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WCW NITRO May 12, 1998

The first 3 hour, uninterrupted live Nitro broadcast in weeks, WCW delivered more
than just solid in-ring action in Kansas City, Missouri. Besides charged interviews with
Chris Jericho, Lex Luger and Kevin Nash, wrestling fans saw the NWO continue to
divide between the old guard and the Wolfpack. Taking the side of Hall, Nash,
Konnan, and Savage: the American Dream Dusty Rhodes. In a spirited rant, Rhodes
berated Hogan and declared his allegiance to the Wolfpack. Hogan countered by
introducing the world to his newest recruit: The Giant. Marking his return to the black
and white, the Giant blindsided Kevin Nash on Hogan's behalf, then spraypainted Big
Sexy's naked back. The Giant's apparent change of heart has thrown his tag match at
Slamboree, partnered with Sting against the Outsiders, up in the air.

Disco Inferno d. Barry Horowitz
A well-placed chinbreaker gave Horowitz an early bout advantage, but the Inferno took
the last dance. Hitting a spinning neckbreaker, the former TV Champ quickly downed
Horowitz for three. The victory ends Disco's recent losing streak.

Kidman with Ron Reese d. Juventud Guerrera
The match opened with a blurring series of rope tosses and counters, ending with a
Guerrera scissor-kick and suicide plauncha. Kidman rebounded with a powerbomb
bulldog, but quickly fell prey a series of kicks and springboards. Air Juvy eventually
nailed the Juvy Driver, but Kidman had the strength to kick out of the pin. While
Kidman held the referee, Reese entered the ring, applied a two-handed chokeslam and
left the Luchador prone on the mat. Kidman administered the 7-Year Itch and took the
win. Post-match, Reese carried Guerrera back to the dressing room.

Scott Norton d. Yuji Nagata with Sonny Onoo
The Norton express hit Kansas City, barely taking time to make a stop. Rushing
Nagata immediately, Norton measured his Japanese opponent with a powerslam and a
shoulder block. Nagata came back with a belly-to-belly suplex and a series of kicks,
but couldn't avoid Norton's trademark shoulderbreaker.

Hugh Morrus with Jimmy Hart d. Jim Powers
The Laughing Man's match against Powers proved to be a one-liner. Dropping Powers
to the mat in moments, Morrus struck with the No Laughing Matter Moonsault for the

Ultimo Dragon d. Johnny Swinger
By far, Swinger's finest showing to date, the young superstar hit the former TV Champ
with a reverse powerbomb and a sidewalk slam. Mid-match, Chavo Guerrero came
down to support his longtime friend Dragon. Despite a strong effort from Swinger,
Ultimo managed to strike with his Dragonsteiner and Dragon Sleeper for the win.
Post-match, while Chavo and Dragon celebrated, Eddie ran to the ring and demanded
an explanation from his nephew. Chavo and Eddie exchanged blows, Dragon grabbed
Eddie in the Dragon Sleeper, and Eddie attacked Ultimo. Eddie eventually retreated to
the dressing room, leaving Chavo in the ring and in the middle of his feud.

Bill Goldberg d. Len Denton
US Title Match
You want a recipe for a Goldberg match? Get Goldberg and a helpless victim of your
choice. Start with an ineffective offensive flurry from said victim. Mix in a devastating
attack from the US Champ. Head Spear. Jackhammer. Pin and serve.

Saturn d. Jerry Flynn
Originally scheduled to be Flynn vs. Hammer, the Flock revised the roster when they
attacked Hammer before the match (Hammer defeated Saturn last week in a Loser
Leaves the Flock match). Flynn tried to take advantage of the confusion by attacking
Saturn from behind. The martial artist had early success against the Flock Enforcer,
striking Saturn with kicks to the head and body. But a distraction from Kidman allowed
Saturn to stun Flynn and hit the Saturn Driver. Flynn suffered the pin.

Fit Finley d. Rage with Kaos
TV Title Match
In his first TV title defense, Finley felt the brute force of tag wrestler Rage. The Mad
Irishman focused on keeping his opponent off his feet, but Rage's power advantage
could not be assuaged. The High Voltage member turned the tides after absorbing a
somersault firemans carry. Rage hit two consecutive power slams and distracted the
referee while Kaos attempted a top rope assault. Then, Booker T made his way to the
ring for the save, which prompted Chris Benoit to also approach the ringside area.
While Booker T and The Crippler battled, Finley locked the tombstone piledriver on
Rage and won the match. Post-match, JJ Dillon announced the Benoit and Booker T
would fight later in the night, with the winner facing Finley at Slamboree.

Diamond Dallas Page d. Lenny Lane
Lane proved to be game competition for the former US Champion, but showed too
much interest in playing to the pro-DDP crowd. Page was all business. Absorbing a
myriad of moves from Lane, Page scored with a tilt-a-whirl suplex and his trademark
right hook. After atomic dropping Lane onto the top turnbuckle, Page connected with
the Diamond Death Cutter -- his classic finisher delivered from the top rope.
Post-match, Page called out Raven to fight. The Flock Leader came to the dressing
room entrance with four riot guards, but didn't approach the ring.

Glacier d. Sick Boy
Sporting dark hair and his new attitude, Glacier made pre-match comments,
condemning anyone who tries to use his finisher, the standing sidekick. The martial artist
berated Sick Boy early on. But the young Flock member turned momentum with a
springboard elbow. Referee Nick Patrick took a kick to the head and, while he tried to
regain his wits, Glacier scored with the Cryonic Kick. Glacier covered, but Saturn took
advantage of Patrick's condition and struck with a sidekick of his own. But Glacier
wouldn't stay down. Glacier kicked out and struck again with the Cryonic Kick and
gained the three count as Patrick counted. Post-match, Saturn returned to the ring and
hit the Gargoyle-plex and the Saturn Driver on Glacier.

Chris Benoit d. Booker T
What has to be considered the most intense and exciting in-ring feud of 1998, the
Wolverine and Harlem Heater put in another historic performance in Kansas City.
Fighting for a TV Title shot at Slamboree, Benoit snapped in belly-to-back, German
and other lightning quick suplexes. Booker T countered with his wicked 110th Street
slam, pancake drop and ax kicks with authority. But it was the night of the Crippler.
Managing to apply the Crippler Crossface in the middle of ring, benoit eventually forced
Booker T to submit.

Hollywood Hogan with the Disciple d. Randy Savage
World Title Match
Another classic battle between the sport's two biggest draws. Inside and out of the ring,
Madness and Hogan waged war with renewed intensity. Savage seemed to have the
match in hand, going up to the top rope for the elbow drop, but the Disciple pushed the
Madness down. The Macho Man got right up and went for the a piledriver. But Bret
Hart ran to the ring and whacked Savage with the World Heavyweight Championship
bel, causing the DQ. Post-match, Roddy Piper and Kevin Nash came to the ring. The
Hot Rod announced that Savage was winner by disqualification and that he would be
the special referee for the Hart-Savage match at Slamboree.