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Monday NITRO


In an interview segment with Gene Okerlund, Rick Steiner challenged his brother and
former tag partner to a match. Superstar Scott Steiner came out, sporting crutches, and,
with tears in his eyes, begged Rick to take him back. When Rick finally agreed, Brian
Adams attacked the Dog-faced Gremlin from behind with a bat. Realizing the teary
reunion was a set-up, Nitro fans around the world cringed with revulsion.

Match Results

Scott Norton d. Chavo Guerrero Jr. with Eddie Guerrero
Pre-match, Eddie called Norton to the ring, claiming he would show his nephew the
skills of a Guerrero. But as soon as the massive NWOer arrived, Eddie grabbed his
knee and claimed he was too injured to wrestle. Eddie implored Chavo to take his
place. Norton wailed on Chavo with a power slam, massive chops and his trademark
shoulder breaker for the pin. Post-match, Ultimo Dragon came to Chavo's aid, but
Eddie insisted that his charge didn't need the help.

Scott Putski d. Kidman
Although it will go down as a debut win for Putski, the true winners of this bout were
the NWO's Wolfpack. Kidman opened this match strong, throwing off his opponent by
fighting a street-style, ground level attack. Putski dug into his genetic strength pool and
mounted a slam-oreinted comeback when Kevin Nash, Konnan, and Randy Savage
walked through the stands and into the ring. Big Sexy delivered a mafia kick and a
powerbomb to the Flock cruiserweight, clearing the mat of Kidman and Putski.
Post-match, The Wolfpack berated Hogan and introduced their newest recruit, Curt

Chris Jericho d. Bore Us Malenko
Cruiserweight Title Match
In another attempt to ridicule Dean Malenko, Jericho taunted The Man of a 1000
Holds pre-match, saying that Malenko's father would be ashamed of his quitter son.
Jericho then defeated a Malenko lookalike with the Liontamer.

Public Enemy d. Barbarian, Hugh Morrus and Jimmy Hart
Street Fight Rules
An outrageous brawl, this bout saw the competitors attack each other with trash cans,
chairs, ropes, and tables. Both Barbarian and Rocco Rock felt the sting of going
through a ringside table. After Hart inadvertently knocked out Morrus with a trash can,
Grunge splashed the nefarious manager and scored the pin.

Hammer d. Saturn
Pre-match, Kidman announced that this would be a loser-leaves-The-Flock match and
that no Flock members would interfere. Saturn once again debuted some new
dangerous aerials and Hammer showed more comfort off-the-top in this very physical
matchup. Attempting a dropkick off a chair, Saturn nailed the referee. The distraction
allowed an unknown street vendor to level Saturn with a tray of drinks and help
Hammer cover him for the pin. Backstage, The Flock tried to rush the ring,but were
stopped by a cowbell and stop sign wielding Diamond Dallas Page. Post-match, Page
dragged Raven to the ring and choked him until security intervened.

Juventud Guerrera d. Sick Boy
Sick Boy arrived at the Indianapolis Nitro with more confidence and focus due to the
experience the newcomer has recently received on WCW's house show tour. But Sick
Boy's new confidence was no match for Juvy's Never Surrender attitude. Guerrera
absorbed punishment from his larger foe, but persevered and managed to set up Sick
Boy for the 450 Splash. But T-Rex and Horace Boulder intervened and started beating
on the Luchador. Enter Bill Goldberg. The undefeated phenom quickly dispensed of all
the Flock members and left the ring without a word.

Brian Adams d. Konnan
Defending the honor of their NWO factions, Adams and Konnan fought brutally from
the opening bell. K-Dawg managed to disarm Adams' size and strength advantage by
using his superior speed and ring experience. But the Mexican superstar's offensive run
was stunted when Bret Hart arrived ringside and, unbeknownst to the referee, hit
Konnan. Before Adams could truly take advantage of the assistance, Nash arrived and
powerbombed Adams.

Fit Finley d. Booker T.
TV Title Match
The sixth title change in 7 days, Finley secured the pin with a little help from former TV
Champ Chris Benoit (Benoit briefly held the title by winning the belt at Profiles in Pain.
He lost it the next night in a return match to the Booker T.) The Mad Irishman and
Booker T fought a solid match, with the Harlem Heater maintaining control throughout
the majority. Booker went up to the top rope to deliver his missile dropkick. But
Benoit, who had walked ringside moments earlier, distracted the Champ with a battle of
words. It was the delay Finley needed. Finley whacked Booker from behind,
connected with a tombstone piledriver and secured the victory and the belt.

Lex Luger d. Kevin Nash with Randy Savage and Konnan
From the opening moments of the bout, both Savage and Konnan made attempts to
distract and attack The Total Package. When their ringside attempts failed, the new
Wolfpack rushed the ring, getting Nash disqualified. The NWOers bashed Luger until
the Giant and Sting came tohis aid. The WCW superstars overwhelmed Nash, Savage
and Konnan quickly. Brian Adams started to rush to aid his NWO brothers, but Bret
Hart became involved again. Hart convinced Adams not to get involved and watched
the in-ring carnage with a smirk.