviewing the tape of the previous night, Piper apologized to Randy Savage and
reversed his decision, giving the Madness the victory. The announcement caused Bret
Hart to approach the ring. The Hitman claimed that the Mad Scotsman had no right to
give him a loss and threatened to enter the ring. Enter Hollywood. Hogan and his
cronies stopped Hart from fighting and made a suggestion: instead of taking on Piper
and the Madness alone, why not fight the two at Great American Bash -- alongside the
World Champion?

Saturn d. Psicosis
Pre-match, Saturn told Nitro fans that he was no longer wrestling for the Flock, but
wrestling for himself. The former Flock Enforcer controlled the majority of the matchup
after suffering a few, high-impact aerials from the dangerous Luchador. After delivering
on a a sidekick, Saturn applied the Death Valley Driver to Psicosis. The Mexican
Superstar was through, but Saturn opted to apply the Rings of Saturn anyway, gaining a
submission victory.

Juventud Guerrera d. Damian
After a spectacular showing in the Cruiserweight Battle Royal, Guerrera kept the Juvy
juice flowing. Dazzling his opponent with his speed, Juvy managed to keep Damian
off-balance. Damian managed to kick out of a pinfall attempt after a Juvy Driver, but
couldn't escape the wrath of the 450 Splash.

Goldberg d. Glacier
US Title Match
Last years undefeated golden boy, Glacier, proved to be game opposition to the current
phenom of WCW. Although his initial martial arts attacks proved ineffective, Glacier
continued to ply Goldberg with both kicks and wrestling holds. Goldberg eventually
absorbed the attack and delivered the head spear and Jackhammer.

Results from the Backstage Blast Direct TV exclusive:

Ultimo Dragon d. Eddie Guerrero with Chavo Guerrero
In another stellar match-up, Eddie and the Dragon pulled out their entire arsenals of
aerials, submissions and street tactics. Chavo proved to be integral in the bout, aiding
both Eddie and Ultimo at different points in the match. Eddie managed to escape one
Dragon Sleeper, but not a second. Post-match, Chavo seemed frustrated with both his
Uncle and Ultimo.

Chris Jericho d. Ciclope
Pre-match, Jericho complained that he believed Dean Malenko was again under
Ciclope's mask. The Lionheart's paranoia caused him to falter early in the bout, allowing
Ciclope to dominate the former Cruiserweight Champ with Luchador aerials. Jericho
seemed to finally find his focus, but then became obsessed with unmasking the Mexican
Superstar. Responding to threats of disqualification, Jericho stopped his unmasking
attempt and applied the Liontamer.

Lex Luger d. Bryan Adams with Vincent
Adams came to Providence with a new game plan and attitude. Refusing to let the Total
Package control the pace of the match, the NWOer kept things slow, methodical and
painful. But Luger hadn't had his fill of revenge. Striking with his trademark
explosiveness, Luger downed the big man with clotheslines and forearms. Before the
broadcast concluded, the Package Racked both Adams and Vincent.